Give Him the Perfect Gift this Year: Let Him be THE Hero

The best gift is the one that improves a person’s happiness and pleasure. To improve his happiness and pleasure, just let him help you.


Is your man being quiet, distant … even a bit cold?

Do you feel at a loss for what to do?

Perhaps you’ve thought of a gift for him to “bring him back to you.”

  • A brand new grill. Or a new TV.
  • Tickets to that game he wants to go to.
  • Sex tonight?


You want him to feel good. And most of all, you want him to return to you.

Most women feel this way at one time or another in a committed relationship. Like they would literally do anything to get their man just to look at them “that way” again.

The way that he did when you first met. When he was chasing you. And he wasn’t quite sure whether you were completely sold on him yet …

He seemed to fall all over you then, right? Remember that time he showed up an hour early for your date? When he went to six stores to find that special kind of coffee you mentioned that you liked? When he would rush ahead to open the door for you … guide you over that puddle of water …

It was heaven.


But let’s think about this.

All of these things that he used to do when you were first dating … acts of chivalry you might call them …

He was always one step ahead of you. Anticipating you and taking care of you …

Why did this happen? Well, you let him do these things because the two of you were new. You weren’t sure of him yet.


And hey, why not let him work for it?

But what has happened since then?

Since then … all that chivalry has gone by the wayside.

Now who does all the anticipating? All the worrying and doting?

It’s YOU, isn’t it?

Of course, it is. And this is only natural.

Because this is what women do.

Women dote on the people they love. And you love your man.

You see him, and all you want to do is give him what he needs! Anything! Everything. You want to give him the best possible gift … the thing that he desires the most … the thing that he needs.

But what if I told you that the only thing that he needs … is something that only you can provide …

But it’s NOT a new TV or a new grill. It’s NOT game tickets or a brand new car. It’s NOT more back massages or a homemade dinner.

It’s not even sex.

The only thing that men truly need and want … is to fill …

YOUR needs.


The Trouble With Modern Day Relationships


We said above that women anticipate the needs of people they love and that that’s just the way that we are. Women go without so that the people they love (men) can have what they need.

It’s important to say here that this wasn’t always the way. Slowly, over time, women have been conditioned to act this way.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the more that we give to a man, the more he will love us. We’ve been conditioned to think that what a man truly wants in a woman is strength, capability, perfect beauty, a killer bod and independence.

Most of all, we’ve been conditioned to believe that men want NOTHING to do with a needy or vulnerable woman.

  • The moment that you cry from a hard day at work
  • The moment that you tell him you need him to order in dinner because you just can’t bear the idea of cooking tonight
  • The moment that you act jealous of his relationship with that girl at work

You immediately and innately fear that he will look down upon you and stop loving you.

And as a result …

Women NEVER ask for help.

But this, ladies, is the downfall of almost every emotional break in a relationship.


He Wants to Fulfill Your Needs. Let Him.


The best gifts are the ones that improve a person’s happiness and life satisfaction.

To improve your man’s happiness and life satisfaction?

Just let him help you.

You see, men have an innate instinct to be heroes and “get the girl.”

He’s got the girl … you.

The problem?

You won’t let him be your hero!

If you realize now that you’ve been perpetuating this idea that you don’t need your man … don’t worry. It’s not your fault.

But how can you change?


Smart Women Use This: The Simple Formula That Will Trigger His Undying Devotion


This is what you need do. And this is what smart women have been doing for decades to get beautiful, wonderful men to be completely and utterly devoted to them.


  1. Ask him for his help.


Trust the process. He wants to work for you. He wants to help you when you’re feeling vulnerable.

He loves this challenge. Ask.


  1. Let him work for you.


Now, when he does help you … let him do the job. In other words, don’t be cruel, but don’t give him a reward just because he made dinner one time.

You make it all the time.


Did he use the right linens, cook the lamb to taste, toss the salad, wash the dishes after? Make him work for it!


  1. Be thankful and appreciate his company.


Finally, and this is key: Be thankful. After everything he does (even if he did forget to toss the salad), say thank you. This isn’t giving him a free card. You still have to make him work (and he’ll like this, remember). But do be appreciative of him.

After all, that right there … the fact that you need him … that’s what makes it all worthwhile for him.

So how does all this feel?

Are you ready to make his day? His year? His lifetime? To be the one he is completely devoted to?


Then check out this video, by relationship expert James Bauer, that explains even more things to use that are integral to this technique.


Ready to learn it all? Simply click right here to go to the full video.