If I Tell You I Need You Do Not Take It Lightly

If I Tell You I Need You Do Not Take It Lightly

if i tell you i need you


If I tell you I need you, do not take it lightly.  I do everything I can to never have to depend on anyone, to never show weakness, and if I say that I need you, it means I am trusting you to catch me when I fall.  ~ Author Unknown

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  1. I caught you every time you fell, I was there to catch you before gravity could slam you hard on to the pavement! I was the one that above all believed in you, encouraged you help to inspire the absolute beauty, & uniqueness that resides under the years of abuse, pain, anger, & frustration that is & is not in your control & indeed makes you who you are! I never wanted anything from you accept for your love, & respect, I on the daily gave to you! The honesty & trust that once shaken Is hard to solidify as was before… yet I chose to resolidify my very trust for you keeping faith in your words, trusting in your eyes on me, the poetic cards from you they were given, our bodies colliding, & the still very powerful connection we share! I know you feel it too! You are in my mind as I am in yours why? Why then do you stay distant, & no communication…? Because of what I speak is truth the most painful thing to do for you is just that… Being honest, & believing me when I do speak nothing but truth to you always! My love for you, my promise to be there good bad, up down, rich or poor I meant it when u asked me each time to be only yours I meant it! I cannot just let you go! I only wanna grow old w/you! You swore to me once that if not me you didn’t want to be with anybody else! Babygirl I am still madly in love with you! I need you! More than oxygen I may be breathing cause I breathe it, but I’m merely existing can never be close to even living w/o you! I try, n try but I can’t let you go! Til death do us part I know now why some people die of a broken heart, because with out the one that
    Completed them they consciously & subconsciously have no reason left no purpose, nothing to look forward to… that is what life is all about love, Happiness, hoping to share it with the one only one only need… is you! I love you wife! When I say I need you don’t take it lightly I never did! I need you still honey! Always love you more!