How To Seduce Him In Under 5 Minutes

How To Seduce Him In Under 5 Minutes

by Rick Wall


How To Seduce Him In Under 5 Minutes


Here’s something that really needs to be said and, in turn, understood.  What I too often see in the women I counsel is that far too much thought is put into ways that women can turn their men on with their appearance.  

What I always explain is that despite men being visual creatures, seduction is a mental process. You seduce your man by stimulating his mind.

What you should keep in mind when thinking about what will turn your partner on is that a convoluted or complex process will probably serve to lose his attention.

Keep it simple.

Seduction is all about brain activation. This is why a 5-minute seduction is so powerful…and very possible.

We’ve all seen it before – a man engages in conversation with a woman for a few minutes and sparks fly.  Their chemistry is utterly palpable.  And before you get a chance to blink, he is putty in her hands.  Not just for that night but for months or years to come.

That thing that we know as “romantic chemistry” is actually intense attraction which comes from just the right combination of words and phrases uttered into his ear, and then boom! You’ve mentally and sexually stimulated his mind.

Here’s how it works:


The Law of Attraction

Despite the fact that men do love a great feast for the eyes, the process of seduction is definitely a mental process.

This does not mean that you don’t use physical appeal in the process of seduction; however, the more you are able to stimulate the part of your partner’s brain that responds in a sexual manner to being attracted to you, the more the seductive process will work.

Remember, a man does not respond sexually to every woman he is attracted to, although many women think they do.  This is a fallacy that most women buy into.  But why do you think a typically “hot” woman can easily be passed over for an “average” looking woman?   Quite simply, the latter has the mental goods to stimulate a man.

The goal is to mentally stimulate the sexual triggers in his brain.  Charm him.  Build tension between the two of you.  Appeal to his imagination and you’ll have him crazy with desire in no time flat. 


The Forgotten Element of Attraction

When it comes to the law of attraction, there is one element that possibly transcends all others  — confidence.

This powerful element of attraction transcends gender. In fact, there is nothing sexier than a person that is in their element so deeply that their confidence is oozing through their pores.

The confidence may be expressed in a certain look, gesture or spoken phrase, but it doesn’t have to be overstated because your partner knows you, so they are able to read every statement you are making.
Remember, true sexual stimulation is mental, so although your man is visual, he will reach a higher level of stimulation when you are able to create the image he sees in his mind. Flirt with him in a subtle, yet convincingly suggestive way. Use ‘trigger words” that will set off his mental senses.


The Instantaneous Bang of Absolute Attraction

Every last one of us has either experienced or heard someone talk about “love” at first sight. What they are actually explaining is the phenomenon of instant attraction.

The awesome thing about this is that it is not limited to a one-time occurrence per couple. This feeling can be experienced incessantly in monogamous relationships by simply identifying the triggers.

The brain is actually pretty good at viewing a person and determining in seconds the level of interest that person will command from them. The 5-minute seduction is simply a quick pull of the trigger that your man responds to.

Give this a try…

Go into another room to initiate the mental game. While you are in the other room, send him a text that clarifies the image you are trying to create. You know what he likes, so this should be easy.

Then re-enter the room and walk by him, close enough to give the impression that you are about to make contact, but don’t. Right after you pass him, turn and give the command. I will leave it up to you what that command will be.
Now watch how he responds.  I’ll bet you will be pleased by the result.
Physicality has the tendency to become common; however, the variations that can be achieved in the process of mental stimulation never allow for adaptation, so they will set your man off each and every time you use them.

Learn how to titillate his mind, and I guarantee that there will be no region of mental ecstasy that you will not be able to take him to at will.

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