9 Things He’ll Do Before He Breaks Up with You

9 Things He’ll Do Before He Breaks Up with You


No one wants to be broken up with no matter the circumstances. But it can at least be a small fraction easier to know when you’re about to be the victim of a breakup.


Watch out for these nine signs to prepare for the blow …


Watch Out:

This Could Mean He’s Getting Ready to Leave You


  1. He passes on events with your family and friends.


One thing that most people feel guilty about when they break up with someone is losing an entire group of people they once counted as close friends or family. So, he’ll feel guilty that he’s getting ready to cut ties with you and want to avoid seeing your friends or family.


  1. He starts to beef up.


Because he’s decided that he’s moving on to greener pastures, he know he’ll need to be buff and hot to attract a new mate. If he starts hitting the gym more and passing on dessert, yet you’re not having sex more, you know something’s up.


  1. He doesn’t go out of his way for you.


He used to pick up dinner on the way home, buy you flowers out of the blue, rub your back and kiss you randomly. Now, it’s hard to even get him to pick you up when your car breaks down and you have no way home.


  1. He talks a big game.


Has he been saying things like “I’ve always wanted to just rent a car and drive up the California coastline” or “Did you know you can live in Puerto Rico for as long as you want if you’re a U.S. citizen?”? He’s moving on in his head already.


  1. He never comments when you mention plans for the future.


Even if you talk about “taking a trip in the next few months,” his lips are zipped. He might offer a “maybe” or “yeah uh huh,” but he’s essentially the definition of non-committal. That’s because he knows he’ll already be gone.


  1. He’s less sex crazy (which is crazy).


Whereas he used to beg for sex and be overjoyed when you initiated, he’s less than enthused these days and could basically take it or leave it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s getting it on somewhere else, but it could mean that he doesn’t want to continue the close connection of sex with you.


  1. He doesn’t have fun with you.


Perhaps he’s still willing to spend time with you, but it never seems like he’s having a good time. He’s always the first to want to go home. He’s always the first to cancel plans. And he certainly doesn’t bring up the idea of going out on the town or having dinner together.


  1. He never texts first.


He responds to your calls and texts, but you’re always the first to put in a “hey” or “how’s it going today?” It’s his way of slowly distancing himself.


  1. He’s generally more distant and aloof.


Affection and niceties have gone by the wayside, and he’s never in the mood to talk. Funnily enough, he doesn’t even have an interest in talking about the relationship. Even if you say “what’s wrong?” his response is “oh nothing.”


How to Never Be at Risk of Being Broken Up With


There’s one key to not being broken up with, and that key is understanding your man’s love signals.


Quite unfortunately for women, men do not express their feelings freely and willingly. Instead, they keep everything bottled up. The signs above are useful signals to use if you want to know when a man has basically already decided that he’ll be ending it with you …


… but naturally, the goal is to prevent this line of thinking in his mind.


You see, men want you to know what they’re thinking. Your guy wants to be reassured when his mind runs wild with insecure thoughts. He wants to discuss that *thing* (whatever it may be) that’s been bothering him.


Women are vocal. Communicative. Most people can tell when a woman has something that’s bugging her. She says it out loud. Or at least looks pretty down in the dumps because of it.


But men have an amazing knack for keeping these things locked up in what the Love Signals program calls his “box.”


The goal is to get inside this box. And figure out what’s going on with him before it’s too late … before he’s off with another girl who is able to better understand his signals and true feelings.


Fortunately, Love Signals is a program that so many women have had success with. It can turn your life around and help you to finally understand your man before he leaves you for good. In addition to knowing exactly what “Love Signals” to look for in your specific type of man, you’ll also find out what to do once you’re aware that there’s a serious problem.


How to approach him.


What to say to turn him around and make him fall even deeper in love with you than he ever was before …


And what never to say.


It all can be found in the Love Signals program, but just make sure that you don’t wait to take this step and find out what’s really going on with him. Before you know it … it could be too late. Don’t take this chance on your relationship.

Thinking About Breaking Up With Him? Make Sure You Know for Sure

Thinking of breaking up with him?


Most women’s articles that center around the dilemma: “To break up or not to break up in an LTR (long-term relationship),” will focus on why you should break up with your partner.




Because these articles usually use the following reasoning: “Hey, you came to this page seeking advice on whether or not to break up with this guy … that’s a red flag. You should do it.”


We’re going to offer a slightly different perspective.


What if it’s you? What if you’re spending your days and sleepless nights convincing yourself to break it off with this guy, and it’s really not the right decision?


Hey, it’s possible, and it’s definitely happened to people in the past. The only thing that follows is regret.


But before we go any further, let’s get real: There are scenarios in which breaking up is obviously the best idea—a few deal-breakers that women just cannot ignore.


The Deal-Breakers

(If These Happen, End It)


  1. Physical or Mental Abuse


This is the number one deal-breaker because it simply does not fly no matter how you slice it. Being physically abused means your partner or someone you’ve been dating has touched you in any way that hurts you or makes you feel uncomfortable. Being mentally abused is when a partner puts you through scenarios that make you feel depressed, anxious, scared, or any other strong, negative emotion.


It can still be difficult to cut ties with someone who you may still have feelings for when abuse and violence comes into the picture. So it’s good to see someone like a therapist if you need to in order to make the transition out of the relationship easier.


  1. Cheating


Once a cheater, always a cheater is definitely a saying that’s up for debate. Maybe they’ll reform?


Even so, if you’ve caught your long-term boyfriend, fiancé, or husband red handed with another person, we can’t in all consciousness say that it would be a good idea to just stay and try to work it out. Blatantly screwing you over like that can easily be seen as an offense your partner won’t be able to come back from.


In other words, most of the time, cheating’s a deal-breaker.


  1. Completely Different Values


It’s difficult to imagine how a relationship would ever be able to work when you two have completely different outlooks on life or values. For example, if he’s convinced that he never wants to have kids, and you simply cannot wait to become a mother, you gotta a big problem, hon.


It’s important to keep in mind that some differences on values can be dealt with. For example, if you two are faithful to different religions, but the two religions aren’t too terribly contrasting, you might be able to work it out. The bottom line is, however, there are some contrasting values that will simply set you up for failure and it’s better to get out while you can in many cases.


When It’s More Complicated Than That


Now that we’ve got those deal-breakers out of the way, let’s move on to some situations that may appear a little more grayish.


When there’s been no abuse

When no one has cheated …

And when your values line up pretty well …


What do you do if you’re still thinking about breaking up with him?


Well, you’ve got to do some mental digging to either locate a real problem or realize that there may be something else going on. And maybe it’s not actually a problem with him. And maybe you should stay together.


To get you started, here are some prompts to ask yourself. Their answers may help lead you to the real reason you want to break up. Which may not be a good reason at all.


  1. What’s going on in your life right now?


Are you stressed? Got money problems? Worried about lots of things all at once?


Other problems in your life may be flooding your head and making you think that things are worse than they really are with your boo.


  1. When is it that you find yourself thinking of breaking up?


Again, if you think “Ugh! I am breaking up with him!” when he’s chewing over-zealously at dinner or when he leaves beard hairs from shaving all over the bathroom sink, just chill for a bit. You’re overreacting. It could be from stress or something else in your life.


  1. Do you always end up thinking about someone else in particular?


It’s not that meeting someone new and perfect while you’re still in a relationship isn’t possible. But it’s not a great plan. And if you’re stuck on a flame from long ago who’s married now and messaged you on Facebook … likewise, you’ve got to wake up. Your life should be moving forward not backward.


Being obsessed with this other person is not realistic even if you do actually want out of your current relationship. Any way you slice it … No, once you break up with your partner now, “things won’t magically snap into place with this new person.”


Not a good line of thinking.


  1. Have you ever had a good, quality relationship in the past?


Those who have never had a good relationship often get scared when presented with one that is … actually great. Then they self-sabotage. Don’t do this.


  1. How’s your self-confidence and self-esteem doing?


Often women also self-sabotage by trying to break up with their guy before their guy can break up with them. This stems from low self-esteem and low confidence. If he tells you you’re hot and he loves you, believe him and be happy.


  1. How did you feel about this guy when you first started dating?


Were you head over heels for him when you first met? Did you get all the butterflies and daydream about him? That’s a good sign, and it usually means that with a little elbow grease, you can get back to that.


  1. Picture it (no really): You’re broken up and you see his new Facebook profile pic. He’s smooching a new girl and she’s beautiful. How do you feel?


Yes, you can leave room for the little ounces of natural jealousy that every person has about someone they once dated … but really. How does that make you feel?


If it’s that you want to throw up and “you’re such an idiot for losing him,” maybe breaking up isn’t the right thing.


Ok, phew!


Now that you’ve gone through these prompts, try to stick with the ones that resonated with you throughout the next week or two.


The focus here is not to rush into a breakup if there’s nothing threatening in the relationships (no deal-breakers). You may be thinking “Dang, I’m already 95% ready to hit the road! I’m gone!” Or “I’m in the prime of my life, and I’ve got to get back out there right now!” But hold your horses just one sec.


If you really are considering this breakup from a long-term relationship, like for real, taking a few extra weeks to make sure it’s the right decision, is worth it.


Because remember, once you say it’s over to this guy … you might not be able to get him back.


Make a good choice.


4 Healing Ways to Let Go of Bitterness and Anger After a Breakup

Let Go of Bitterness and Anger After a Breakup

By: Faye Roberts


get rid of relationship bitterness


The Neil Sedaka song does not lie: Breakin’ up is hard to do.

But as we know, splits happen.


Sometimes they cut the line. Sometimes you do. Either way, it seems like there’s inevitably bad blood when you part ways. Even if it starts out okay … music collections start getting divvied up, mutual friends make a choice between you, and soon, one of you spots the other with someone new.


So can you avoid all the bitterness and anger that comes with this?


Probably not all the way.


But you can learn to let go of some of the bad vibes, especially those that linger far too long. They’re certainly not doing you any good, and it’s best to move along.


Here’s how:


  1. Feel Your Feelings


It can be scary to realize how much anger, resentment and bitterness you have burning inside—especially when it’s focused on someone you used to love.


But it’s vital to tell yourself that it’s okay to feel these things. It’s when you push the feelings down that they get really dangerous … and inevitably find a way to pop back up anyway.


Feeling your feelings doesn’t mean letting yourself binge drink or eat when you feel sad or allowing yourself to call your ex and shout at them when you feel angry. It means simply to sit with them. Invite those feelings in and give them space. The angry feelings dissipate so much faster and easier this way.


Try it: When you feel strong emotions coming on (which may be often after a breakup), don’t mask them with alcohol, food, shopping, TV or shouting/fighting.


Just have a seat somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and take three, big, deep breaths. If a thought comes to you during your breathing, look at it, and let it float away (even if you really want to stay with it).


This is not about the story of why you’re angry. It’s about the raw energy that is creating your emotions themselves. Tell yourself “I feel _____. Right now, I’m feeling really ______. It hurts. I hate it. I want to make it stop, but I feel it all over me.” Make friends with the pain and it will have no power over you.


  1. Change Your Social Media Habits


Don’t get us wrong: Social media can be great.


But when relationships break apart, using social media can be like pouring poison into a wound.


You see him or her. They’re looking great in a selfie, posting funny quips about their interesting days, posing at the bar with friends, sitting flirtatiously close to a new face of the opposite sex … It’s torture.


Not only are you really mad out about how well they seem to be doing, you’re losing your mind tracking their every move … the bitterness is boiling over, and your life is a series of frantic clicks and scrolls.


Ok. Calm down.


First. Things are probably not that great. Social media is like a tinted window: Things are not always as they seem.


Second. You gotta chill. You have to take control. And you can.


Everyone’s different. For some, simply trying to limit social media time will work. For others, sending a kind message to say you “think it’s better not to be friends on social media” and then deleting them, is a good idea. For others (for example those with lots of mutual friends/ex family members), you might want to take a break from social media all together for a while.


In a lot of ways, this is a case of: Out of sight, out of mind. And it really works.


  1. Think About Your Image


Bitterness, jealousy and resentment are ugly traits. Of course, you really don’t care about that when you’re experiencing them. You don’t really notice—you’re just mad.


But if you’re experiencing a lot of bitterness over a breakup and want to find a way to let go, try taking a step back and examining what you must look like. Depending on your current state and how you’re acting out, you might be pretty disappointed in yourself.


If you were your own friend, would you encourage this behavior? Or would you tell your friend to “just let go” and “stop obsessing”?


First of all, if you are pretty disappointed in yourself, don’t fret. Forgive yourself. But make the changes necessary. Maybe think about a woman you respect. Perhaps someone in Hollywood or the editor of your favorite magazine. They’re powerful, intelligent and in control. Would they be letting bitterness over an ex take them over?


Not likely.


  1. Look at the Bottom Line


For those who’ve been broken up with, the bottom line is: Do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?


Look at the facts. This person had doubts about your relationship—enough doubts that they broke it off. If you’re still pining for them or mad at them, consider if you actually want to be with someone who went through those motions to get you out of their life. It doesn’t matter why. It matters that they thought about it and did it.


So heck no.


So you’re seriously wasting your time.  Put that super, awesome energy somewhere where it actually matters.  This is not your only chance at love. You want someone who wants you.


For those who’ve done the breaking up, the bottom line is: Something in you told you not to stay with this person.


If you’re still mad at your ex for “making you break up with them” or “taking the breakup too easy” or “finding someone too fast,” your bitterness is coming from latent feelings for that person. And in that case, you’ve got to remember that at some point in time, you had enough negative feelings about the relationship to break it off. Don’t waste your energy asking “what if?” or just being generally mad at your ex.


You wanted to move on, so do it! Let them move on too. The anger and bitterness is only hurting you.


In the end, it’s all about you. A breakup is literally just what it sounds like: it’s a break in a human connection, and you’re now free to go your own ways.


So do that. Let them go their way without following them with bad vibes. At the same time, you can carve out an amazing new path for yourself.


Let this be a time for great beginnings instead of a time for bitterness.


Looking for a great resource to take a positive step in letting go of the hurt and anger that is holding you back in your life?

Take a look at this video from my friend Heather. She has overcome virtually insurmountable obstacles to live her dream life, inspiring others, traveling, attracting wealth, a great relationship and being happy.

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