Top 8 Things Quality Men Are Looking For In Their ‘Soul Mate’

Top 8 Things Quality Men Are Looking For

In Their ‘Soul Mate’

by Adam Gilad

 quality men soul mate


Confused about what men are looking for in their ‘soul mate’. In women in general?


Not surprising!


I get that it can seem like men want everything – or that different men want enough different things that it FEELS like men want everything.


But I’ve got good news for you.


There’s no woman who truly ‘has it all’ – and you don’t have to figure out how to be everything he wants to become his soul mate.


There’s a much easier way – but more on that later.


The truth is – if you want to find the man of your dreams, you have to know what kind of man you’re looking for first. What qualities make him unique. What qualities you’re looking to have in your life and by your side forever.


And that’s what real men are doing too. They’re figuring out what qualities they want in a woman – qualities that will support them through good times and bad and make a true and lasting difference in their lives.


So now the question becomes: What qualities are the “quality” men looking for?


That’s a MUCH simpler question. Don’t you agree?


Here’s a list of the top 10 qualities that men are looking for in a woman they want to be with forever…



Men are looking to be supported by the women by their sides, just the same as women want their partners to be supportive of them.  It might sound old fashioned, but it’s still a strong idea that’s VERY relevant in this day and age.

Men want women who support their dreams. Who support their choices. Who support their work, and their passions, and goals. Men want women who care, who are in their corner all the way, and who want to help improve their lives together.



Men are looking for a woman they can trust. This is something that goes both ways, and is just as important to both parties.

He needs to know that you’ll follow through on your promises, that you won’t break your word. There are too many flaky people out there today – and a man looking for a life partner doesn’t want any part of them. A true soul mate knows how valuable real trust is.


Compatibility Between the Sheets

Every man wants a woman who he’s sexually compatible with. A woman who can surprise him in the bedroom, can sometimes take the lead in the bedroom, and most importantly – makes him feel like a man.

Successful men are most often turned off by women who carry sexual shame – and when it comes to sex, men are looking for women who are generous and up for trying new things – as long as they’re not totally offensive or dangerous.



Who doesn’t want to laugh and have fun with their mate?

Men are looking for women who can be playful with them. Without playfulness, neither men nor women can relax and loosen up – which is hard to come by out in public or at work. When a man is with a woman who can delight him with her silliness or spontaneity, that’s a woman he wants to keep.


Ability to Forgive

Men are looking for a woman who can forgive… because a man knows that he’s GOING to mess up – and he wants to be forgiven.

Any long-term relationship needs the ability of both partners to forgive and understand each other, even when they mess up. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect – so a relationship that doesn’t include forgiveness can never last.

Note that this doesn’t mean that you should forgive the unforgivable.  If your partner hurts or harms you or your relationship in a way that you feel is a deal breaker, it is time to walk away.


Having Self-Confidence

Confidence is sexy and attractive to both genders.  Men desire confident women. Innumerable relationships have been destroyed because of self-doubt, insecurity, and lack of confidence.

When a woman shows a man that she has no confidence in herself – what she’s really telling him is that she’s not going to carry herself in this world – and that he’s going to have to carry her.

And that’s the last thing men want. Men feel burdened by expectations all around them in the world – and they’re NOT looking to add another burden to their lives at home. If he sees you as a woman who can carry him sometimes – just like he carries you sometimes – he will see you as his soul mate.


Intelligence is Sexy

Men are attracted to women of intelligence. After all – if you’re going to spend every day together for the rest of your lives, you’d better be able to talk to each other!

Men truly value women who can help them navigate through life together and make the right decisions in difficult spots. No longer are men looking for women who pretend to be incompetent so that he can “save” them… men are looking for a woman who can hold her own and help brighten each other’s lives for years to come.


Capacity to Love Deeply

At the end of the day, men are really looking for women who can love deeply, wholly, and truly, with their entire hearts.  For a woman who can give him affection and support when he’s feeling down, who can go out of her way to brighten his day and make him smile, who can go the extra mile to make him feel loved.

When a man finds a woman like that, he will be inspired to do all that and more to see her smile – and to give her love.

Those are the 8 biggest qualities that men are looking for in the women they love. Chances are, a man is going to want to see at least 5 or 6 of those qualities in his soul mate.

But even if you know exactly what qualities he’s looking for – if you don’t have all of them, you’re not going to be able to cultivate them in yourself overnight.


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Wondering Why Men Keep Disappearing? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Wondering Why Men Keep Disappearing?

Here’s What You Can Do About It

by Nadine Piat

wondering why men keep disappearing

If you’re in your 30s or older and looking for love, you may have noticed something: dating’s changed. And it’s largely due to the Internet.


20 or even 10 years ago, if you knew a couple that had met online, it was rare. Today, everyone seems to be hopping on the net to meet their dream mate.


And online dating can work! There’s no doubt about it. It’s great for people who live in remote areas or those who have recently moved to a new city. Let’s face it: bumping into the love of your life at the grocery store is probably not going to happen in this day and age. We need a way to meet people that fits the 21st century.


Serious Relationships Can Come From Online Dating


So far, statistics have shown that dating in today’s tech world isn’t just for flings. Dating sites and apps are leading to an increasing number of serious relationships and marriages. A recent Pew Research Center study  showed that 5 percent of committed relationships and marriages in the U.S. started online. Another study by eHarmony, cited in USA Today, found that 1 in 3 marriages in the U.S. begin online.


So why then are so many men and women still single and desperately looking to meet a mate?


In many ways, technology may be to blame. Funny how that works, isn’t it?


Sure, there are amazing upsides to technology. It connects people and forms new relationships even across great distances. It also keeps people who are already in relationships connected: you can stay in contact all day through phone, video chat, text, email, Facebook, and other technological pathways.


But the downsides to technology can also hurt your possibilities of finding a mate.


In this age of online dating and “swiping” for love on apps like Tinder, have you noticed that every man you think you could have a connection with ends up being just like the rest? What’s the deal? Where’s the one?


There are three big reasons why finding love seems to be getting harder these days. Learn to deal with these issues, and you’ll be able to avoid that consistent heartbreak you’ve been facing.



First, we’ve got too many choices.


Yes, we have more opportunities to meet men, but that leads to boatloads of choices.


Oftentimes, when you have too many options, you start to become increasingly critical. If you’ve been single and looking for years and then finally meet a man who’s grounded, kind and has your sense of humor, don’t ditch him because he wears pleated pants or likes a band you hate. No one’s perfect.


Now, don’t get us wrong: it’s good to be particular to a point when looking for a mate. Don’t just pick the first guy who IM’s you and stay with him no matter what. But conversely, don’t let the many choices paralyze you. If you do that, you might never connect with anyone.



Second, there’s a lot of competition out there.


You might not like this one, but it’s true. Just as there are more opportunities for you to meet more men, there are also more opportunities for those men to meet more women. You’ve got some competition.


Where this becomes a problem is with initial contact. Many women feel that their profile pictures must be absolutely glamorous shots to attract attention. Similarly, some women end up lying in their profiles in order to be at “the head of the pack” so to speak.


While it’s tempting to bend the truth in order to rule out competition, perhaps the simple reminder that you will eventually need to meet the men you are texting and IM-ing online in person will snap you back to reality. You shouldn’t flat out lie just to be “better” than the rest of the single gals out there. Let your own personality and beauty shine through so that you’ll find someone who’s a true match.



Lastly, we’re largely living in a fantasy world.


Many of the women who are in the online dating pool have ultra high expectations. Hey, that’s not a bad thing! But you can’t form your expectations around fantasies. That is, you’re not going to end up like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. You are not Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice. Sorry, hun.


But don’t let that ruin your fun. Listen, the perfection of that muscular, super-tanned, Italian hunk (or whatever your fantasy is) is flat out unattainable. What you’re looking for should be a partner, a real human being you can live with, have fun with, and share a life with. That person is out there, and he’s not a fantasy.


Unfortunately, the numerous choices and tough competition out there can feed on these fantasies and cause us to pass on good men in favor of someone who seems too good to be true (they probably are).


And this is a delusion that can keep you from love, but fortunately…


You can break this crazy cycle with this secret. You’ll also want to check out the following tips.


More Tips for Navigating the Online Dating Environment:


Get to know yourself better.


Before you can have a quality relationship with someone else, you’ve got to have a quality relationship with yourself. Get to know the real you: what activities you like, what makes you smile, and what makes you laugh.


When you have a solid stance on yourself, you’ll be much more able to pick through the masses of men online and find the ones who match your style. You’ll also be more competent on your own and therefore more attractive to men.


Don’t give up easily.


Online dating is difficult. You’re going to have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the one. But make sure you don’t give up, and this is key. You might feel frustrated by a terrible date or acquire a bruised ego after a rejection from someone you really liked. Don’t let this hold you back.


Having a quality relationship with a man can be a great improvement on your life. Just remember, dating is like looking for a job. No one’s going to knock on your door and offer you a job, right? You have to go out and find one for yourself. You might drop off hundreds of resumes and have tons of interviews. That’s the breaks.


Similarly, Prince Charming won’t be knocking on your door to offer you a lifetime of love and happiness either; you’ve got to go out and work for it.


Engage in real life.


Online dating is great, but don’t forget that it is possible to meet someone in “real life” with initial face-to-face contact. That’s the “old fashioned” way!


And yes, even video chats won’t give you the same connection that sitting in-person with someone can. Often with online dating, the IM-ing, video chatting, and emailing is where the connection is made, and once you meet in person, it’s like a light went out and there’s … nothin’. Meeting people directly in real life to begin with just eliminates the middleman. You’ll know right away.


Don’t be afraid to approach men first.


Unfortunately, women are still being held back by social conventions that have no place in the 21st century. Yes, you can ask a man out first. If he’s got a problem with it, do you really want to be with him anyway?


Besides, why do you want to wait for your partner to come to you? Be bold! Push aside fears and your old views about dating. Men are often thankful when a woman is the first to approach them. It gives them confidence that you’re interested.


Finally, Have a Little Faith


The last thing to remember is that faith can go a long way. Dating won’t be easy whether you do it online or in person, but you can find a wonderful relationship if you have faith.


Don’t get discouraged, and stop comparing yourself to others. Maybe that other couple is lucky in love but unlucky elsewhere in their lives. Or maybe the people who you think have the “perfect relationships” actually have a lot of trouble of their own. Sometimes, a woman appears to have met the man of her dreams so very quickly, but that’s because they took the first guy who came along. You don’t want that. Hold out for a great match, and he’ll be there.


The woman who finds the love she wants stays open to love, even when it feels difficult to do so.


Want to know how to get the lasting attention and affection from the man you desire? Have a look at this:


Attract deep lasting love the easy way with this powerful secret.



5 Ways to Make Him Ache for You

These 5 tips will make him want you like never before!!




So you’re crazy about this guy. Maybe he has no idea of your affection. Maybe you’ve gone on a few dates but nothing else. Or maybe this guy is already your main man, but you wanna spice things up.


Whatever the reason, whatever the case, if you want him to want you back (and in a major way), then you’ve come to the right place. These 5 tips will make him want you like never before, but watch out … they really work.


1. Use the Power of Touch


With people who are just co-workers, acquaintances and even with some friends, touching should be kept to a minimum. That’s because touch should be reserved for special connections (romantic, sexy ones). So let this guy know that he’s not just an acquaintance or a friend—touch him. And do it when he least expects it. It’s one of the top things that drives a man wild.


2. Be Lightly Playful and Funny


You are confident, intelligent and beautiful. But don’t be so uptight. Or conversely, don’t act like a buffoon. When you’re around the guy you’re into, you may get nervous. For some women, this means keeping quiet and acting like a stiff. For others, it means going way overboard and trying to hog attention. So just loosen up. One good tip is to actually pretend like you are talking to your best friend. Imagine that whatever he is saying is coming out of your friend’s mouth. How would you respond then? Relax, and join the conversation.


3. Have Your Own Interests


Of course, you’re always thinking about this guy. He’s on your mind 24/7—but he doesn’t want to know that. He wants you to have your own life. So if you don’t already have hobbies, interests and your own hopes and dreams, you’d better get some. For starters, try to get into something that you can discuss with him and explain in an intelligent way, but never copy what he likes exactly. For example, if he likes jazz music, consider learning about and getting heavily into another type of retro music like Motown, blues or rock.


4. Wink


A wink says it all. It’s one of womankind’s most powerful tools, but sadly, most women never use it. At a crowded table, try making a witty remark then shooting a wink at your guy. When you two are alone, slip in a compliment about him, then wink and get up to go to the bathroom. Believe us, he’ll get the message. Oh and by the way, a good wink won’t come naturally, so you’ve got to practice. Try it in the mirror at home, then bust it out casually with your friends to get the hang of it.


5. In the Bedroom: Set Him Up


You’re in your apartment. It’s just you two. First thing’s first: let him make the first move. A typical guy will want to, but if he’s a gentleman, he’ll wait for the go-ahead. That means you’ve got to set him up. There’s no need to sit on his lap or rip your top off. That’s too much. Just do something subtle. Touch him, for example. Sit right down next to him instead of choosing an opposite couch. Or just smile at him in that “I want you” way. You know what we mean.


These 5 tips will get you started, but if you’re serious about making this guy want you, you’re going to need some more advice. Best place to look? The press and women everywhere are buzzing about a new book called, “Make Him Desire You.” It’s full of unique tips and tricks for upping your game when it comes to flirting, attraction, and intimacy. Check it out by clicking the link below. He’ll be head over heels for you in no time!

Make Him Desire You!