5 Personal Traits That Will Impress Him And Capture His Heart

If you’re completely crazy about a man you likely want to know how to capture his heart. Men can be something of a puzzle to women particularly if they don’t know exactly how to appeal to his heart. Men aren’t nearly as complex as you may think and there are certain things that any woman can do that will make her utterly irresistible. If you want to get your man to love you more, you need to learn how to sweep him off his feet so he can’t ever imagine loving anyone but you.


Show a man what he wants


1. Be yourself, not who you think he wants you to be.

Understanding how to capture his heart starts with recognizing that in his eyes, you need to be completely different than any other woman he’s been with. Most of us resort to the same old tired tactics when it comes to trying to get a man to adore us. We think we need to cater to his every whim. We’ll cancel plans just to see him and we’ll change our opinion on important matters just to align with what he believes. These things are not going to get you the man you want. Instead he’ll label you as weak and non-original.

If you’ve already made plans for a girl’s night out or your best friend’s birthday party, don’t pretend you’re sick and cancel just so that you can be with him because he called last minute asking to see you.  Not only will you be a crappy friend/sister/daughter/etc., but sooner or later, he will find out that you drop people who are important to you simply so that you can spend time with him. It’s very likely that he won’t think it’s as cute as you do.  It’s actually quite self-centred and disrespectful to those who care about you.  Is this really the message that you want to convey to him?