5 Reasons Loving Your Body Will Give You Amazing Sex

loving your body


You’ve probably already heard all of the wonderful reasons to love your body just the way it is.


  • You’ll be more successful.
  • You’ll feel less anxious and more at ease.
  • You’ll inspire other women.
  • You’ll be physically healthier.


Well, here’s a new one.


  • You’ll have amazing sex.


Far too many women think of great sex only in terms of “IF/THEN” statements: “If I want to have great sex, then …


I have to lose 20 lbs.

… I have to get a nose job.

… I have to shave my legs.

… I have to exercise more.

… I have to get rid of my acne.


If that’s what has to happen for you to have great sex … will you ever really have it?


Probably not!


Instead, may we suggest a much easier, much more fun, much faster route to hot, passionate romps with your man? Here goes!



The #1 Secret to Mind-Blowing Sex Is Loving Your Body. And Here’s Why


  1. You’ll actually be able to enjoy sex instead of constantly thinking about how your body looks.


“Is a roll forming on my stomach with this move?”

“I can’t get my shirt off without showing my hairy armpits!”

“Oh my God, he sees that zit on my boob. That weird freakish zit. I am such a creep, I am such a weirdo.”


Ok girls, we’ve all had these or similar thoughts mid-sex. But as we well know, sex is not the least bit fun when we’re thinking these things. When you can be relaxed and comfy with your body, on the other hand, sex is fun. You can bend and twist and contort and bounce without a care in the world!


  1. You’ll finish easier because you’ll be more relaxed.


When all you’re focused on is what you look like in that weird lamp lighting or what he’s thinking about the shapes of your areolas, you’re unable to enjoy yourself—figuratively and literally.


Of course, you could fake it … but seriously, who the heck wants to do that? Instead, relax. Release your clenched ab muscles. Smile. Kiss. Ask for what you want from him. Move his hand if he’s doing it wrong. This is as much your playing field as it is his, and you should be chill—loving it and loving yourself.


  1. If you do want to change, it will actually work because it will come from a positive place.


Hey, it’s okay to want to lose weight or tone those abs because you’ll like sex better. For some women, losing weight can make them healthier … and happier … overall. For example, too much sugar in your diet has been linked to depression.


Changing your body should never be your goal no matter what. But when you love yourself, when there’s something you want to change so that you’re more comfy in the sack, it will come from a wonderful place. That’s the want to make improvements. Maybe you want to shed the baby weight or fit into a bangin’ lingerie set for your sweetie. These are good reasons to improve (if you want to).


  1. Guys love those curves (No, they do. They really do).


Hey, skinny gals have their confidence problems when it comes to body issues for sure. But many of the women who tend to berate themselves because of how they look do that because they’ve got what they feel are a few too many pounds.


For these women: Think of Mad Men. Think of the sexiest woman in that show. Was it skinny Peggy? Perfect Betty? No.


It was Joan. Every last curve of her. Guys on the show and guys in current day America went gaga over Joan. Why? Because of her curves, duh! Men love that sexy, curvy look. It’s womanly, it’s glamorous, it’s real. Embrace it. Own it.


  1. Confidence is The. Sexiest. Thing. you can possess.


Not sleek abs. Not a knock-out set of knockers. Not a killer badonkadonk.




How to Gain More Sexual Confidence in Bed


Dress for success.

Ain’t nothin’ wrong will lookin’ fine, girl! Get some lingerie and work it. There are all sorts of sexy outfits and styles for all body types. If you’re hippy with a small waist, try a matching bra and panty set with a sheer cover up. If you’re more of a curvy apple shape, go for a lingerie piece featuring a corset waist.


Do what feels comfortable at first … then get friskier.

Most gals have a few moves up their sleeves. The trouble is they use them all the time and never get out of their comfort zone. Using your go-to moves and positions is okay … to get you started. Do what feels comfortable for sure! But use it as a springboard to try one new thing each time you have sex. Maybe it’s getting on top, or kissing him in a new place on his body.


Stop comparing.

You’ve heard it a million times before, but let’s just repeat it once again: Models and women in magazines aren’t real. Photoshopping, death-defying diets, and awkward posing angles are the real reasons you see pictures like that. And if you know someone you always compare your body to? Remember this quote by Theodore Roosevelt: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” You’ll have things they want too. No reason for anyone to lose confidence over it.


Hit the Books.

Get educated! If you’re having trouble in a class and you’re nervous before a test, you hit those books! Same goes if you’re getting nervous about your body during sex. Get confident about your skills … and you’ll head into the bedroom with your head held high, ready for passion.


What are these so-called skills?


Well … how about: The hottest things to say when talking dirty … the most erogenous zones of his body … the sexy moves that make all men go nuts when you do them. You can actually learn all of these things!


And many women have done just that. In fact, most of those who have been successful at it have used a specific program. It’s called The Language of Desire, and it aims to teach women how to unleash their sexual bobcat within.


In it, you get firsthand knowledge about what makes men go crazy in the bedroom. From dirty talk lessons … to owning your body, it’s all there.


And remember, once you get the know-how, work it! Men love you more when you love yourself.


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