Are Men More Romantic Than Women?

Are Men More Romantic Than Women?

by Michael Fiore

are men more romantic than women

Guys often get a bad rap as unromantic sloths who would rather drink beer and watch football than give a woman the attention she deserves… but research suggests that this isn’t the case.


Dr Terri Orbuch, a professor and relationship therapist, recently wrote in the Huffington Post that men are actually MORE romantic (sometimes MUCH more romantic) than women.


Surprised? I’m not. Get them talking when they think no one else can hear and most guys will admit to being romantic at heart, but a lot of guys end up being misunderstood because we don’t always know the most appropriate times or ways to express our romantic side and don’t always have the communication skills to let a woman know what we’re really driving at (and it’s more than just a roll in the hay.) …


Added to that, women have increasingly more on their plate these days trying to get the right work-family life balance, it’s not really surprising that romance isn’t always top of their list.


In my opinion, romance is a vital part of a healthy relationship. We need to renew our connection with our partner, and what better way than with intimacy?


But how do you relight the passion you once felt for one another when there is so much going on in your lives? How do you find the time?


One of the most powerful and effective ways I have found is with texting. Cellphones can create immediate, intimate connections with your partner. As long as you say the right thing, of course!


Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you guessing the right things. I’ve put together some text training so you can start texting the romance back tonight by clicking HERE!




Source: Digital Romance


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