9 Secrets to Keeping Him Starry-Eyed for You…And Only You

9 Secrets to Keeping Him Starry-Eyed for You

…And Only You

by Rick Wall

9 ways to keep him starry eyed for you

The one thing that is for certain when it comes to creating a strong relationship that can withstand the tests of time is that it requires work.
A romantic relationship is not one of those things in life that you can simply place on autopilot and expect it to sustain itself. It requires a significant amount of effort.

Here are nine tips that will provide the foundation for you to keep your man perpetually starry-eyed for you, and you alone.

1. Understand His Love Language

People are individuals, meaning that they express themselves differently, and this can be clearly seen in relationships. Not only is your partner distinctively different than you, but he is different from the perspective of gender, meaning that he is simply going to view life a little bit differently. Invest the time to learn his love language, the way that he expresses his love for you. Understand that because he loves differently does not mean that he does not love you.

2. Don’t Chase Him

Men are natural hunters, and they prefer to pursue, even after they have got you. Also, chasing him is a sign of a lack of confidence, which is an automatic turnoff. Give him the space that he needs, without smothering him. He will appreciate you for it, and it will make him long for you.

3. Initiate Nookie

Although men are not normally good at communicating it, they have a very strong desire to be needed and wanted. When you initiate intimacy with your man, it is one of the most powerful affirmations you can give him.

4. Be Willing to Experiment Sexually

One of the most common complaints that men have about their relationships with women is boredom in the bedroom, but it is more than simple boredom. Men read a great deal into how far their partner is willing to push their sexual boundaries. Being willing to experiment in the bedroom tells your man just how committed you are to keeping it fresh.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should do anything that you’re totally uncomfortable with.  Pushing sexual boundaries means dipping your toes (or other parts) into new territory that interests you.  Not territory that terrifies you.

5. Know When to Stop Talking and Listen

This is an area in which many women struggle. Generally speaking, women are better communicators than men, and this normally leads to ladies outtalking and over-talking their mates. This can be extremely frustrating for a man. Simply stopping to listen can have an immense impact on the heart of your man.

6. Leave Your Jealousy at the Door

There are not too many things that can zap the life out of a romantic relationship like jealous behavior. Where some women like to see their men get a little jealous, men don’t find any value in jealous behavior at all. In fact, they find it hostile and draining.

7. Let Him Have Time to Himself

Even the most affectionate and endearing man will need some time to himself. It is the way that he is made. It is how he maintains his balance and sanity. Additionally, the absence will give him time to miss you.

8. Get a Life

This tip sort of works in conjunction with the previous tip. While you are giving your man space, you should work on developing a personal life of your own. It will help you build your confidence and provide the foundation on which you will be able to effectively engage the demands associated with your relationship. You will find that you will be less likely to hassle your man about his “me” time when you have your own.

9. Concentrate on the Positives

One of the fastest ways to push a man away is to constantly focus on the negatives. This competitive world is extremely demanding and men find themselves in hostile situations all day long in which they are constantly being reminded of their shortcomings. Learn how to focus on the positive and your man’s refuge. Learn how to be his greatest source of affirmation and confirmation. Focus on his strengths and the things about him that bring you happiness.
It will take some work, but following these tips will go a long way in totally captivating the heart of your man, and keeping him completely starry-eyed for you from this point forward.

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