3 Ways to Make “The Big O” Even Better While Also Amplifying Intimacy



Sex with your partner should be as good as possible the whole way through, but let’s face it … we’re all headed somewhere. And that somewhere starts with a big, fat O.




Ok, so that’s a given. But did you know that if you want to intensify your orgasms and make them even better, it’s actually not about the moment of the “Big O” itself?


Nope, it’s all about the other stuff.


More specifically, it’s about prolonging foreplay. How do you do this? Easy. Below, you’re going to find the best three ways to turn that usual dinky ‘o’ into a big ‘ole ‘O’ that will be extremely difficult to forget.


Not only will these strategies help you feel amazing, they’ll bring your lovemaking to a whole new level and make you and your honey even closer.


Let’s get started!


  1. Make foreplay last … and make it fun.


You need your foreplay to last for both of you. Forget that old saying that women love long foreplay and men don’t. Men can love it too, but you two just have to know what you’re doing.


Why is prolonged foreplay so vital to achieving an amazing orgasm? Think about it. It’s all about stretching out the anticipation. For example, if you consider what’s so exciting about some big event happening … the exciting part is the part leading up to the event. And when there’s lots of buildup and anticipation, things can get pretty intense!


So how to build things up? How to stretch them out?


Start by going slow. This might seem simple, but it’s actually hard—especially when you’re really turned on and ready to go.


You’ve got to learn how to play with your partner. And do some exploring too.


For example, try going down on them. And when you do, give them slow kisses as you move. Use your hands all over their body. Move in different positions. Use your mouth.


  1. Get creative with your techniques … and locations … at the same time.


Ok, obviously getting into a new position or trying a new technique is a great way to jazz things up. But you should also try to combine these new techniques and positions with new locations. In fact, it’s all about the combining. Really, think of how many more combinations of moves and positions you can do if you also change up locations, outfits, mood, time of day, etc.


One example of this might be heading outside for the day. Ever had sex outside? We didn’t think so.


But why not? All you have to do is pack a picnic lunch and go somewhere private. Then start getting into it. The excitement of being somewhere new and maybe even the possibility of someone seeing could be extremely useful for getting you two turned on.


  1. Put your game face on.


If you’re not already playing games with your partner, you should be! Remember, you have to stay creative and always be thinking about new ways to spice things up within your sex life. This is vital to maintaining a solid relationship.


Naturally, the same old routine gets old, and bringing new ideas to the table is no one else’s job but yours. Both of you! So it’s important to consider implementing some alluring and fun sex games—as long as you’re both comfortable with them and they’re tasteful.


These games will seriously intensify the length and quality of your orgasms. One of the best things about sex games is that it automatically makes foreplay longer. Think about it: As you talk about which game to play, decide on “rules” and discuss how you’re going to go about things … you naturally start getting turned on.


Sex games are also awesome because they help you get out of your comfort zone. If you are usually just trying to think of new positions and games by yourself … you might feel intimidated or nervous about trying something new. With a game that has rules, you can rest assured you’ll feel comfortable because you’ll just be doing what the game tells you to.


Some games may use a pair of dice, a deck of cards, or even some props (your bodies can also be the props…!). And all and all, it’s just a great way to get the juices flowing and prolong the great big O.


So. Are you ready? If you feel prepared to plunge in head first and begin making that foreplay longer and more intense … you’re already well on your way to some amazing O sensations. Trust us.


But, there’s something else you need to know.


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Revealed! Red Hot Sex Tips from Men That You Need to Know

sex tips

Sex tips come in all shapes and sizes, but let’s face it: What women really want to know about when it comes to what to do in the bedroom is what men say they want.


Honestly, one reason for this is because this will be the most accurate information. But also, women find that when their man gets turned on, they get turned on.


Of course, this goes both ways (guys love it when you get excited!).


But hey, if you’re just feeling like an awesome girlfriend or wife right about now, and maybe like you really want to give your guy the greatest sex he’s had in a while you might be lookin’ for some advice.


And for that, you’ll need these red hot tips straight from the mouths of men …


The Top 8 Red Hot Sex Tips from Men

By: Faye Roberts


  1. Don’t overlook the attire. These little numbers get him every time.


The lingerie section of the department store is full of different outfits and getups, but that’s just what these companies want to sell.


What do men really like when it comes to lingerie? Here are the top features to include in your sexy outfit for him.


  • A thong. No matter what, a thong. Never granny panties (duh), and also avoid the boy shorts. These just don’t seem to do it like thongs do it … lace is always good.


  • Thigh high stockings. These things are gold when it comes to men. They love the look they give your thighs and hips, and bonus if they attach to your panties underneath your …


  • Babydoll. Babydolls are sheer in all the right places and short so they can see most of your legs and some of your butt. Don’t worry about a bra underneath, or get one with a built-in bustier if you’re a little self-conscious.


  • As for colors, men prefer red and black and sometimes pink. While other colors might be available, stick with these 3 if you really want to wow him!


  1. Tie in some kinky foreplay.


Get it? Tie in …


Yep. We’re talking about tying up (not too tight!) your guy’s hands with either his tie, a fun set of fuzzy handcuffs, or even a sexy silk scarf of yours.


Men say they love this because it turns the tables for once. Usually, they are in the dominating role, but it’s nice to feel dominated every once in a while. They love when you take charge and really handle them in this way.


  1. Get him to come home early with this text.


Guys are visual creatures, so what you need to do is set the scene for him. Of course you could always just take a picture, but what’s better is sending him a text like this:


“Just thought you might want to know, that right now, I’m lying in bed with nothing on … thinking about that time we ______ …”


Fill in the blank with something you know he loves in bed.


You’ll hear him pulling in the driveway a few seconds after you press Send.


  1. Get motivated on your own while he watches.


This one has two benefits. First off, he will go gaga over watching you pleasure yourself. But also, he might get some tips for later (bonus!). After all, you know what you like.


To ease into this if you’ve never done it before, tell him he’s making you want to touch yourself and go for it. Or put your hand over his and guide him. He’s going to watch. That part’s easy. And while you’re doing it, you can either invite him to do the same or just let him enjoy the show.


  1. Don’t forget his other sensitive parts with this key tip.


Guys are always saying that they love basically anything having to do with your mouth + his shaft and head, but their balls often go ignored.


Many men have said that when they’re getting a blowjob or hand job, if you give their balls attention with the other hand or even use your mouth and tongue on them, it drives them wild!


One technique that men particularly loved on their balls? Blow on them. They go crazy over this!


  1. Totally surprise him by doing this.


Right before bed.

Get in your birthday suit.

Get into bed.

Under the covers.

Pretend your sleeping.

He gets in.

You know the rest.


  1. Increase your mouth talents with this move.


Anything with your mouth is golden, but he’ll go crazy if you try this:


Use your hands and mouth until he’s close to finishing, but right before he does, take your mouth off him and squeeze with your fingers at the base of his shaft. Then go at him again with your mouth.


Do this 2 or 3 times for the greatest effect. It maximizes his pleasure and according to men, feels amazing!


  1. Say this and he’ll literally lose his mind with lust for you.


Finally, want to know what to say to get him instantly hard? Ok …


Randomly, lean over and whisper in his ear: I’m thinking about your ______ (body part) and it’s really making me ____ (excited in this way).


Walk away.


He’ll be after you in less than a second.


Of course, this is just a phrase to start things off, and then you’ve got to keep it going. Hopefully, he’ll give you a little something to play on in return, and then it’s just like playing catch—back and forth (it’s sexy catch).


Dirty talk is all about confidence and keeping the ball rolling.


If that still sounds pretty tough to do, you’re not alone. A lot of women struggle with what to say and how to say it when it comes to dirty talk.


The phrasing above will start you off and to learn more, you can go here: The Language of Desire.


This is a program that was designed especially for women to help them learn more about what men want sexually in a relationship.


How do men want to be treated? What do they like in terms of dirty talk, touching, and sexual positions? Blowjobs?


It’s all in The Language of Desire.


If these are tips and advice that could benefit your relationship, take a look!


And keep in mind that dirty talk is just the beginning. Expect a whole new universe to your sex life once you unlock these secrets. Your man won’t know what hit him!


language of desire


The One Missing Sex Move He Secretly Reminisces About

The One Missing Sex Move He Secretly Reminisces About

By: Ginger Quinn

Maybe you haven’t tried this move since you were a hot-blooded teenager under a blanket on your parents’ sofa while they were out, but you should.

Your guy still secretly loves a good hand job.


Here’s what makes them so utterly HOT…


  1. Your man loves having his junk caressed. How often do you see him adjusting his package? Or fondling it while he’s chilling on the couch? I know this isn’t a surprise to you but that’s some sensitive meat down there. And he craves when you touch him hungrily in THAT way.
  2. A handy can be foreplay or a standalone sex act. No matter what result you’re looking for when you play with his manhood, he’s going to be titillated by your touch. From there you can decide if you want to move on to penetration, fondle him until he reaches the finish line, or just make him feel good.
  3. He feels desired. When your guy senses that he turns you on, it turns him on even more. Taking the time to play with his manly “toys” brings out his alpha side and literally gives him a testosterone boost. When he’s really feeling your passion it makes sexy time so much better for you both.


Best of all you can do a hand job anywhere. Surprise him in the car. Rouse him awake in the morning with your hand. He will be incredibly devoted to you when you know how to master his man muscle…


The Nuts & Bolts Of A Great Handy…


It’s possible when you first touched a penis you fumbled your way through it (and it was still great for him). Now that you’re a grown up woman, you can take command of his twigs & berries with sexy authority. Let me give some of my best tips for a great hand job


  1. Don’t freak if he’s soft when you start. Explore his penis and testicles with the intention of learning more about what turns him on. Don’t be surprised if he sprouts a thick one but if he doesn’t, it’s okay too. Just like it feels good when you’re touched down there, it feels GOOD to him.
  2. Be generous with the lube. Sure your mouth is moist and amazing but we’re doing a hand job here. You are intentionally getting him excited and lube makes the job smooth. My favorite ones don’t use glycerin, which is a sugar that can induce imbalance (and smell) in your vagina. Not what we’re looking for.
  3. Get his feedback. You have his most vulnerable part of his anatomy in your hands. Feel the power. Now share it by asking him what he likes. Some men love stroking. Some like ball play. Some even like a little anal stimulation. You have to discover what your man likes but he will adore you for wanting to figure his body out.


And Now, Here Are Some More Techniques For You…


If you want to add even more rocket fuel to your sex life take a moment now to watch this short video. It has much more to say about how to turn up the heat in and out the bedroom.
Plus you’ll learn the 5 Relationship Evolutions that seal him to you like superglue forever, making it nearly impossible for him to check out another woman. He’ll be devoted entirely to you.




Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship or looking to groom that special guy to be your future, Love Lifestyle Expert Ginger Quinn shows you how to turn up the heat in the bedroom and the intensity in the commitment by following some very basic Primal Principles.
After being with her man for over 20 years, Ginger was able to turn their humdrum relationship back into the volcanic connection it started out as. And this is at a time when the divorce rate is obscenely high and the hook up culture makes cheating opportunities higher than ever too. Still people who have never met them think they’re still newlyweds.
Ginger’s main philosophy is that any relationship can get stale and ordinary no matter how passionately it started. When you understand the underlying instincts or qualities of how men and women evolved, you get a huge advantage in keeping your intimacy smokin’ hot…in and out of the bedroom.