My Biggest Anxiety: Am I Really Satisfying Him When We’re in Bed Together?

My Biggest Anxiety: Am I Really Satisfying Him When We’re in Bed?


How to Know He’s Wildly Craving Only You


Whether you’ve got a husband, a long-term boyfriend, or you’re just dating, chances are good that some of your main relationship goals are to…


  • Be the best sex he’s ever had
  • Know for sure that you completely satisfy him in bed
  • Make him only pant with desire for you


But it’s hard, right? I mean, how can you ever know for sure?


We all wonder whether or not we’re truly satisfying our partners in the bedroom.


Even while we’re in the throes of what we think of as passionate sex, we’re wondering, “Is this really what he wants and needs?” “Am I really what he desperately desires in a woman?”


We want to be her — whoever she is in his mind.


Unfortunately, this anxiety…this constant nagging worry that comes in many forms…ends up being part of our downfall. It was for me…at first.


But then I started to break down the issue. Why was I so nervous about whether my partner was head-over-heels having sex with me? There had to be specific anxieties that my mind was coming up with.


I found these specific anxieties in myself…and in many other women I asked.


Here they are. Maybe you’ve been facing them too:


Anxiety #1 – I don’t have a good enough body.


Here’s a big male/female difference for you: Women are constantly thinking about how their bodies look during sex. Men…not so much.


As a result, women become immensely more self-conscious about every inch of themselves: their weight and shape, rolls, body hair, cellulite, stretch marks — and the way their vagina looks, feels and smells to their man.


As you can imagine, anyone who has all of this criteria rattling around in their brain during sex…will quickly get out of the mood. And this is the danger of dwelling so heavily on thoughts like:


  • “No way! This position gives me the worst tummy rolls.”
  • “My vagina looks so weird.
  • “Ugh, when I’m in this position, does he think my boobs look terrible?”


These aren’t exactly…sexy…thoughts.


So here’s what you do: you’ve got to squelch those thoughts and make yourself feel sexier. Try these ideas:


  • Buy yourself some hot lingerie that makes you feel beautiful
  • Put your focus on how you feel
  • Remind yourself that he isn’t having pity sex with you; he wants you…exactly the way you are
  • And finally, remember that confidence is sexy


Anxiety #2 – I’m just not good at sex.


Lack of confidence about your body can often coincide with lack of confidence about your skills in the bedroom.


  • “Was that a totally stupid position I just tried?”
  • “Ack! I think I just got ‘him’ with my teeth.”
  • “I hope this feels good for him.”


Let’s take a step back, however. You are busy reprimanding yourself for not being a goddess in bed. But what’s he doing? He’s enjoying having sex.


So do yourself a favor. Try to go with the flow more. Think about what you truly like, and do that. Then do what he likes (ask him what he likes). Then go back to what you like. If you try a position or move that doesn’t work, brush it off.


Also, accept imperfection. You will probably not have passionate sex akin to that of Kate and Leo in that car in the basement of the Titanic. That’s okay.


Anxiety #3 – He’s getting bored having sex with me.


Have I got news for you! You may think that married couples and long-term relationships end up creating two people who are essentially sick and tired of having sex with each other.


Not so. In fact, sexual satisfaction tends to go up over time with long-term committed relationships.


And if someone does start to get bored? It’s usually the woman, not your man. Fortunately, there are things you can do for this too. After all, you want to have sexual desire for yourself, and he certainly wants you to want him sexually.


This is where it’s important to try new things to spice things up:


  • Purchase some sex toys
  • Experiment with performing a striptease
  • Turn the heat up with some new positions (and locales)



So far, you know the basics — your anxieties, and a few tricks for loosening up and having more fun in bed…giving him more pleasure.


But I know you’re ready for a precise formula wrapped up in a free video I just discovered. Learn tips that will nip your fears in the bud and make it out-of-the-question that your man would ever not be passionately, freakishly obsessed with you — and only you.


This formula is something that only a few women know about. The secrets I found here are what made my man become obsessed with me. And in turn, this erased all my worry and anxiety concerning whether or not I excited him in bed. (Now I’m sure that I do, and it’s amazing).


This free presentation shows you exactly what to do to ignite insane passion in your relationship. Your man won’t know what hit him. Go check it out now right here.

Is He Really Marriage Material? How to Know for Sure

Is he marriage material?


He loves me …

He loves me not …


Okay hopefully by now you know whether your man loves you or not.


But the question remains: Is it true love? As in forever love. As in … is he actually marriage material?


Here are 9 signs he’s definitely The One.  Check ‘em out and see if your man fits the profile.


He’s proud of you.


Everyone wants to feel like they’re with the greatest guy/gal in the world and that everyone else must envy them because of how amazing their partner is. Similarly, everyone also wants to feel like they’re the greatest guy/gal in the world … in their partner’s eyes.


Your guy should make you feel like that. Maybe you catch wind that he was bragging to your mutual friends about your awesome cooking skills or your promotion at work. Or maybe he just goes gaga directly to you about whatever it is that you do great. It’s the fact that he’s truly proud to have you as his partner that counts.


He doesn’t leave you just because … well, you suck sometimes.


Hey, we all suck at times. There’s no getting around it. It’s easy to have a terrible day and then just turn up at home pretty terrible yourself.


But he doesn’t leave you because of this. He doesn’t get fired up and mad either. Instead, he knows that he can be pretty terrible sometimes too. And he either accepts you when you’re in one of these moods and gives you your space OR tries his best to make you feel better (see #7).


He’s “good” at fighting.


No, not mixed martial arts.

You-two fighting. As in:

Yes. I. Am. Sure. That I told you that we were going out to eat with my parents on the SIXTH.

And then him: “Noooo, you said the TWENTY-sixth. So that is why I got basketball tickets for the SIXTH.”

 And then you go … okay you get the picture.


Every couple fights. That’s normal and actually good. But only those who fight fair will last. This means keeping voices at a normal decibel, not calling names, and not bringing up that one thing from three years ago.


Even when it’s sooo pertinent right now.

If he can do all that, he just might be a pretty good egg.


He doesn’t change when he’s around other people.


Some men act differently when they’re around their buddies. The sweet demeanor he usually has when it’s just you and him suddenly turns into him showing off and throwing you under the bus.


If he’s the first to make fun of you in front of others (especially for something that’s sensitive to you), then it’s perfectly within your rights as a girlfriend to tell him you’re not cool with that. Call him out because that crap is definitely not marriage material.


He makes an effort with your family and friends.


Whether he loves them (or even likes them) is another story.


But it’s the fact that he’s making the effort that counts. When there’s a get-together, he shouts small talk with your great-uncle Todd so he can hear. And he takes the time to ask your sister about her quilting class. Even though he doesn’t care.


He would drop everything to get you out of a serious jam.


This one’s a real test that you can imagine in your mind.


Consider a scenario where you get a flat tire on a random road outside of town. Really imagine the situation. You’re standing there on the side of the road.


Could you call your man?


If you did, would he come?


If you’re even slightly uncertain that he might pretend not to get your call or tell you he’s sorry but he’s really busy at work and won’t be able to help you for a while … you gotta rethink this relationship. This is a serious situation where you need him, and hopping-to should be a priority.


He knows how to make you feel better.


You’re feeling blue because of a bad work review. Perhaps you’ve recently lost a loved one. Or it could be just one of those bad days.


What does he do?


First of all, he knows. He senses it. Then, without asking, he does something to make you feel better. Maybe he makes you cocoa and sets you up a little nest on the couch and puts your favorite movie in. Or maybe he simply takes over dinner plans so you don’t have to worry about it. In other words, he’s got you covered.


He sees your flaws, and it’s okay.


You’re a terrible dishwasher loader. You snore sometimes. Your hair is … everywhere in your house. Even sometimes in the food you make him.


He knows it. He sees it. And, it’s not an issue for him. He might make fun of you a little, but he doesn’t seriously criticize your faults or act disgusted. He knows your flaws and loves you despite them or even because of them.


You just know.


Lastly, don’t mean to sound corny here but … sometimes, the way that you know that he’s marriage material is … you just know.


Maybe it’s that moment when he makes you crack up uncontrollably. Maybe it’s opening that gift he gives you for your anniversary that you’d wanted forever but never thought to buy for yourself. Maybe it’s cleaning up after you when you’re sick.


But there are just some moments that make you feel an overwhelming rush of love for this man. And it’s not infatuation love. It’s not lust. It’s heart-felt, true-connection, we go great together love. I-truly-want-the-best-for-you and I-know-you-want-the-best-for-me-too love. Sometimes you just know.


If you can find a man who makes you feel that, he’s a keeper.


How to Finally Nail Down the Bad Boy and Make Yourself His One and Only

We all know the reasons we love the bad boy.



They’re tough, smooth, and they’re usually hotter than sin. While other men struggle to think of the right words to say, he just knows. And what he says makes you feel like your heart’s going to thump right out of your chest.

Where other guys are fumbling about where to take you on a date — asking you where you want to go (hello!?) … the bad boy already knows.

Whether you like it or not. Um, hot?

Yeah, well of course he knows. Cause he’s got a secret spot out on the dunes, or at the lake, or overlooking the city … where you’ll watch the sunset. And he’ll grab beers at the liquor store on his way to pick you up ON HIS MOTORCYCLE.

And at that perfect moment, he’ll kiss you. And then …  he’ll know just what to say to make you completely oozy and goozy inside.

And he’ll take you back to your place, and end the night with a passionate kiss, and you’ll be sure he’ll be going home not able to think about anything but you … just like it’s LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE for you to think of anything but him

And then …

He won’t call.

He’ll returns your text like … 2 days later.

And then … he’ll FLAKE … on your next planned date.

This is … The Bad Boy.


Taming of the Bad Boy: A How-To Guide


So close, yet so far away.

So how do we nail this guy down? You want him bad. But can you do the impossible!? Can you really get this drifter / greaser / super-hot   [ insert occupation here … (who even cares what he does!?) ]   … to love only you!?

You want it to be possible so bad. Well, the good news is … it is possible. Maybe.

Ok, it’s a tough one.

But anyway, below is your best shot.

So here goes.


Step #1: First, you gotta make yourself a hot commodity.


Okay, there are three main things that make a woman hot:

  • Effort in appearance:


Yes. Hair, makeup, cleavage, the whole nine yards. You cannot avoid this with the Bad Boy because he is obsessed with appearance. That’s why he’s the Bad Boy.

It’s all about creating a look. Now, if you want … your look can be au natural. But going with done-up glam is sort of a safer bet. Plus, it’ll give you confidence, and you’ll need it.

You don’t have to be Cindy Crawford, but put your best foot forward. Get some assistance from some savvy sales representatives at the makeup counter and in the women’s clothing department if necessary.


  • Wit and intelligence:

Learn to be snappy and witty. Practice with a close friend who you trust, and work on being natural and calm while you “deliver your lines.” Dead pan humor, and snarkiness are go-tos. This stuff can be learned.

The goal is to get away from your tendency to laugh nervously at everything and be a little more cool and aloof. You may not know it, but these are the qualities that you’re responding to in him, and he will respond to them in you too.


  • Not needing him for 23 hours … then needing him desperately for 1.


In other words, most of the times, be capable.

Be capable of handling yourself, your career, your friends, your home, your life.

 Then … show him that you need him in one area (with your car, for example). And after he helps you? Drop it. Say “thanks” and “seeya.”




When you go on dates, he’s so dreamy, right?

 We get it. You’re in love with him.

But you’ve gotta keep your lust in check. In other words, don’t let him have everything he wants.

For example, he wants to kiss you. Nope. Not yet.

He wants to hold your hand while you walk a whole three blocks on your way to the restaurant. Eh, how bout one block. Then you take your hand away.

And sex? Ha!

Out of the question at this point.

Bad Boy’s gotta earn that.

Now, play his game.


 Step #3: He’s not monogamous yet? No problem. Neither are you.


In other words, we’re talkin: Date. Other. People.

It’s tough. All you want is him, we know, we know, we get it.

But you gotta.

Date the guys who ask you, or start asking out guys yourself. And don’t feel bad about this. You’re just dating … just the way the guy you’re on a date with is.

The Bad Boy may be who you got your eye on, but you’ve got a right to continue living your life.

Just make sure to keep things casual and never string anyone along or try to “wield” some innocent fella in a way that makes Bad Boy jealous. That’s unkind.


Step #4: “Hello? Who Dis?”


Step four is act aloof. Your bad boy wants to be a bad boy. That super-cool persona that you identify him with? He’s trying for that. He wants you to think of him like that.

So, you gotta turn the tides on him. When he calls, don’t answer. Let it go to voicemail, then get back to him by text two days later.

Now normally, this would not be a good dating suggestion. If you really care about someone, you shouldn’t be playing games with them.

But The Bad Boy is a wild one. He’s not like normal guys, and as such, he warrants unusual handling.

By not responding directly to his texts and calls, you’re making him feel insecure (again, not usually what you want your guy to feel like). But this is good for The Bad Boy because remember: he’s cultivating this “who cares” attitude, and you need to rattle that cage a bit.


Step #5: See If It Works


These steps can help the Bad Boy fall in love with you. So now … you wait.



Cutting Your Losses: When It Doesn’t Work


They say that insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If this “plan” doesn’t work, try your hardest to forget the Bad Boy and move on because perusing him is only going to give you pain.

In fact, these relationships don’t have a good success rate. Ultimately, you want to nab this guy, then hopefully have him morph into a more dedicated, chill guy … or you just want to have some fun for a few months, and that can be okay too.

Just remember to prepare your heart for it. Because Bad Boys can be dangerous.

Unfortunately … that’s why we love ‘em.


Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever

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