Are You “Wife Material”? Here’s the Lowdown.

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You’ve likely heard the term “wife material” thrown around before.


It of course refers to a woman who is especially “fit to marry” for a man—someone who perhaps “has it all.”


For example, this woman is:

  • Beautiful
  • Built
  • Intelligent
  • From a “good family”


She has:

  • Amazing style
  • A great career
  • Lots of money


And she can:

  • Keep house and cook
  • Care for children while working
  • Be a tiger in the bedroom


Lots of “quotations” being used here, right?


That’s because it’s all rather 1950s, stereotypical nonsense.


Quite frankly, the above description sounds like every female antagonist in every romantic comedy ever. The description assumes that women who are “wife material” are nearly perfect in every way, and only women with these traits will have a good chance of getting married to a great guy. That’s simply not true.


Ok. So we know that the typical characteristics of someone who is “wife material” can seem rather sexist.


But is there any legitimacy to this term?


Are some women more likely to be asked for their hand in marriage than others?


Well, yes.


But it doesn’t come down to being absolutely, 100 percent perfect in every way. That’s fantasy. Rather, it’s more about confidence in yourself and overall self-esteem.


So if you are single and looking … or hoping to get the question popped to you by your BF one of these days, here are some tips on gaining confidence in different areas of your life and becoming more appealing as “wife material.”


Remember, these things may indeed appeal to men, but make sure they’re making your life better too!


Tips for Killin’ It Wife Material-Wise

By: Faye Roberts


  1. Be physically healthy


You don’t have to be Gisele Bündchen, but you should be healthy. This means working out on a consistent basis, eating healthy, going for checkups regularly, and taking care of yourself when you’re not feeling well.


It can be hard work to stay on top of your health. Sometimes, we all feel like skipping the floss and having pizza for dinner. But remembering every day that you’re worth it will help. It pays in every way to be healthy.


  1. Get your finances in order


The days of men taking care of women’s finances are over. That’s a good thing! But now you’ve got to make sure you’re taking charge.


Finances are indeed a personal matter. And especially at this moment in time, sometimes things don’t always go as planned as far as money, jobs and bills are concerned. You don’t have to be a gazillionaire. The gist here is to make sure you at least know what’s going on with your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and bills. Keep track and be smart about money. It’s sexy.


  1. Be clean inside and out


Of course, there’s someone for everyone. But for this one, we ask you to think about what you’re attracted to in a man.


Do you appreciate unkempt feet, grime on faucets, unwashed hair, and moldy food in the cupboard? If so, ok. If not, a guy probably won’t be interested in these things either, so keep yourself and your living space in order.


  1. Follow your dreams


Passion for a career is hot. Whatever it is that gets your motor running, talk about it. Read about it. And go for it if you haven’t already. Don’t worry about having some amazingly sexy career like “Pop Star Journalist Who Skydives on the Weekends,” but it’s great when you do something you actually love.


  1. Know what’s going on in the world


Try to have a rough understanding of today’s current events—enough so that you can at least carry out a conversation if someone brings a news topic up. Today, with Twitter and easy to digest news feeds, it’s easier than ever.


And remember, don’t be afraid to say, “I haven’t read much about that” or ask questions. Be honest instead of pretending to know something—you might get caught in a bind otherwise!


  1. Have some hobbies!


Hobbies are fun, hobbies fill time, hobbies find you new friends, hobbies make you more interesting.


If you’ve never had a hobby you really liked, here’s a trick: Think of a time when you were jealous of something that someone else did. For example, maybe someone you know blows glass, rides horses, paints watercolors, or collects something weird like toasters. There are no rules when it comes to hobbies, so get one!


  1. Cultivate compassion within yourself


Usually, this one would say, “Be kind to everyone.” But hey, it’s not so easy to just click be kind! Instead, actually work on compassion within yourself and make it real.


Notice when you snap at people or feel a lot of disdain or anger. Take note when you see others giving their time and money and wish you could do the same. You want to grow true kindness within you instead of putting on the “kind façade.” Believe us, Mr. Right will be able to tell, and you’ll be all the better for it.


  1. Forgive yourself when you mess up


We all mess up. No, really: We all mess up.


The ultimate test of whether or not you truly have confidence and love yourself is whether or not you can:


  1. See where you may have screwed up
  2. Do the right thing
  3. Forgive yourself
  4. And move on


If you have the ability to forgive yourself, it means you can forgive other people. It means you can have a fight about garbage cans, socks on the floor, or where the kids will go to school … and then get over it and have great makeup sex.


It means you have the capability of carrying out a solid, loving, grownup relationship with a man. And all good guys out there want this.


Good luck on your path to being a better you, and we hope you become “wife material” for an absolutely great guy along the way.