Why Men Are Afraid of Commitment and Lose Attraction for Women

Man afraid of commitment


There is no shortage of opinions when it comes to one of the oldest enigmas in history. For centuries, women have pondered the question, “Why are men so afraid of commitment?” Another question that women, and relationship experts alike, have pondered is, “Why do men lose their attraction for women so suddenly?” The truth is that the answer is not that complicated. Basically, men approach life from a different mental perspective than women. The way that the brain operates and functions in men is distinctly different in women.


Distinct Brain Functions in Men & Women

There have been studies as recently as 2013 that revealed what many have postulated for years — that there are significant differences between the male and female brain. Fundamentally, men and women’s brains are wired differently.

Women tend to use both sides of the brain — primarily due to the fact that they have a larger Corpus Callosum — meaning that they have the capacity to transfer data between the left and right hemispheres of the brain at a much faster rate than men.

Men, on the other hand, tend to use the left side of the brain predominantly. The left side of the brain is responsible for reason, logic and critical thought.

It is these distinctions in brain function that help to explain multitudinous differences in the behavior and performances of men and women. For instance, men are better at learning and performing singular tasks, while women are inherently better at multitasking.


The Impact of Diametric Brain Functionality

In addition to impacting how men and women learn, the differences in brain function also influence how both interact socially, behave emotionally and deal with relationships. In fact, one of the primary causes of intramarital conflict is the fact that both spouses generally view life through two distinct lenses.

Women, as a general rule, place an immense amount of gravity on being loved, and having that love openly expressed. Men, on the other hand, actually place more gravity on feeling respected than being loved. While being loved is important, being respected is paramount.

A study conducted over a decade ago, surveyed 4,000 men. The men were asked one question: Would you rather be in a situation in which you knew that you were loved, but constantly felt disrespected, or be isolated on an island by yourself? Over 78 percent of the men chose isolation over being loved and disrespected.


Social Engagement and Relationship

The manner in which a woman’s brain functions better equips her to engage social thinking and social interactions than the average man. Men can actually be socially awkward at times, while being more task-oriented and abstract. This explains why women are normally better at communicating, while men would rather rely on themselves to get a task done.

Because women will generally have a larger limbic system than men, they will tend to be more in tune and expressive when it comes to their emotions. Women will be more comprehensive in the assessment of a particular situation, where men will remain more focused and eliminate any components they deem to be impertinent. Women view life through a lens that is more wholesome than men. Men are most comfortable along the lines of logic and precision.

The reason many men find commitment to be such a challenge is because emotion rarely plays a role in the decision-making process. Men are trained to engage their decisions from a place of logic. So, where a woman will follow her heart, a man will be counting the red flags — weighing the costs and benefits.

Something else that should not be overlooked is that men don’t deal with heartbreak as well as women. While it will normally take a man longer to fall for a woman, once he has, he is in deep. So, if things don’t work out, especially if deception on the woman’s part plays a role in the failure of the relationship, he will find it hard to trust again.


Why Men Lose Interest & Attraction

Men becoming disinterested in women in what seems to be a sudden manner is another concern that many women engage more than they would care to admit. What woman has not experienced a situation in which she met a guy and things were going extremely well, but all of a sudden, he started to become distant — known as the “fade-away,” or worse, the guy completely vanished — better known as ghosting?

The answer to this dilemma is much the same. Men and women think and behave differently in relationships. When a woman is dating a man, and she starts to lose interest, she can generally pinpoint what caused her to lose interest, allowing her to communicate this if necessary.

On the other hand, men may not be able to discern what it is that is pushing them away, so to avoid the awkward demand to explain, they simply back away without an explanation. What they are sensing most of the time is the woman’s natural desire to start living in the future of possibilities for the relationship, rather than simply enjoying the present. The pressure from this behavior can be intense — so strong that it could make a man uncomfortable enough to pull away.

It is important to understand the differences between men and women in order to effectively interact. In order to make a guy commit to you, you have to speak on a level that only men understand.


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The Attraction Trigger That Awakens a Man’s Deepest Desires


Trigger: To cause an event or situation to happen.


Every man has deep within him, the desire to become a true hero.  This desire originates far back in the history of man.  In his DNA lies the cause of the desire, but for every man, it lies in wait…waiting for the perfect trigger to unleash its might.


You could become that very trigger, and I’d like to show you exactly how.


If you do this … if you unleash his need to become a hero, you will also be unleashing his bonding instinct.


First, let’s visit the origins of human connection with one important story.


Before anyone can care deeply for another human being, they should first know about that person’s life. After all, the life story of someone will evoke the power of empathy. In other words, when we hear someone’s life story, we can then picture ourselves in their shoes.


The very foundation of human connection comes out of stories. That’s because they cultivate a shared experience in life, and this is essential for connection.  Even a criminal or a thief can evoke empathy and compassion if only you can see their story. This is strange, but ultimately, true. Look at movies like The Italian Job or Ocean’s Eleven.


For example, in Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon are thieves. But they’re also likeable. We’re pulled into liking them because we see their story. We see what motivates Danny Ocean to be a thief and rob a high-end casino. His ex-wife’s new lover runs the casino it just so happens.


It’s easy to empathize with Danny. At the end of the film, we’re hoping that he gets away with it all.  for him to win. We want him to take the money that isn’t his and run off with Tess, his lovely ex-wife.


Fiction will do this to us, and books are no different than films. The best author knows how to keep you guessing while also having you root for someone who isn’t even real!


Let’s take Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, for example. Perhaps highbrow critics will laugh, but this was a great series in my opinion. As the Volturi marched across the field toward the protagonists, hoping to destroy Bella’s beloved daughter, I was trembling with fear.


But then you think about this … it’s make-believe! How could I react in this way to something that’s completely made up?


The power of the story is the answer.


Stories have been humans’ main form of communication for centuries upon centuries. It’s how we have relayed vital information to each other since we were first able to communicate in the first place.


In other words, we’re already wired for story-telling. Furthermore, our emotions are easily influenced by stories. When we want to communicate, it’s stories that we use. And when someone tells us a story, we are able to immediately feel connected to it.


I know that at the end of my life, those who have known and witnessed my own personal life story are those who I will want to have near me.


Perhaps the nurse who is caring for me is kind and helpful. But in the end, she’s just a stranger. So, it matters not how kind or helpful she is. If she doesn’t know my personal story and I have no idea about hers, I’ll feel alone in my final days.


As instinctive knowledge, this nurse will know that she cannot be my confidant during these times. And she will then notify those who do my story: My close friends and family members.


Do you see how becoming the person who can be a close confidant to someone else means knowing that person’s story and being a part of it?


In other words, if you want to be as close as possible to a man and to be the person who he feels his deepest feelings for, you need to not only know his story, but be a part of it. To do this, you need to first show him what you need. In turn, his desire to be a hero will be triggered … and he will instinctively help you and be by your side.


To trigger a man’s instinct to be a hero, you need to know this formula:


Man’s Hero Instinct = Story + Needs


Men have this natural instinct to be a hero. Inside, it makes him want to find a relationship where he will be a hero. He doesn’t even realize this, but it’s why men constantly fall for women who take advantage of this hero instinct. The women innately know to trigger certain emotions in men. Other women do not understand how happy being a hero will make a man. Naturally, that’s because women don’t share this need to be heroes.


If you think hard, you may see glimpses of this desire of men to be the hero and the provider. Think, for example, about how depressed a man can become … how much he can pull away, when he goes through even a short period of unemployment.


What many women fail to see is how the opposite effect may work …


If you can make this same man feel like they are an amazing provider and hero, you automatically trigger his need to commit … to you. This is something that he cannot help inside himself. Any woman who he feels like the hero for will start to mean something more to him.


Your very relationship—no matter what it’s nature may be at the start—will start to seem different to him in an amazing way. He has longed to feel like this. It just feels right. Usually, there’s no way he could even put these feelings into words.


This union will reveal instincts to be protective and noble, masculine and strong. Most of all, the union will prompt him to feel love and deep emotional and physical attraction.


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You are starting from a great place. Your desires and needs are already there. Now, it’s just a matter of translating these desires and needs into prompts for him … those prompts that will make his hero instinct go wild.


After that you can relax into the passion and warmth that he will provide for this woman to whom he is a hero. You will have become the central character in his life, the one with whom he cannot part.



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Once you see this video, you’ll see that a man can really feel even deeper love when you need him desperately. It’s strange, isn’t it? But it’s true.


Consider this last thought: We often buy gifts for others that we would really love to receive ourselves. And for many people, we use love like this too. We make our partners feel the way that we want to feel: Special.


But do men respond well to this? No, they are unaffected. You’re speaking different languages of love.


Triggering his instinct to be a hero is what you must do instead. It’s a universal, absolutely incredible method of finally getting his full attention and finding true love.


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What He Really Thinks About During Sex

What he really thinks about during sex


From a young age, us women learn one universal thing about men: They are constantly thinking about sex.


  • How to get it.
  • Where to get it.
  • Where to have it.
  • Who to have it with.
  • How to do it.
  • … and then how to do it again.


But is this true!? And if it is … if men are always thinking about sex when they’re at school, work, at home, in the shower, walking on the sidewalk … What on earth is going through their minds when they actually are having sex?


“He’s Thinking About my Flabby Arms!” (The Fears of Women)


Ok, so we know that men are down for sex. Like a lot. Like all the time. That means they’re going to be pretty psyched when it comes time to actually have sex. We get that.


And as women, we of course want to enjoy it too. Naturally. But you’d be crazy if you weren’t at least slightly intimidated about what your guy is thinking when you two are going to town. Sometimes it’s worse than others, we’ve all been there: Your first time, the first time with someone you’re head over heels for, first time with the lights on…


And one of the most toxic thoughts we have at these times is that he’s thinking about how he doesn’t want to have sex with me!


And this is … dumb.


He doesn’t want to have sex with you?

You’re serious?

No, wait, you really think he doesn’t want to have sex with you?


If you take away one thing from this article, it should be that men are not thinking about your flaws while having sex with you. Not the hair on your legs (or those little boob hairs that are so weird and seem to grow a whole centimeter in one hour), not your stretch marks, not your tummy rolls, not your “bacne”, not your differently sized areolas.


To the contrary, ladies. Men are … insanely excited when they are having sex with you. And as long as you stay confident about that and enjoy yourself (and let him know, because he’ll be worried, trust us), he’s going to have an excellent time.


Well, double that. No triple it. Go ahead and quadruple it. Yeah, he’ll have a quadruple excellent time.


And in particular, here’s what he’ll be thinking.


The Top 8 Thoughts Guys Have During Sex

By: Faye Roberts


  1. “I can’t believe this is happening.”


In a good way, like the good-est way possible, your guy will be incredibly psyched. Many men say that they are just sort of going over and over in their heads that they can’t believe they’re having sex with a real, live female.


  1. “Be casual! Slow down! Calm down!”


Keep in mind, they are saying this to themselves. Not to you. They are so insanely excited to be having sex with you that they have to continue telling themselves to calm down and act chill.


All guys like to act really chill and cool, it’s a thing. Even with sex. Sometimes, it works. Other times … it’s totally obvious and sort of adorable.


  1. “Is she liking this???”


Here’s a good one for ya. They wonder if you’re into it. They want to know if you’re liking what they’re doing in terms of moves and feelings. In this way, it can pay for you to be very receptive when you like something and sort of mute when he’s not doing his best. Hopefully, he can take a hint and make the necessary adjustments …


  1. “Can I do … this … ?”


As a rule, men tend to be the more creative ones in the sack. They’ve undoubtedly watched a lot of porn and seen some things that may (or may not?) shock some ladies.


They know they have parameters though, so most of them will go slow when they want to try something. In their heads, they’re wondering about how far you’re willing to go.


  1. *Snapshot*


They, erm … apparently like to take little mental recordings of their experiences with you. Things they find particularly arousing that they can store away for a rainy day …


  1. “Bills I have to pay, Veterans Day, My childhood dog, Lucky …”


Sometimes, it’s not easy for men to … continue … when they are … very aroused. That’s why they sometimes have to dip into a store of sad or upsetting thoughts to help keep them from ending your romp too soon. Every man seems to have their own go-to list that they use in these close situations.


  1. When you finish: *Beats chest* “I’m a man!”


Making you orgasm may be his biggest accomplishment of the day, or week, or month. It not only makes him happy to see you happy, but it also arouses him beyond belief. To men, the female orgasm is a complete enigma, so for him to help you get there is like climbing a mountain.


  1. “Ok now it’s my turn.”


Even though it is possible, for rather obvious reasons, men may have more trouble being the first to orgasm. So not only are they completely turned on by you orgasming, they’re ready and raring to go themselves.


And that’s where you come in. Helping a man finish usually isn’t too hard, because like we said, they’re pretty darn psyched to be having sex in the first place.


But … with that being said, if you really want to make your man feel good, there are a few things that guys go nuts over. For example:




This goes without saying. Men love whatever you can do with your mouth. And when you’re good at it and have some moves up your sleeves? Even better.


Creative Positions


You’re used to missionary and a few other basic positions, but when you can spice things up with some creative ideas, men go wild.


Dirty Talk


Most men say that they could almost finish with no touching as long as their lady was good at dirty talking.


Now this last one can be tough for some women. Really good dirty talking walks a fine line. You need to be sexy and sultry without losing your femininity and innocence. The Language of Desire is a program that can teach you this delicate balance.


With it, thousands of women have learned how to say the dirtiest things that men love with the finesse of a sexy femme fatale. This is the stuff that men dream of. Starting The Language of Desire program is super easy and can be done here. Soon, with your new dirty talking know-how and other bonus skills-for-the-sack from the program, you’ll have men forcing themselves to think of bills and bank fees and sad movies … from the get-go!


In other words, get ready. Men won’t be able to keep themselves off you … and now you know what they’ll be thinking.


language of desire


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