Lip Service question – Should I divorce and be with the man I desire?  Please help our friend out by leaving your comments.

I would like advice on a situation. I have been married for 22 years and we have 2 older teenage children and 2 adult children. Over the years my husband and I have not always gotten along well. There have been some pretty ugly time frames of arguing, some involving aggressive behaviors from him. We cannot communicate with each other well at all. He is not a very happy person in general and often if he is not complaining about me he is complaining about something or someone else.

A few months ago I reconnected with an old male friend who was recently divorced. We started talking often and eventually meet with each other and have formed an extremely strong connection with one another. This is something I have never felt before with any other man and this man feels the same way about me. We are very compatible and communicate very well with each other in a way I never had experienced with any other person. We both desire the same things in a relationship and life. I have recently discontinued contact with this man due to respect to my marriage and I miss him terribly. My husband and I continue to argue.

I know many people feel that a person should work it out with their husband regardless and I always felt the same until now and I actually guess I still do feel that way. I have tried for many years to be happy with my husband and I do not think it is possible. Many people say that this other relationship is new and exciting but will become tired and old. I am not a young girl who is unrealistic in love and life and I know what I desire in a relationship, my husband is not it and this man is. I do not want to be with my husband regardless of if I am with this other man or not, but this man has made me realize that I can have true happiness in my life in a relationship. I feel that divorce is being selfish but I am so unhappy. Any advice?