language of desire

Number 15

When two who have suffered.

When two who have suffered find each other, the bond is like steel.  They become each others’ soul mates and comfort from the storm of life.  At the same time, they stir the deepest, darkest desires in each other. ~ Unknown

 Number 14

Physical Necessity

The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him, or into the air all around him. She had become a physical necessity. ~George Orwell, 1984

Number 13

I desire to be with you.

I desire to be with you. I miss you. I feel lonely when I can’t see you. I am obsessed with you, fascinated by you, infatuated with you. I hunger for your taste, your smell, the feel of your soul touching mine. ~  Jack Llawayllynn, Indulgence

Number 12

I will remember the kisses.

I will remember the kisses, our lips raw with love and how you gave me everything you had and how I offered you what was left of me, and I will remember your small room, the feel of you, the light in the window, your records, your books our morning coffee, our noons, our nights, our bodies spilled together sleeping, the tiny flowing currents immediate and forever, your leg, my leg, your arm, my arm, your smile, and the warmth of you who made me laugh again. ~ Charles Bukowski

Number 11

He moved her chemically.

Her heart sank into her shoes as she realized how much she wanted him.  No matterwhat his past was, no matter what he had done.  Which was not to say that she would ever let him know, but only that he moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met, that all other men seemed pale beside him.  ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald, A New Leaf