What It Means If He’s a Bad Kisser

bad kisser


Picture this: You’re currently in the throes of flirtation with an amazing guy.


– You’ve been on a few dates

– You’ve had a few moments of contact

Lots of heavy flirting talk and bedroom eye glances

– He’s the last thing you think of before drifting off to sleep and the first thing you think of every morning


So, you’ve known each other a while, but recently, things have been heating up even more.


Thing is … you haven’t actually “made contact” yet.


In other words, you two are still kissing virgins.


But the build-up is oh-so-good. You dream of that day when things will change. And you know it’s gotta be coming up. Things have been progressing toward that point for a while now … so it’s only a matter of time.


Then finally. It happens.


You stumble out of a restaurant together, laughing, and you grasp his arm, look in his eyes. He walks you home and brings you to your doorstep …


You stare at each other again. It’s happening, it’s happening …


You lean in, feel his breath on your lips, smell his close scent, annnnd …




His lips feel … sorta dry and sticky on yours, the mechanics are … awkward


There’s no “melting into each other” or “sinking against him.” It’s just … bad.


You say goodnight, and he leaves.


How on earth could everything have been leading up to this point!? It was terrible.


Furthermore, what does it mean!? What does it mean that you don’t even feel like you can move on with him anymore? How is he that bad of a kisser?


At this point, things aren’t looking good. But here’s the truth:


a) You don’t have much more time to fix things. He’s likely going to think it was a terrible kiss as well.

b) You have to remember there are two parties involved when you’re kissing.


And what could be very possible is that …. it’s not him who’s the bad kisser …


It could be you.


But before you freak out and start worrying your lovely little head, there’s good news here too.


It’s fixable.


The fact of the matter is that kissing is indeed essential to attraction and romance. It’s one of our most primal mating instincts. And if you don’t know the keys to a sensuous and wonderful kiss … even if he’s attracted to you initially … the spark and attraction simply won’t be there. And that might end things flat out.


But just because he’s a bad kisser … or you’re a bad kisser … or you’re both “bad kissers,” that doesn’t mean that you can’t make things better.


Anyone can learn how to be a good kisser.


The 4 Things You’ve Never Learned About Kissing


Want to be a better kisser? Here’s what you need to know.


  1. It’s more about what’s in your head than the physical.


You might think that kissing is all mechanics. Put one hand here, the other hand here. Cock your head this way and use X amount of pressure.


Sure, these little tips can help your technique a lot, but the physical is not what kissing is all about. In fact, it’s about more than this … a lot more.


Kissing is about connecting with someone on an emotional level. If you can do that, you’re gold. The trick is to think and feel connected with your guy while you’re kissing him. He’ll pick up on it, guaranteed.


  1. Gentle is always better in the beginning.


Women have the false idea that men desire aggressive, kinky women who are willing to try all these new techniques and be super sexual.


And while a relationship that’s been going on for two or more years might definitely dive into some different, more kinky, intense techniques for sex, at the beginning, it’s all about being gentle and sweet.


That’s what men want, and it makes you appear like more of a prize than someone who’s overly eager to jump in the sack. Men want to win you over. So, let them.


  1. It’s about slowing down … not speeding up.


A lot of women falsely assume that once kissing starts (even that first little peck), everything should just fast-forward to sex right away.


Not so.


This is what gets women in hot water half the time, and it’s what makes their partners lose interest. Not only do you lose your flirtatious sex appeal once a single kiss leads to immediate making out or even immediate sex, but the relationship becomes much more boring for both parties.


You have to learn to slow things down. There’s a great passage about this in a program called How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love. This program by renowned relationship expert Michael Fiore explains exactly how to slow things down when you kiss so that any man will simultaneously be kissing you and falling in love with you.


  1. You need to learn Kissing Empathy.


How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love has another excellent section about Kissing Empathy.


Most women aren’t aware of the importance of empathy when kissing. And men aren’t either!


It’s not uncommon for one or both parties to simply “go through the motions.” This is 100 percent wrong. A kiss that you give to your man shouldn’t be like any other that you’ve ever given because it’s with this man. He’s different, so your kissing style should be different too.


And to harness that, you’ve got to connect with him emotionally. This is empathy. It’s almost like pretending in your mind that you’re him. See the two of you kissing “from above,” and figure out your next move. What does he want? Are you connecting?


Again, How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love has an entire section on how to do this, and a number of other amazing techniques for getting the man of your dreams to not only notice you and chase after you … but to also fall head over heels for you even before you’ve kissed.


Once your lips do finally meet … he’ll never be the same again.


Oh, and if you’re in the scenario that we described at the beginning of this article? If you’ve already kissed, and He. Was. Horrible.  Remember you still have a limited amount of time to try again, fix your own kissing mistakes, and teach him to be better as well.


But don’t try again before using this advice … and do check out How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love for specific points that will make you the best kisser he’s ever had.


Trust hundreds of other women who have taken this advice and used it … he won’t ever want to let you go.

What Your Kiss SAYS to a Man

Questioning your kissing is good. That’s because kissing is one of THE most important parts of romance.


If you’ve ever been scared you were a bad kisser, you’re not alone. And actually, if you’ve indeed questioned your abilities in this department, you’re on the right track love-wise.


In other words, questioning your kissing is good.


That’s because kissing is one of THE most important parts of romance. It’s one of our most primal behaviors, and doing it with someone can help tell us whether or not we’re macking on someone we should mate with for life … or just a dud.


So don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s just 15-and 16-year-olds that should be nervous about getting it wrong.


Most people have these thoughts at least once in a relationship:


  • Am I sloppy?
  • How’s my breath?
  • Are these sucking sounds … normal?
  • Eyes open is creepy … right?


But the question remains: How do you know if you’re getting it right?


It all starts with defining your style. Most kissing styles have trademark “characteristics.” And as a woman, once you know your style, you can determine what men are thinking about you while you’re getting’ down.


Defining Your Kissing Style

(And Whether It’s Working for You … Or Not)


Check out these kissing styles that most women end up falling into at one point or another. We’ll also explain some qualities of these styles and most importantly … what each one says to a man.


  1. Your style: Aggressive


Characterized by: Biting his upper or lower lip, licking, lots of spit, grabbing him roughly or pushing him down


What it says to him about you: Though many women assume that an aggressive style of kissing is appealing to men, this isn’t necessarily always so. Perhaps after you’ve been dating a while, revving things up with a more intense technique can be satisfying, but at first … men like a more feminine, soft approach. In other words, he’s going to think you’re a bit of an animal if you’re aggressive right out of the gate.


  1. Your style: Demure


Characterized by: Always being the first to pull away, very light pressure, only kissing in closed-mouth sessions (never using tongue)


What it says to him about you: No one likes to throw the word “prude” around with judgment, but … that might just be what he’s thinking here. Kissing is innately an intimate affair. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. So you’re simply not going to get away with short pecks and have a natural, red-blooded man be super into it and satisfied. He’s going to feel like he’s doing all the work, and that gets old for him.


  1. Your style: Giggly


Characterized by: Lots of intermittent smiling and “cutesy” sounds, short quick pecks, eyes open sometimes


What it says to him about you: Unfortunately, he’s going to think of you as a little too young. Giggling, smiling cutely, and being altogether shy is going to make him feel like he’s with an 18-year-old in the back seat of his dad’s car. Not exactly what you should be going for. You’re a woman, and you should act like a woman. A sexual woman’s what he wants.


  1. Your style: Sensual


Characterized by: Pressing hard against him, lots of tongue, eyes always closed, being real handsy all over the body


What it says to him about you: The word “sensual” will naturally make you think “thumbs up!” right? And while that’s true to an extent … you’ll also want to keep in mind that if you’ve just started dating, a deep and intimate makeout sesh isn’t going to be your best idea. It’s a bit too … serious. Instead, you might want to consider a more subtle approach when you first start making out. Otherwise, you’ll scare him off.


How to Kiss: Getting It Perfect


Getting your kissing down perfect can be tough. There are so many factors at play, after all: Lips, spit, tongue, pressure, eyes, hands … So here are some tips to get you started.


  • Do what feels right.


You really care for this guy, right? Well, then go to town, and let your mind and body take over. In other words, stop thinking so much. It’s screwing you up.


  • Pay attention to your current “dating timeline.”


How you kiss with a man should rest largely on where you two are in your dating timeline. In other words, if you’re just starting to get intimate (first kiss, first time touching), don’t take things to the immediate next level by being super handsy and sensual. This is too big of a leap. Take things slower. You can always add in some more aggressive kissing down the line.


  • Take advice from the pros.


Consider getting some practical advice from “How To Kiss a Man To Make Him Fall In Love.” This is a program that outlines exactly how you can make a man fall in love with you and have overwhelming passion and desire for you … with just your kiss. There is one awesome 5-step technique in there that is especially important. It can truly make or break it with the man of your dreams.


Finally, never underestimate the importance of being a great kisser. And put some effort into it! Trust us … he’ll notice right away because not all women do this. And it can make all the difference in your future relationship.


How to Be a Legendary Kisser

6 Tips For Being a Legendary Kisser

By: Faye Roberts


how to be a legendary kisser


You’ve heard all the typical “kissing tips” before:


  • Look him in seductively in the eyes
  • Move your hands over his chest and around his neck
  • Brush your lips softly against his
  • Slowly insert your tongue …


These aren’t bad tips. But they are missing a lot of key information.


Being a legendary kisser isn’t just about your mouth moves. In fact, it’s often a lot about all of your other senses:


  • How you smell
  • How you taste
  • What your lips feel like
  • What you say …


It’s also about timing and a number of factors that have little to do with the actual kiss itself.


Kissing is one of any guy’s favorite things, and if you really dig the man you’re with, you’ll want to give him a kiss to remember you by.


Do this by following these 6 tips for being a legendary kisser.


  1. Pick the Perfect Moment


If this is your first kiss, don’t rush it! But also don’t forget that if your guy’s a little shy, you’ll need to help facilitate that first smooch. This means you can’t just wait and wait until he leans in and lays one on ya. With some guys this may never happen …


Timing is an art. A lot of men want to make the first move, and you might want that too, so you’ll have to help create the situation.


Let’s say it’s the end of the night, and he’s taking you back to your place. As you say goodbye, try:


  • Leaning in to touch and look at the detail on his collar (doesn’t matter if it’s actually interesting)
  • Putting on some chapstick to draw his eyes to your lips (avoid super pigmented lip color for obvious reasons)
  • Invite him in for a drink or to “look at that thing” you were talking about at dinner …


  1. Be Aggressive Against Bad Breath


Of course you don’t have bad breath, right? Not so fast. Bad breath is simply the lingering smell of foods you’ve just eaten. So unless you never eat food, you’ll occasionally have it. A kiss with a fresh mouth is a big turn on! The opposite … not so much.


Fortunately, the solution to bad breath is easy. Start by having good overall oral hygiene, but try to brush and flush after every meal as well.


When you’re out to dinner, excuse yourself to the bathroom before you leave and do a quick brush with a disposable toothbrush. Floss if you need to, and always have a strong mint nearby.


  1. Keep Soft Lips


Believe it or not, a lot of women don’t worry about their lips. But for a great kiss, soft lips are key.


Men don’t say it too often, but they love how soft women can be overall. They love your squishy love handles and that little pooch on your belly. They love the soft skin on your cheeks, your smooth and shiny hair.


And of course, men love soft lips.


So if you have dry lips with little skin snags about ready to peel off, think about doing a little pampering!


It’s easy. Start by using a quick exfoliator every few days: a few drops of olive oil and a little sugar. Put it on, rub gently for 30 seconds, and rinse. In addition, use lip balm regularly, and if you have a little mustache, make sure to wax it occasionally. It’s not so painful, and you can easily do it yourself with at-home wax strips.


  1. Have a Signature Scent


Guys love a woman with a bold, signature scent. Two rules: 1) Choose a modern scent. That is, don’t use the first drugstore perfume your mom bought you that she said she used in high school. And 2) Don’t drench yourself in it. Pulse spots only: neck, wrists, and heart.


In addition, guys are often at “hair level” to you. So you’ll want to have a nice smelling shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. Sometimes, hairspray can smell awful, so make sure to get a nice one. It lingers.


  1. Build Up “Before Kiss” Tension


Again, sometimes everything else besides the actual kiss is the most important part. To help make the lead up to a first (or second or third) kiss super sexy, you’ll want to get close …


This might mean taking crowded public transportation and “being forced to” lean on him (definitely need your signature scent here—it’ll drive him crazy).


Or it might mean showing him the details on the earrings or necklace you just got (up close). Or it might mean using him for stability as you get a rock out of your shoe on the street.


You don’t need to be too touchy. Just get close enough so that he gets a taste of what it would be like to actually kiss you.


  1. Speak Your Mind


Finally, don’t be silent when you kiss. Be sweet. You’re kissing, and he wants to know that you like it. Sure, you can smile to tell him this, but even better, you can give him verbal feedback. Yep, we’re talking about sighs and little moans and even some dirty talk (depending where you’re headed).  


But flirty talk can be intimidating for a lot of women. It’s hard to be nervous and moving and touching and feeling and talking at the same time. What do you say?


Fortunately, The Language of Desire can be your perfect guide to these very situations! The Language of Desire is a program that guides you through what men love in terms of sexy talk and expressing yourself during kissing, foreplay, and sex.


The information you’ll gain from The Language of Desire is indispensable. In fact, it could be the game changer you’ve been looking for to spice up your romantic life!

Just sign up and follow all of these tips for mind-blowing kisses that he’ll never forget.