My Biggest Anxiety: Am I Really Satisfying Him When We’re in Bed Together?

My Biggest Anxiety: Am I Really Satisfying Him When We’re in Bed?


How to Know He’s Wildly Craving Only You


Whether you’ve got a husband, a long-term boyfriend, or you’re just dating, chances are good that some of your main relationship goals are to…


  • Be the best sex he’s ever had
  • Know for sure that you completely satisfy him in bed
  • Make him only pant with desire for you


But it’s hard, right? I mean, how can you ever know for sure?


We all wonder whether or not we’re truly satisfying our partners in the bedroom.


Even while we’re in the throes of what we think of as passionate sex, we’re wondering, “Is this really what he wants and needs?” “Am I really what he desperately desires in a woman?”


We want to be her — whoever she is in his mind.


Unfortunately, this anxiety…this constant nagging worry that comes in many forms…ends up being part of our downfall. It was for me…at first.


But then I started to break down the issue. Why was I so nervous about whether my partner was head-over-heels having sex with me? There had to be specific anxieties that my mind was coming up with.


I found these specific anxieties in myself…and in many other women I asked.


Here they are. Maybe you’ve been facing them too:


Anxiety #1 – I don’t have a good enough body.


Here’s a big male/female difference for you: Women are constantly thinking about how their bodies look during sex. Men…not so much.


As a result, women become immensely more self-conscious about every inch of themselves: their weight and shape, rolls, body hair, cellulite, stretch marks — and the way their vagina looks, feels and smells to their man.


As you can imagine, anyone who has all of this criteria rattling around in their brain during sex…will quickly get out of the mood. And this is the danger of dwelling so heavily on thoughts like:


  • “No way! This position gives me the worst tummy rolls.”
  • “My vagina looks so weird.
  • “Ugh, when I’m in this position, does he think my boobs look terrible?”


These aren’t exactly…sexy…thoughts.


So here’s what you do: you’ve got to squelch those thoughts and make yourself feel sexier. Try these ideas:


  • Buy yourself some hot lingerie that makes you feel beautiful
  • Put your focus on how you feel
  • Remind yourself that he isn’t having pity sex with you; he wants you…exactly the way you are
  • And finally, remember that confidence is sexy


Anxiety #2 – I’m just not good at sex.


Lack of confidence about your body can often coincide with lack of confidence about your skills in the bedroom.


  • “Was that a totally stupid position I just tried?”
  • “Ack! I think I just got ‘him’ with my teeth.”
  • “I hope this feels good for him.”


Let’s take a step back, however. You are busy reprimanding yourself for not being a goddess in bed. But what’s he doing? He’s enjoying having sex.


So do yourself a favor. Try to go with the flow more. Think about what you truly like, and do that. Then do what he likes (ask him what he likes). Then go back to what you like. If you try a position or move that doesn’t work, brush it off.


Also, accept imperfection. You will probably not have passionate sex akin to that of Kate and Leo in that car in the basement of the Titanic. That’s okay.


Anxiety #3 – He’s getting bored having sex with me.


Have I got news for you! You may think that married couples and long-term relationships end up creating two people who are essentially sick and tired of having sex with each other.


Not so. In fact, sexual satisfaction tends to go up over time with long-term committed relationships.


And if someone does start to get bored? It’s usually the woman, not your man. Fortunately, there are things you can do for this too. After all, you want to have sexual desire for yourself, and he certainly wants you to want him sexually.


This is where it’s important to try new things to spice things up:


  • Purchase some sex toys
  • Experiment with performing a striptease
  • Turn the heat up with some new positions (and locales)



So far, you know the basics — your anxieties, and a few tricks for loosening up and having more fun in bed…giving him more pleasure.


But I know you’re ready for a precise formula wrapped up in a free video I just discovered. Learn tips that will nip your fears in the bud and make it out-of-the-question that your man would ever not be passionately, freakishly obsessed with you — and only you.


This formula is something that only a few women know about. The secrets I found here are what made my man become obsessed with me. And in turn, this erased all my worry and anxiety concerning whether or not I excited him in bed. (Now I’m sure that I do, and it’s amazing).


This free presentation shows you exactly what to do to ignite insane passion in your relationship. Your man won’t know what hit him. Go check it out now right here.

Top 8 Things Quality Men Are Looking For In Their ‘Soul Mate’

Top 8 Things Quality Men Are Looking For

In Their ‘Soul Mate’

by Adam Gilad

 quality men soul mate


Confused about what men are looking for in their ‘soul mate’. In women in general?


Not surprising!


I get that it can seem like men want everything – or that different men want enough different things that it FEELS like men want everything.


But I’ve got good news for you.


There’s no woman who truly ‘has it all’ – and you don’t have to figure out how to be everything he wants to become his soul mate.


There’s a much easier way – but more on that later.


The truth is – if you want to find the man of your dreams, you have to know what kind of man you’re looking for first. What qualities make him unique. What qualities you’re looking to have in your life and by your side forever.


And that’s what real men are doing too. They’re figuring out what qualities they want in a woman – qualities that will support them through good times and bad and make a true and lasting difference in their lives.


So now the question becomes: What qualities are the “quality” men looking for?


That’s a MUCH simpler question. Don’t you agree?


Here’s a list of the top 10 qualities that men are looking for in a woman they want to be with forever…



Men are looking to be supported by the women by their sides, just the same as women want their partners to be supportive of them.  It might sound old fashioned, but it’s still a strong idea that’s VERY relevant in this day and age.

Men want women who support their dreams. Who support their choices. Who support their work, and their passions, and goals. Men want women who care, who are in their corner all the way, and who want to help improve their lives together.



Men are looking for a woman they can trust. This is something that goes both ways, and is just as important to both parties.

He needs to know that you’ll follow through on your promises, that you won’t break your word. There are too many flaky people out there today – and a man looking for a life partner doesn’t want any part of them. A true soul mate knows how valuable real trust is.


Compatibility Between the Sheets

Every man wants a woman who he’s sexually compatible with. A woman who can surprise him in the bedroom, can sometimes take the lead in the bedroom, and most importantly – makes him feel like a man.

Successful men are most often turned off by women who carry sexual shame – and when it comes to sex, men are looking for women who are generous and up for trying new things – as long as they’re not totally offensive or dangerous.



Who doesn’t want to laugh and have fun with their mate?

Men are looking for women who can be playful with them. Without playfulness, neither men nor women can relax and loosen up – which is hard to come by out in public or at work. When a man is with a woman who can delight him with her silliness or spontaneity, that’s a woman he wants to keep.


Ability to Forgive

Men are looking for a woman who can forgive… because a man knows that he’s GOING to mess up – and he wants to be forgiven.

Any long-term relationship needs the ability of both partners to forgive and understand each other, even when they mess up. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect – so a relationship that doesn’t include forgiveness can never last.

Note that this doesn’t mean that you should forgive the unforgivable.  If your partner hurts or harms you or your relationship in a way that you feel is a deal breaker, it is time to walk away.


Having Self-Confidence

Confidence is sexy and attractive to both genders.  Men desire confident women. Innumerable relationships have been destroyed because of self-doubt, insecurity, and lack of confidence.

When a woman shows a man that she has no confidence in herself – what she’s really telling him is that she’s not going to carry herself in this world – and that he’s going to have to carry her.

And that’s the last thing men want. Men feel burdened by expectations all around them in the world – and they’re NOT looking to add another burden to their lives at home. If he sees you as a woman who can carry him sometimes – just like he carries you sometimes – he will see you as his soul mate.


Intelligence is Sexy

Men are attracted to women of intelligence. After all – if you’re going to spend every day together for the rest of your lives, you’d better be able to talk to each other!

Men truly value women who can help them navigate through life together and make the right decisions in difficult spots. No longer are men looking for women who pretend to be incompetent so that he can “save” them… men are looking for a woman who can hold her own and help brighten each other’s lives for years to come.


Capacity to Love Deeply

At the end of the day, men are really looking for women who can love deeply, wholly, and truly, with their entire hearts.  For a woman who can give him affection and support when he’s feeling down, who can go out of her way to brighten his day and make him smile, who can go the extra mile to make him feel loved.

When a man finds a woman like that, he will be inspired to do all that and more to see her smile – and to give her love.

Those are the 8 biggest qualities that men are looking for in the women they love. Chances are, a man is going to want to see at least 5 or 6 of those qualities in his soul mate.

But even if you know exactly what qualities he’s looking for – if you don’t have all of them, you’re not going to be able to cultivate them in yourself overnight.


That’s why I think you’d be interested in something I recently discovered. Have you ever heard of “Love Words?”


Well, there are very specific secret words that ignite a whirlwind of mind, body, and soul consuming love deep inside any man.


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The unusual thing is, these are the SPECIFIC words every man needs to hear from you.


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The #1 DIRTY SECRET That Men are Keeping from You

The #1 DIRTY SECRET That Men are Keeping from You

by Rick Wall

dirty secret

There is no shortage of conversations in which women attempt to determine what it takes to win the heart of a man. There are numerous postulations that suggest that outer beauty is the key, and of course, there is the old adage: A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


While women, and experts alike, weigh in on the topic, it would do well to understand that dealing with men is much different than dealing with your girlfriend. Women are more complex and multilayered than men. At the end of the day, men are immensely simple, and easy to understand. There is one little dirty secret that men hide well, and that is the fact that more than anything, they want a woman who understands them — a woman that has the ability to communicate at the highest level with them.


At the core of what a man seeks from a woman is affirmation. A woman affirms her man in her speech, her response to his touch, and her ability to relate to who he is. In essence, in every form of communication, she is a constant reminder of who he is — one of the greatest sources of his confidence.


It is important to understand that communication is key here. While it is true that men are visual, far too much emphasis and gravity is placed on the visual components of a relationship. Yes, in the short-term, aesthetics have a place; however, aesthetics are not static, meaning that looks change with age.


This means that you cannot build a long-term relationship on something that is consistently changing. While your looks may capture his attention, it will be your ability to communicate with him in a manner that ensures him that you understand him, and that you will always have his back that will hold him.


According to relationship expert, Bree Maresca-Kramer, clear and open communication from a woman is immensely important to a man when he is determining the potential for a long-term relationship. As a general rule, men are not great communicators, especially when being compared to women. This means that a woman who is not concise and direct in her communication can confuse and frustrate her man to no end. Say what you mean and mean what you say, while leaving out all of the extras. Save the esoteric and convoluted conversation for the girls.


A man does not want to have to guess where he fits into the equation. He does not want to have to guess what it is that you expect from him. He wants a clear and concise message, and he will respond to that concise message promptly.


It is important to understand that a man’s need for direct communication is not indicative of any type of intellectual challenge, he is simply wired differently, so he responds to a certain type of communication.  This is vital because if direct communication from you is accompanied by a condescending tone, it will definitely not produce the results you are looking for. There is absolutely nothing a man hates more than being disrespected, and a condescending attitude will be perceived as disrespect.


Women are very intuitive — possessing an extraordinary sense of discernment. This is why women have no problem attempting to read situations and decipher codes; however, men don’t want to decipher anything. They want explicit details that are clear and concise. The extras are not necessary.


If a man loves you, he instinctively wants to make you happy, and when he fails in this category, it is not due to a lack of desire and effort, but most likely a failure in communication. When he knows specifically what is expected, he will deliver, or go to the end of the world in his attempts to do so.


Here’s what you can do to help facilitate the process:  To help him open up to you, so that he feels an overwhelming desire to be 100% open and honest with you, you need to communicate with him effectively.  Not just today, or for the next month, but ALWAYS.


Let me share with you the “magic words” that make it easy for you to get even the most “closed-off” guy to want to share his deepest desires, thoughts, and his life with you… You can get them by clicking HERE.



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