How do I get over a married man?

Lip Service Question

The background of my story – I am a single 46 year old woman, I have been on my own for 5 years now and up until this situation I had not met anyone who had that special something. I met a guy, our chemistry was instant and undeniable for both of us. Problem – he is married. I am a moral woman and am loyal to the sisterhood and would never betray it…well, until now. He relentlessly pursued me via Facebook messages for a year, I told him to go numerous times, I unfriended him numerous times, he kept coming back.   Before you start screaming ‘why did you accept his requests and continue to reply to him’ please understand I am lonely and HONESTLY could not move away from my attraction to him – I believe in destiny and truly believe that if the timing was better he would be my soul mate, and in weak moments of selfishness allowed myself to enjoy his attention. I have again told him to go, and he seems to be respecting my request this time which is a good thing morally and spiritually.
My question to you …. I cant stop thinking about him, yearning for him and missing him. Apart from the obvious solutions of time and moving on (I have tried these and they are not working), I need to know what to do about my heartache for this man. I go to sleep thinking about him, he is in my dreams, I wake up with him in my mind. Just so you know, I am independent self sufficient woman, I am not needy in any way, this has never happened to me before. I am confused and don’t know what to do with these unfamiliar emotions. ~Anonymous