Are You Just a Stop Along the Way or Is He in Love? Here’s How to Tell

A lot of women think that if a guy does the following, he’s in love with you:


  • He texts and calls you.
  • He takes you out and gives you things.
  • He compliments you.
  • You catch him staring at you lovingly.
  • He makes you promises about your future together.


The Bonding Code


Well, we’re sorry to break it to you … but him doing all of these things does not mean he’s in love with you.


Sure, it could happen in the future. What you’re seeing above are some of the first phases of what could blossom into a true and deep love, so you’ve got potential there …


But it’s not everything. True love is obvious. It’s big, it’s bold, and it looks completely different than a guy just giving you a text every few days and taking you out for dinner before sex on a Friday night.


If you really want your man to be truly in love with you (and you should), a relationship of only passion won’t do it. A relationship of only convenience won’t do it. This “love” won’t last. It’s fleeting.


To help you see things more clearly, below, you’ll find a list of key signs that you should look out for. If you notice your boyfriend, fiancé or husband doing any of the following, you definitely need to consider that he may not actually be fully in love with you.


Warning Signs That It’s Not True Love


  1. He Doesn’t Return Your Texts or Calls Right Away


This is a big one. Men in love want to be with or talk to their women all the time. They won’t wait to call or text you back.


And if you’re thinking he might be acting distant just because it’s a new relationship and he doesn’t want to appear “too eager,” well, think again. That’s just not how men who are truly in love think.  


  1. It Seems Like He’s Looking for Fights


You might find yourself thinking Did we always fight this much? It seems like you have fights about everything: Movies, politics, who takes out the garbage, how your friends treat him, your phone’s ringtone. Anything … and everything.


  1. He Randomly Gives You the Silent Treatment


Women are usually the ones saying “I’m fine” and not meaning it when there’s something really going on. But guys can do it too. They clam up and won’t tell you why.


Generally, women will get super worried at this stage and start divulging all their feelings. Sadly, this only pushes him further away.


  1. He Doesn’t Hold Your Hand


Think about it. Holding hands is something that only two people in love do. It serves little purpose really. It’s not a kiss or sex. It’s just holding hands in public to show you care.


So watch: If you’re walking together and he doesn’t grab your hand, that’s a red flag. If you grab his hand, and he lets it go nonchalantly a few minutes later … another red flag.


  1. He’s Always on His Phone


Not the computer, his phone. And he’s not scrolling through something casually or randomly looking up sports stats or weather forecasts. He’s intent. He’s tapping away with his thumbs. He jumps on it when it rings or dings with a text.


You probably ask, “Hey, what are you doing over there?” And he answers, “Oh nothing.” Or he might say: “Just checking sports” or “Just work stuff.”


  1. He Seems to Be Gone a Lot


Maybe he’s out with his friends. Maybe he really does have to work late like he told you. Maybe he’s just cruising around because he doesn’t want to be with anyone … even you.


It’s hard to hear, we know, but when your man seems to be gone or busy a lot, something is clearly wrong in your relationship. Men in love want to be with their partners come Hell or high water almost all the time.


  1. Sex Is … Just Sex


Maybe you’re not having sex at all. But you might be. After all, men are physical, and even when they’re not in love, they’re still interested in the passionate side of things. But think about it: Is the sex you’re having loving?


One of the reasons why a healthy sex life is great for two people who are in love is that this act bonds them. If you don’t feel genuinely loved and adored during or after sex, the bond is not there.


What to Do if You’ve Concluded He’s Out of Love With You


Did you just read the above text and decide your man is not in love with you? Are you fairly certain?


We know this can be a hard realization to take in. It’s not easy to look at the man who you love and realize he does not love you back.


But don’t panic.


First, take a deep breath. You two aren’t over yet. Don’t start planning a break up speech or filing papers for divorce, and if you’ve just started dating, don’t give up on him.


Why not?


This whole scenario … it happens a lot. A lot more than you know. Women all over the country are dealing with this very problem: Their man used to love them or has the potential to love them. But there’s something in the way.


If you are in this situation, you can fix this. You can bring the love back in. How?


It’s simple really. It’s called The Bonding Code, and it’s an amazingly engineered system that breaks down the 5 emotional phases of men falling in love. Throughout the Bonding Code process, each step is critical, and what you do as the woman in the relationship is also critical. You’re the solution.


The program was created and honed to perfection by licensed relationship expert, Bob Grant, who spent years working with women who were in the same spot as you right now.


Imagine your man not being able to take his eyes off you …


Not being able to keep his hands off you …


Not seeing any other woman in the room … except you.


If you’re sick of being on the sidelines of what could be a beautiful relationship full of lasting love, then see what The Bonding Code can do for you.



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