5 Signs He’s Only Interested In You For Sex

by Michael Fiore

5 signs he's only interested in you for sex


Today’s topic is…5 Clues That He Just Wants Sex!


#1 sign: That he walks up to you and says, “I just want sex”?

I guess that’s a good indicator. Just kidding. But, I’ve actually had women write in and say they’ve met guys who’ve said that kind of thing and I always admire it to a certain degree.

If that’s what the woman is after, why not? At least the guy’s being honest at that point and not playing a game.

So what are the 5 signs that a guy just wants sex and isn’t actually interested in a relationship?

One key thing to understand in a relationship is that all guys want sex.

This is a surprise to some people. Women write in and they say “Michael, how do I find the guys that don’t just want sex but want a real relationship?” And a lot of guys who want sex also want a relationships, though not with the same people. It’s kind of a weird thing.

Another sign that a guy just wants sex is if he doesn’t actually want to have a date with you. If all he ever seems to do is try to set up situations where…

You are getting drinks late at night, he’s getting you drunk and trying to get you to go home. Just hooking up and booty calls.

Also, if all of his communication with you over text or otherwise is purely sexual. If none of it has any kind of romance or anything like it, if he’s never actually asking you questions about who you are beyond sexually…that is a biggie.

Or doesn’t answer those kind of questions himself…

Another one is also if he doesn’t respond to your texts right way but he’s constantly texting other people in your presence.

And, if he won’t introduce you to his friends or family.

I think that’s four or five signs but either way, the number one thing is if the context of your relationship is purely sexual.

I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, sex doesn’t make guys like you as a woman.

Men are going to feel pretty much the same way about you after he’s had sex with you as he did before he’s had sex with you, only slightly more intense of whatever he already felt.

If he only saw you as a sex object before you guys had sex he’s probably going to see you as more of a sex object afterwards. If he was desperately in love with you before you guys had sex he might be more desperately in love with you.

Just because he comes back for sex doesn’t mean he’s coming back for you.

And guys will do just that. I was watching a comedian the other day who was talking about how sometimes women will meet a guy and be like “Oh I’m not looking for a serious relationship either we can just hook up.” And she’s lying. The problem is guys believe you when you say that kind of thing.

And whether you believe that or not he thinks the fact that you just said that gives him permission to treat you as nothing more than a sex object. So don’t do that.

I think a lot of women think that and then you know, there’s all the chemicals…

Chemicals that are created from sex make women think they feel something when in fact it’s just sex. It’s one of the grand injustices of humanity that for women, sex is more emotionally intense and bonding than it is for men.

But the number one thing to remember is:

If all he wants to talk about is sex, he never wants to have a conversation with you and the only time you see him he’s got his shirt off…

You’re not having a relationship. He just wants sex. He’s not your boyfriend.


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Article Source: Digital Romance