He tested her and tested her.

He tested her and tested her.

he tested her and tested her
He tested her and tested her.

He tested her and tested her. Until her hands were raw and numb. It was very sad, he didn’t see how long she had waited and waited for him, didn’t hear how many times she called out his name into the fire, hoping he would find her. So when he did, by that time, all that was left was her skeleton. Transparent and weightless. Bones with a small life still left. Cracked in many places. So when he tested her many times, the bones became dust, ashes in the sunlight and she never got to know that he, too, had remembered her. He was just too scared. ~ C. JoyBell C.


  1. I read this a couple times.
    It makes no sense. Is this supposed to be poetic? Will people publish anything on the internet these days? .

    1. I completely agree… I read it a few times and still don’t understand. Obviously there is some deeper meaning that I am not seeing.

  2. I’m thinking it means a woman waited around for a man who was neglectful of her or complacent towards her and by the time he acknowledged her or his need for her, he’d used her up. Seems like a poetic picture of codependency.

  3. i know exactly what this means because it happened to me. Tested me and tore me up and by the time he realized that he loved me it was too late. I was done. And now I’m free.