Who should I choose?

Who should I choose?

We have a Lip Service question from one of our community members who would love your advice.  Let’s help her out!

Just curious if anyone had ever been in love with someone from your past, started dating someone else when they went away, then they came back better than before.  And now you feel like you have to and want to choose. What do I do? ~ Anonymous

who do i choose?

Are We Destined to be Just Friends?

Are We Destined to be Just Friends?

I have a question, and I would appreciate answers from men. Do you like it when a woman lets you know that she’s interested in you? How do you react when she openly flirts with you, and lets you know that she would like to get to know you better? (This assumes that both of you are single and not involved an another serious relationship.)

I ask because I’ve been throwing out friendly “hints” to someone for a couple of months and he’s really not picking up. When I see him in social gatherings, he seems interested, and we chat sometimes via e-mail and Facebook, but he hasn’t yet asked me out. I’m told I am attractive, sexy and charming, and I know I’m intelligent. I know for a fact that he isn’t gay, so what’s the problem? Is he afraid to ask me out, or do you think we’re destined to be “just friends?”

Why Doesn’t He Say I Love You?

He Doesn’t Say “I love you”

I was in a 20 year marriage which was abusive(mainly verbal and emotional). My divorce was final January 2013 and he was out of my home since July 31, 2012. We have 2 boys ages 19 and 11. My 11 yo has Aspergers and a lot of anger problems. I have started dating my high school sweetheart Feb. 16 2013. We had dated for 8 years in high school and after and were even engaged, but I left him for my now ex husband. I admit I did many stupid things and was really mean when I was young and immature. I have always kept the love for my high school boyfriend, always dreaming that one day I would be back with him even if it was one of those stories you read about where you find your old true love when your 80 years old. Luckily I didn’t have to wait till then. I’m 44 and he is 46. We are exclusive and I feel that he loves me, but he hasn’t said it yet. I want to say it, but I am so afraid. I am in counseling for the domestic violence so I am trying to get rid of old habits , like building walls and other things.

His name is Sean. He has met my 11yo and doesn’t have a problem with him. My son seems to like him too. But I just need to know , is it normal for him not to say I love you? Hes a jokester and tends to not be a deep person . As for me, I send him cute pics from your site and others saying how I feel because I’m afraid to say the words. I sent him cute cards too,(its my way of expressing feelings). I know we all express love in different ways, and he does make me happy when we are together. But those times when we aren’t due adult responsibilities I start to get scared that he doesn’t care if I am with him. I know its stupid and has a lot to do with my domestic violence. .

Am I making too much of this? He has me go with him to friends and family. But he’s not as touchy feely either like he was in high school. Yes I know we are adults , but I tend to compare a lot to way back then. I think he has always had feeling for me too. Maybe I should just realize that if its not said its not the end of the world. Sometimes when I am with him I can feel the love so intensely, but would be nice to hear . And I am also afraid that because of a lot of problems I am having with my 11 yo that Sean will say screw this , I should go find someone who has no kids or at least kids that don’t have issues. I know he hasn’t and is understanding, but I am just scared.
He has been my dream for all these years and I finally have my dream come true. (no hes not perfect but its what I have wanted).

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