5 Ways to Banish Relationship Insecurity Forever

By Rick Wallace

5 ways to banish relationship insecurity forever

There are several things that can throw a monkey wrench in an otherwise great relationship, and displaying signs of insecurity is one of them. Not only is insecurity extremely frustrating, but is an unattractive character trait that often causes nice people to do things that are outside of their true character.

Normally insecurities come from a place of authenticity — some place in the past in which you may have been hurt or disappointed; however, bringing these insecurities that were manifested from that moment in your life is not fair to your partner, and it is like Kryptonite to your relationship.

I don’t really have to make a case for ridding your relationship of insecurity, so let’s move forward with some tips that will help put insecurity in the rear-view mirror.


Clearly Express Your Relationship Desires

Romance novels are great to read for the purpose of passing time; however, they are horrible for setting expectations for a real relationship. Far too many people have developed expectations of their mate based on some character in a book. Stop it!

No one is perfect and no one can read your mind. Your partner should not be judged based on whether or not they can anticipate or predict your every desire.

It is your responsibility to clearly communicate to your lover what you desire from them, and even what you desire out of life. Give them something clear to work toward.


Don’t Snoop

This is huge. There is an old adage that states, “If you go looking for something you will find it.” This does not mean that the person is actually doing what you are suspecting them of doing, but it means that your suspicions have already framed the context from which you will view anything that you see. So, stay away from reading your partner’s text messages, emails, etc.


Work on Your Confidence

One of the most predominant elements of insecurity is a lack of confidence, meaning that the feelings that you are having have more to do with your self-image and self-confidence than your mates character and integrity. Relationships are built on trust, something that is earned; however, distrust is also something that should be earned.

You have to believe in who you are, realizing that your partner sees something extraordinary in you. You have to start acknowledging the things that make you special, especially to your partner. It is in examining and self-validating your worth that you will begin to become more self-confident, subsequently shedding the insecurity.


Stop Over-analyzing Everything

There is a common combination of behavior that will create more confusion than any relationship can stand — over-analyzing and then sharing your thoughts with a family member or friend who is generally paranoid.  Never look for clarity from a conspiracy theorist; rationale is not their strong suit. They are suspicious by nature, and they have developed an innate ability to find negativity in the most benign situations.

Most of the time, things are exactly how they appear, there is no need to over-analyze them. Most of the time, “I’m running behind at the office,” simply means that I am swamped at the office, so I may be a little late — nothing more.


Don’t Make Your Partner Your Entire Life

This one can be a little difficult for some. There are certain people who are naturally built to invest themselves completely into their mate. When you do this, you set yourself up for disappointment and moments of insecurity, because the first moment that you feel that your partner is not equally into you, it will trigger the question: Why?

The truth is that they are probably equally enamored with you, but they have other interests and responsibilities that occupy their time when they are not with you. It is what brings balance to the relationship.

Find some interests that you can become involved in that does not involve your partner. Having these personal interests will also serve to improve your sense of self, which is an essential element of developing a healthy self-image and a high level of self-confidence.

Confidence is a very attractive trait, but insecurity is not. Insecurity will definitely drive your partner away. It can even create resentment. Following the aforementioned steps will initiate the process of ridding your relationship of insecurity forever!  

Confidence comes naturally to those who have a strong sense of certainty.  In this article I’ve given you what I believe to be some of the most universally helpful tips for banishing insecurity from your relationship.


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