The One Missing Sex Move He Secretly Reminisces About

By: Ginger Quinn

Maybe you haven’t tried this move since you were a hot-blooded teenager under a blanket on your parents’ sofa while they were out, but you should.

Your guy still secretly loves a good hand job.


Here’s what makes them so utterly HOT…


  1. Your man loves having his junk caressed. How often do you see him adjusting his package? Or fondling it while he’s chilling on the couch? I know this isn’t a surprise to you but that’s some sensitive meat down there. And he craves when you touch him hungrily in THAT way.
  2. A handy can be foreplay or a standalone sex act. No matter what result you’re looking for when you play with his manhood, he’s going to be titillated by your touch. From there you can decide if you want to move on to penetration, fondle him until he reaches the finish line, or just make him feel good.
  3. He feels desired. When your guy senses that he turns you on, it turns him on even more. Taking the time to play with his manly “toys” brings out his alpha side and literally gives him a testosterone boost. When he’s really feeling your passion it makes sexy time so much better for you both.


Best of all you can do a hand job anywhere. Surprise him in the car. Rouse him awake in the morning with your hand. He will be incredibly devoted to you when you know how to master his man muscle…


The Nuts & Bolts Of A Great Handy…


It’s possible when you first touched a penis you fumbled your way through it (and it was still great for him). Now that you’re a grown up woman, you can take command of his twigs & berries with sexy authority. Let me give some of my best tips for a great hand job


  1. Don’t freak if he’s soft when you start. Explore his penis and testicles with the intention of learning more about what turns him on. Don’t be surprised if he sprouts a thick one but if he doesn’t, it’s okay too. Just like it feels good when you’re touched down there, it feels GOOD to him.
  2. Be generous with the lube. Sure your mouth is moist and amazing but we’re doing a hand job here. You are intentionally getting him excited and lube makes the job smooth. My favorite ones don’t use glycerin, which is a sugar that can induce imbalance (and smell) in your vagina. Not what we’re looking for.
  3. Get his feedback. You have his most vulnerable part of his anatomy in your hands. Feel the power. Now share it by asking him what he likes. Some men love stroking. Some like ball play. Some even like a little anal stimulation. You have to discover what your man likes but he will adore you for wanting to figure his body out.


And Now, Here Are Some More Techniques For You…


If you want to add even more rocket fuel to your sex life take a moment now to watch this short video. It has much more to say about how to turn up the heat in and out the bedroom.
Plus you’ll learn the 5 Relationship Evolutions that seal him to you like superglue forever, making it nearly impossible for him to check out another woman. He’ll be devoted entirely to you.




Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship or looking to groom that special guy to be your future, Love Lifestyle Expert Ginger Quinn shows you how to turn up the heat in the bedroom and the intensity in the commitment by following some very basic Primal Principles.
After being with her man for over 20 years, Ginger was able to turn their humdrum relationship back into the volcanic connection it started out as. And this is at a time when the divorce rate is obscenely high and the hook up culture makes cheating opportunities higher than ever too. Still people who have never met them think they’re still newlyweds.
Ginger’s main philosophy is that any relationship can get stale and ordinary no matter how passionately it started. When you understand the underlying instincts or qualities of how men and women evolved, you get a huge advantage in keeping your intimacy smokin’ hot…in and out of the bedroom.