I need advice, encouragement, whatever it is, from anyone and everyone on how to get through the ungetthroughable. My youngest son was acting weird for about a week and then had a complete psychotic event on Monday from which statistics say he probably won’t recover. How do I survive this? How do people who lose children survive? My son as he was is gone. And it was unexpected. He was an ordinary young man, funny, smart, loved making music. He smoked some pot now and then, tried mushrooms about a year ago, and took a little adderall. (It was the adderall that caused the psychosis. People should know about this drug kids are turning to recreationally (I did not know he had done it until this happened). He was acting odd for about a week, saying weird things and then he went over the edge Monday when I was at work. Of course there is tremendous guilt that I did not see signs earlier, didn’t do something more that day. I had a bad feeling, I should have come home from work. I feel like I have to keep myself together so I can best help him. How do parents stay alive when this is happening?

Please offer your advice.