Right guy for me?

Lip Service Question

I need advice because I have to admit I’m kind of confused about something . I met a guy that I found really great a few month ago. Since the beginning it was clear that no love relation was possible because he doesn’t want to be in a relation, so we start sleeping together but just as “friends”. The problem is that his attitude is confusing sometimes because he acts like I am more then just a girl who he is sleeping with. He cares about me, he is sweet, he wants me to be well , he is careful for me not to be jealous because he doesn’t want to make me feel bad, etc.. He’s even talking about what it would be like to have a kid with me, by doing kinda joke but still. All my friends told me that he doesn’t know what he wants, but I don’t know because he always says that he doesn’t want to be in a relation, that he prefers to have many girls to sleep with. I wonder what I’ve got to do because to be honest this guy really interests me, and if it was possible I would like to have more with him but I don’t know what to do!