5 Great Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy Today


5 ways to build emotional intimacy



Whether you are in a new relationship, or you have been married for years, building and sustaining emotional intimacy is a process that requires a significant amount of effort and attention.

Unfortunately, far too many people are under the impression that natural emotional frequencies which are triggered in the initial stages of a relationship have the endurance to perpetually sustain emotional intimacy throughout; however, emotions are not designed for endurance, so they must be rekindled periodically.

It is also interesting that certain times of the year are conducive to emotional intimacy, while other times it is hard to achieve. The key is to create a state of intimacy with your partner that is irrespective of your environment.  Look around you and observe other couples, and you will find that during the winter holidays, couples are closed up near the fireplace or snuggled under a blanket. Then around New Year’s, you will observe childlike behavior as you see mates smooching like teenagers as the ball drops in Time Square. However, when January rolls around, you will find a substantial amount of people anticipating February 14th, as if intimacy is inextricably bound to dates and events.

The key is to develop an understanding of how to build emotional intimacy that is consistent with the capacity to be enjoyed at any time of the year and through any circumstance.


Health Benefits of an Emotionally Intimate Relationship

Before looking at some of the methods that can be used to build an intimate relationship, let’s take a brief moment to examine why it is paramount that you do so.

Emotional intimacy provides a powerful sense of well-being not only for the couple but for each individual in the relationship as well. In fact, Dr. Terri Ortbuch, Ph.D., a research scientist and psychologist, says, that people who are in emotionally close relationships are more likely to have stronger immune systems, fewer issues with headaches and lower blood pressure. This means that the psychosomatic impact of emotional intimacy is huge.

Below you will find several suggestions that can have a profound impact on your ability to develop intimacy within our relationship.


1. Follow the Five Minute Rule

Take at least five minutes out of every day to discuss something other than your relationship, the children or your work. Instead, discuss issues in areas in which you share a common passion, such as movies, sports or future dreams. This can be done in person or over the phone when necessary.

Unfortunately, many couples make the mistake of assuming that discussing day to day tasks and challenges constitutes communication; however, this type of communication does not satisfy the need for intimacy. In fact, it can interfere with it.


2. Remember and Respect Existing Differences

It is extremely paramount to remember that men and women are distinctively different in key areas, meaning that their perception and responses to certain issues will be different — this is especially true in the areas of emotional intimacy. One key element that must be understood is the fact that women need to feel a sense of closeness in order to feel sexual, while men tend to experience emotional intimacy as a result of sexual intimacy.


3. Recognize Your Emotional Experiences

According to Psychology Today, is vital that you are able to identify and label your emotions as you experience them with your partner. Too often, people tend to dismiss their emotions. These different emotions are all a part of developing the emotional intimacy that is so vital to the heartbeat of the relationship.


4. Treat Intimacy as a Process

One of the major mistakes that people tend to make is expecting emotional intimacy to be automatic and instant. Emotional intimacy is a process that takes place on a continuum. When you don’t give yourself permission to be in process, it can become extremely frustrating.


5. Explore New Activities

It has been said that variety is the spice of life. Every relationship needs rejuvenation. In order to keep things fresh, make the effort to plan new experiences with your partner. Sharing new experiences serves as a direct precursor to emotional intimacy.

Whatever you do, make sure to find things that make you laugh. Laughing has the ability to bring healing to the direst of situations. At the end of the day, it must be understood that emotional intimacy is a process that requires a consistent effort from both parties.


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