Men Can’t Resist A Woman Who Already Has THIS

by Claire Casey

men are attracted to a woman

Ask any girlfriend to name ten things men want in a woman and you’re likely to hear sexy looks, confidence, smarts, low drama factor, and money of their own, among others.

And those are definitely on the lists of plenty of the guys out there.

But there’s one single shining item that trumps them all like a sleek bottle of Krug Clos d’Ambonnay champagne trumps those sad screwcap flasks of Mad Dog you were choking down in college.

What he wants more than big breasts…

What does a man want even more than he wants big breasts? I know, hard to imagine, but even a guy – if he’s being honest – will agree: it takes more than surface-level sexy goods to ignite a relationship that has “forever” potential.

So if you’re only interested in a fling, you can probably rely on cup size, or booty jiggle, or those other seductive moves you’ve perfected. But if you’re looking to attract the instant attention of every man in the room no matter what you look like, you need this ONE THING…

And that’s your own, radiant, happiness.

Sound ridiculously simple? It is. But we overlook it all the time, because the magazine ads and television commercials find it SO much easier to use “sexy” to grab eyeballs.

But sexy can’t hold a candle to authentic happiness, and I can prove it.

Here’s proof:

Take a look at the outfits of the young women in any public high school and you’ll see they’re (sometimes desperately) using “sexy” to attract male attention.

Now think back to what you know about high school. It sucked, didn’t it? Most of us were miserable underneath the thin coating of “Don’t I look fabulous?” And pretty much anybody who isn’t also 15 years old can tell. We see those young women in their thongs and tights-which-are-not-pants and tiny tee-shirts and stripper shoes and we shake our heads and sigh. It’s painful to see, isn’t it?

And this is why “happiness” trumps “stripper”…

When you are already happy, you’re not looking for another person – specifically a man – to MAKE you happy. You’re not so painfully weighed down with emotional baggage that you’re like a sherpa carrying packs for a party of eight.

When you’re so weighted down with baggage and non-happiness, you’re all hunched over from the weight, looking for shortcuts, and desperately hoping someone will come along and take some of those heavy packs off your back.

Which can be understandably tiresome for a guy. You become a woman who looks like a LOT of work. He sees you and he thinks, Nooooo thanks, I’ll pass. (Unless you’re willing to give him sex, which he’ll take, but that’s all he’ll take.)

So what can you do to get there?

Believe it or not, it isn’t stunningly difficult; it’s just not always obvious. The path to happiness is reasonably straightforward, but it does involve more work than applying nail color in a shocking shade of “Pounded on the Kitchen Table” (true nail polish name, no lie).

Evaluate your “baggage” vs your “lightness and joy”

Listen, everybody (even a Disney princess – probably especially a Disney princess) has baggage, okay? The real question is are you carrying too much? And if so, what are you doing to deal with it?

So take a moment to think about it. How much baggage do you have?

One sherpas worth: I can carry it all pretty easily

Two sherpas worth: I really have a bit too much

Three sherpas worth: Ok, it’s a little out of control…

Bonus points

No matter your score, bonus points if you can name at least ONE way you can begin offloading some of the baggage that’s weighing you down. And guess what? You get DOUBLE bonus points if you are currently doing that thing you just named

I know you are ON YOUR WAY to living a delicious life to the full. And yeah, it just takes a bit of work to get there. Cheers to you for doing the work! It’s gonna pay off in life, in love, and most of all, in your personal satisfaction.

If you need a helping hand, I would LOVE to be part of your growth process in bettering your relationship with yourself and sharing my insights with you about what really captures a man’s heart and mind.  You really can do this, beautiful! Just click here to check out my program if you’d like us to do this together!



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