5 Ways Your Partner Is Devastating Your Relationship

5 Ways Your Partner Is Devastating Your Relationship

By: Faye Roberts


relationship devastating habits

You probably know tons of people in relationships.


Long term marriages, boyfriend/girlfriend situations, newlyweds, partners in life.


Probably most of the people you talk to everyday are in a relationship.


But does that mean that all of these unions are happy and healthy?


Unfortunately, the majority of relationships have cracks in them.


With quality communication, mutual understanding, and hard work, these cracks can sometimes be mended. But you have to find out what’s going on first.


If you suspect your partner may have a hand in the downward turn your relationship has taken, chances are they’ve been doing one of the following things.


Reflect to see if you can relate to any of these relationship-devastating habits from your partner.


  1. Nitpicking and Criticizing


“You always leave hair in the drain!”


“Can you not leave the lights on when you’re not even in the house?”


“Why do you always wait so long to take the garbage out?”


Sure, there are going to be things that bug each of you throughout your relationship. But it’s when you end up feeling like you have to walk on eggshells that you know something’s wrong.


Your partner should be loving and kind to you, and if something you do is really that upsetting, they should be able to approach you with that same loving kindness when they bring up the issue.


  1. Withholding How They Feel


Feelings and emotions will ebb and flow like the ocean tide in a relationship. Hard times will cause hard feelings. Life events like the loss of loved ones and financial issues will cause sadness, heartache, and pain.


For your relationship to last, you’ll need to be able to talk about these things. Talking about how you feel will help put difficult emotions on the table and at the same time, it will help them dissipate so they can’t become the bearer of further tension and pain.


If your partner is unable to talk about what they’re feeling, over time, this will inevitably break down your relationship. It will be like talking to a wall, and when you try to voice your own feelings, you won’t be heard the way you should be either.


  1. Never Being Happy


You don’t always have to be happy in a relationship. That’s an absurd assumption. But a partner who is constantly in the doldrums is no partner at all. Just as a family member or friend who never seems to say a positive thing can be toxic, the same is true for a partner.


Never feeling happy may manifest in a multitude of ways with your partner. They may act lazy and unable to do anything for themselves because of their sadness. They may stop appreciating you. They may neglect your union or be unable to talk about your own worries or troubles. And all of these things are bad for the relationship and bad for you.


  1. Taking Advantage


A partner who takes advantage might do so in a number of sneaky ways. They might take advantage of your money or belongings by outright stealing or asking for loans or to stay in your home rent-free.


They might also take advantage of your emotions by manipulating you in a passive aggressive manner or by trying to control you and your actions.


Finally, your partner may be taking advantage of you and your kindness and forgiveness by beating around the truth so to speak. And this leads us to our next point …  


  1. Lying


There are different kinds of lies, and to varying degrees, lying can be an outright “deal breaker” or simply the subject for an intense discussion between the two of you.


And that’s what makes lies so difficult to navigate. A quality relationship needs a mutual feeling of safety to survive and thrive. But neither of you will reach a point of feeling safe if lies are in the mix in any capacity.


As a kind and compassionate person who presumably loves their partner, you may be inclined to forgive and forget when it comes to lies. But this is simply foolish.


If you suspect your partner is lying to you, you can’t just sit back and do nothing.


You’ve got to wake up.


If you’re genuinely worried that your partner may be lying in your relationship, or if you’ve already caught them in lies, don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes yet again.


The truth is, everyone hates being lied to. Getting that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize that your partner is actually lying straight to your face is one of the worst feelings in the world.


But there is a way out. You can take charge of your situation, and you can get to the bottom of the truth once and for all.


The Bust Liars video by the legendary Mark Adams is exactly what is needed to set the record straight in your relationship.


In this video, Mark will be able to tell you exactly what to do to finally find out who is lying to you. You’ll also learn exactly how to go about finding the truth once you know you’re being lied to.


Going on with your relationship as if you’re not being lied to and pretending like nothing is wrong is a form of self-abuse.
Don’t let your partner tell one more lie. Check out this video right now.



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  1. Wow.. Your article is amazing. Lying is definitely something what I hate and what doesn’t have place in relationship 😉