What He Desperately Wants from You…but Won’t Say

by Felicity Keith


what he desperately wants from you
If you randomly polled 300 men about what they secretly wish their wives or girlfriends knew, you’d get answers that shocked, delighted, and frightened you.
Sure, there would be a lot of comments specifically about fellatio (and how he wants much more of it)… but the common topic you’d discover?
Specifically, that men want to feel wanted.
Stop and think about it for a second. In our culture, women are taught that men are the ones who do all the chasing. They are the ones who think with their “little brain” 24/7 and who drool at the mere thought of our luscious curves.
This notion of men as ravenous sex beasts does have a kernel of truth…testosterone is a powerful chemical after all. However, the flip side to this widely accepted stereotype of “how men are” means that as women, we can easily forget that he craves being desired, too.
Of course men love to be appreciated in more ways than just sexually…but for the sake of this lesson, that’s what I’m going to focus on.
Ask yourself…
When was the last time you devoured his masculine form with your hungry eyes…and he knew it?
When was the last time you told him how badly you want him?
How long has it been since you ripped his pants off, desperate to get busy?
If you can answer in days, good for you, you little vixen. Keep up the good work and read below for a new trick or two!
If your answer is more along the lines of months…or years…or “I can’t remember”, don’t worry. The good news is you can remedy the situation easily and blow him away in the process.
There are countless ways to show you desire him (I teach you some sizzling techniques in The Language of Desire) but I’ve created a simple three-step system that’s a snap to implement.
I call it my Three-T Tantalizer:
1. Tell him in a text
Randomly shoot him a lust-jolt with a naughty message. This doesn’t have to be graphic but it does have to be straight to the point.
Lay it on the line just how badly you want him. Express how hot he gets you.
Verbalize your cravings.
It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out conversation, a simple sexy sentence or two will do the trick.
2. Tease him like your boy toy
Turn the tables and ogle his manliness. Objectify him like he’s nothing but a hot piece of man candy.
When he’s mowing the lawn, let out a wolf-whistle and tell him how sexy he looks. As he steps from the shower, smack him right on the ass. Before he rushes out the door to work, push him against the wall and kiss him with yearning.
3. Take initiative
Boldly and proactively initiate sex. Make the first move by pulling him into the bedroom. Climb on top of him for a morning romp. Grab his package while you are watching TV.
It really doesn’t matter how, when, or where you are…just as long as you are the one who initiates the action.
Implement each of these steps and make your man feel wanted like he deeply craves. Don’t be surprised when he expresses how much he desires you, too. That’s the bonus for you…when he feels longed for, it increases his appetite to please you!
Ready to discover more of his deep and private wishes?
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The Secret Survey gives you a glimpse into what it’s really like to be a man…and teaches you how to benefit from this powerful information.
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