How can I help her stop dating losers?

I’ve recently made friends with a woman 35, I’m 48. We get on well and are so comfortable together, we recently stepped over the friend boundary and had sex, the loving was amazing, we both thought so. I like her a lot , but she doesn’t know what she wants. She was in a 20 year relationship and she’s starting to live a little and have some fun. Thing is, she’s getting through guys likens, looking for that spark and I’ve tried to tell her that she should stay single for a while now and grow, learn and develop a little and have some fun. She’s been separated for a year now and had two disastrous relationships in that time. She says she likes me and who knows where we’ll go, then says we’ll only ever be friends but keeps moving the goal posts. I’ve told her ill still be there when she’s ready, how can I help her stop with the losers? Her ex partner was 50. Age isn’t an issue to her, she kinda likes older guys.