Going Through a Breakup or Divorce Over the Holidays Is Tough. Here’s What to Do.


Most people wouldn’t wish the pain of divorce or breakup on their worst enemy.


Even if you are the one who decided that a breakup was necessary, you probably feel like wallowing in a pint of ice cream or crying on a friend’s shoulder for hours over your split.


In fact, it’s probably the same shoulder that is still wet from the last time you cried on their shoulder about it … yesterday.


Breakups are tough ruts to get out of.


Then you factor in the holidays.


No matter what religion you are, all holidays are a time for family, love and togetherness. And when your family just got a big tear down the center, you wonder … how is celebrating possible?


We know you’re feeling low right now. Maybe even lower than low. Fortunately, we’ve got the best news you’ve probably heard in a while:


The holidays are the perfect time to improve your mood about this breakup.


Think about it. You’re looking at the holidays as a looming period of doom. You’re looking at all the holes that will be there:


  • “We usually go to my in-laws for dinner. Where will I go this year?”


  • “All my friends are bringing their boyfriends and spouses to the party. I’ll be the only single one.”


  • “We used to wrap presents / decorate / watch movies / bake cookies Now what?”


  • “I had his present all wrapped …”


Similar thoughts been in your head lately? It’s just sad thing after worry after depressing realization after bummer.


Ok now stop that snowballing!


Reverse it. Flip it on end. When you think like that, you’re making a choice to think like that. Instead, choose to think another way.


Focus on the possibilities. Believe in the miracle of this annual holiday that has endured for thousands of generations.


And follow this advice for extra support.


  1. Be Ready for Change (And Excited About It)


Things are going to change. That’s scary to you, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a while. But you can take control of the situation by making friends with change.


For some, this might mean getting back into dating. For others, it might mean finally getting out of the apartment you used to share or selling/dumping the things that remind you of him.


Change your hair, schedule a mini vacation, watch the movies he always said he hated—who cares! Get excited for this new chapter of your new life, and try to make the holidays part of it. You can do this by creating brand new traditions that can just belong to you and your family and friends.


  1. Pinpoint What You’re Not Looking Forward To


It’s easy to say, “I hate the holidays this year.” But what do you hate? Really try to figure out what exactly you’re disliking about being broken up right now. Then take action.


For example, a lot of newly divorced people worry about attending parties or dinners solo. Well, if this is you, do something about it. For example, don’t go.


Weigh the pros and cons. If going to this dinner alone really upsets you, bow out, and replace the evening with something you love. Get a pedicure. Go see a movie. Hang out with another single friend.


Figuring out what bothers you and taking action can break up a lot of the frustration and uncomfortable feelings you’re having.


  1. Have a Ready Response


Scared of the idea of explaining your breakup or divorce to friends and family and random strangers at parties? Create a canned response, and don’t let people try to start up discussions about it.


Listen, you don’t have to listen to people comparing their own lives to yours or telling you that “it will get better soon” or trying to set you up.


In fact, if you want, part of your ready response can be: “I appreciate people’s concern, but I prefer not to talk about.”


  1. Don’t Stop Taking Care of Yourself


It’s easy not to shave your legs for oh … 5 or 6 weeks after a breakup. Or to stop highlighting or touching up your roots for, oh … 7 or 8 weeks. And yeah you can do that.


But don’t.


Taking care of yourself physically helps you feel in charge of your life and your destiny, and it helps you remember your confidence—an easy thing to lose when you break up with someone or get a divorce.


A few days of not washing your hair and wallowing in it is ok, but any more is disrespectful to yourself.


  1. Laugh about it


We as humans have the beautiful, unique ability to have a sense of humor about depressing situations. When we look at the funny side of sad things, we can at least chuckle a little, and that dopamine can start reacquainting itself with our regular brain chemistry. It’s all a slow process that you should start as soon as possible.


So, if you can, laugh about your situation.


  • If you had already bought your boyfriend a sweater as a present, don’t throw it out or cry your eyes out into it! Wear it to your family’s holiday party!


  • If your ex just put up a holiday photo of himself and his new girl on Facebook, put a photo up of you and your dog next to the fireplace (oh and also, quit checking his Facebook).


  • And if you find yourself sitting in bed on a Saturday night at 9pm in your way-past-needs-washing-phase leggings, eating chicken and watching heart-warming / terribly-depressing-in-your-case romantic comedies … have a big, hearty laugh. Because that’s just silly and cute. And very human of you.


Then doll yourself up and go out with friends or take some amazing selfies and put them online.


Just keep in mind that life is for the living, so live. And remember that in the face of any and all trials and tribulations in life: this too shall pass.


Have a Happy Holiday.

9 Things He’ll Do Before He Breaks Up with You

9 Things He’ll Do Before He Breaks Up with You


No one wants to be broken up with no matter the circumstances. But it can at least be a small fraction easier to know when you’re about to be the victim of a breakup.


Watch out for these nine signs to prepare for the blow …


Watch Out:

This Could Mean He’s Getting Ready to Leave You


  1. He passes on events with your family and friends.


One thing that most people feel guilty about when they break up with someone is losing an entire group of people they once counted as close friends or family. So, he’ll feel guilty that he’s getting ready to cut ties with you and want to avoid seeing your friends or family.


  1. He starts to beef up.


Because he’s decided that he’s moving on to greener pastures, he know he’ll need to be buff and hot to attract a new mate. If he starts hitting the gym more and passing on dessert, yet you’re not having sex more, you know something’s up.


  1. He doesn’t go out of his way for you.


He used to pick up dinner on the way home, buy you flowers out of the blue, rub your back and kiss you randomly. Now, it’s hard to even get him to pick you up when your car breaks down and you have no way home.


  1. He talks a big game.


Has he been saying things like “I’ve always wanted to just rent a car and drive up the California coastline” or “Did you know you can live in Puerto Rico for as long as you want if you’re a U.S. citizen?”? He’s moving on in his head already.


  1. He never comments when you mention plans for the future.


Even if you talk about “taking a trip in the next few months,” his lips are zipped. He might offer a “maybe” or “yeah uh huh,” but he’s essentially the definition of non-committal. That’s because he knows he’ll already be gone.


  1. He’s less sex crazy (which is crazy).


Whereas he used to beg for sex and be overjoyed when you initiated, he’s less than enthused these days and could basically take it or leave it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s getting it on somewhere else, but it could mean that he doesn’t want to continue the close connection of sex with you.


  1. He doesn’t have fun with you.


Perhaps he’s still willing to spend time with you, but it never seems like he’s having a good time. He’s always the first to want to go home. He’s always the first to cancel plans. And he certainly doesn’t bring up the idea of going out on the town or having dinner together.


  1. He never texts first.


He responds to your calls and texts, but you’re always the first to put in a “hey” or “how’s it going today?” It’s his way of slowly distancing himself.


  1. He’s generally more distant and aloof.


Affection and niceties have gone by the wayside, and he’s never in the mood to talk. Funnily enough, he doesn’t even have an interest in talking about the relationship. Even if you say “what’s wrong?” his response is “oh nothing.”


How to Never Be at Risk of Being Broken Up With


There’s one key to not being broken up with, and that key is understanding your man’s love signals.


Quite unfortunately for women, men do not express their feelings freely and willingly. Instead, they keep everything bottled up. The signs above are useful signals to use if you want to know when a man has basically already decided that he’ll be ending it with you …


… but naturally, the goal is to prevent this line of thinking in his mind.


You see, men want you to know what they’re thinking. Your guy wants to be reassured when his mind runs wild with insecure thoughts. He wants to discuss that *thing* (whatever it may be) that’s been bothering him.


Women are vocal. Communicative. Most people can tell when a woman has something that’s bugging her. She says it out loud. Or at least looks pretty down in the dumps because of it.


But men have an amazing knack for keeping these things locked up in what the Love Signals program calls his “box.”


The goal is to get inside this box. And figure out what’s going on with him before it’s too late … before he’s off with another girl who is able to better understand his signals and true feelings.


Fortunately, Love Signals is a program that so many women have had success with. It can turn your life around and help you to finally understand your man before he leaves you for good. In addition to knowing exactly what “Love Signals” to look for in your specific type of man, you’ll also find out what to do once you’re aware that there’s a serious problem.


How to approach him.


What to say to turn him around and make him fall even deeper in love with you than he ever was before …


And what never to say.


It all can be found in the Love Signals program, but just make sure that you don’t wait to take this step and find out what’s really going on with him. Before you know it … it could be too late. Don’t take this chance on your relationship.

He Dumped You and It Was Your Fault: What to Do



We all do things we regret. After all, we’re only human.


But some things we do can lead to bitter consequences … like breakups with someone who truly meant a lot to us.


If you’ve recently gone through a breakup and the reason for the tear was your fault, you have to start somewhere in picking up the pieces.


The first decision you need to make is whether you want to go back to pursuing the relationship. Because even though you may feel incredibly sad and guilty for what you’ve done, it’s possible that you either know the relationship can never be mended or deep down, you don’t want to go back to it.


So decide.


Option A: You’re Ready to Get Over It




Option B: You Want Him Back


Then follow the respective guidelines below.



Option A: You’re Ready to Get Over It


Put Your Phone Down


As of this moment, your phone and social media are an enemy to contend with. You’ve got to find a way to stop yourself from calling, texting and “just checking to see if he’s online.” Doing these things will not only make you feel and look like a fool (when you constantly call and text and don’t receive answers), but they will also hold you back from getting over your ex.


Oh, and they will make it hard for him to get over you too. You’ve got to let them go.


Find a Support Network


Friends are the best when breakups happen. It’s especially when you’re feeling guilty and down in the dumps that you need your ladies by your side.


Often, when we get into relationships, everything’s so exciting and new that we may not talk to our girlfriends very often. This is always a shame, but it’s definitely a shame when then discover how much you need them.


Fortunately, most women understand this “code,” and they’ll come bouncing back if you only reach out and maybe supply a bottle of wine or two.


Don’t Shoot the Second Arrow


Buddhists tend to have some of the best advice where emotions are concerned, and here they are giving us another thought to live by again: Don’t shoot the second arrow.


If you’re confused as to how an arrow came into play, it’s simple: When we experience pain and suffering in our lives, it’s like being shot with an arrow. And that’s bad enough.


But so often, we “shoot ourselves with another arrow” when we take those initial bad feelings and run with them, causing more sorrow and pain through self-ridicule, shame, blaming, dissatisfaction and a host of other negative emotions and thought processes.


In other words: Going through this breakup sucks. Knowing you caused it sucks. But don’t make it worse than that. Avoid shooting the second arrow by recognizing your situation blows and, well, leaving it at that. Adding more terrible feelings to the mix will do absolutely no good. And you’re going to be fine. Especially if you take the next step…


Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice


Ok, you royally screwed up with this guy. Don’t do it again.


Easier said than done? It’s true. We tend to repeat patterns in our lives, so chances are you’re going to be tempted to do the same things you just did to screw up this relationship again in a new relationship.


You’ve gotta avoid that, so … try these things:


  • Journal it, write it down: What would you have done differently if given another chance?
  • Have a friend watch your back. Tell them: “Next time you notice me ______, sit me down and remind me of how I’m feeling right now.”
  • Make amends with him. Apologizing and being open with how you messed up will be hard, but it will solidify it in your mind and help you to do better next time.


Option B: You Want Him Back




You did something wrong, and that warrants an apology from you. We know you’re not crazy about this idea, but you really need to bite the bullet and do it. It’s the only way he can begin to forgive you, and you two can learn to repair things.


If you can’t do it in person (although that’s a much better and more mature idea), you can at least write him an email (or better yet, handwrite him a letter). Doing this is a great way to get some things off your chest, make amends and start making your way back to his heart. Just remember not to make excuses. Giving reasons why you did such-and-such is okay, but don’t try to lay the blame on someone else or excuse yourself entirely when you know very well that you did something wrong.


Be Where He Is


Chances are he won’t really want to see you, and that’s understandable. But you should try to find a way to see him if you can. This may be by hanging out with the same friends or at the same places.


Don’t be a stalker, but do put yourself in a position where you are still a factor in his life.


Use the Ex Factor Guide


Not many programs out there have the ability to actually impart essential wisdom that can get you your guy back. In fact, most of them are phony and not worth the time it takes to go through them.


But The Ex Factor Guide has the ability to do wonders for your chances at getting your man back. There are things in there that we don’t even have room enough to right of right here, but trust us, they’re good. Things you’d never even think of doing can win you back his heart.


Check it out and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


In the meantime: Hey girl, don’t beat yourself up. You’re only human, and you have just as much right to a happy life full of romance as the next girl—whether your ex is out of your life for good or just waiting for you to woo him again… Good luck!