Most people do not listen.

Most people do not listen even though they think they do.  Listening requires tuning in and internalizing what is being said to them rather than just wanting to express their own ideas.


Most people do not listen.
Most people really just want to be heard.

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand.  Most people listen with the intent to reply.  ~ Stephen R. Covey


  1. SI mientras una persona les èsta hablando de si misma, no escuchan estan pensando que van a contestar acerca de lo que piensan.

  2. Some won’t remember someones name when introduced beacause they are wondering what that personn is thinking of themselves.

  3. I don’t deny that internalizing what someone says has been lost but that’s kinda society today in general and we really need to remember and teach our children the little things like listening before a response and its value.

  4. I have learned to listen, really listen to others when they really have something to say. And what is being said is usually something totally different that if I were just waiting for my own personal injunctive reply.