6 Ways That Guys Love for You to Initiate Sex

6 Ways That Guys Love for You to Initiate Sex


What does he really want in the bedroom?


Oh … lots of things.


  • More lingerie
  • More oral
  • More moans and sighs of ecstasy because he’s doing so amazing at pleasuring you


The list goes on.


Yet there’s one thing that men consistently ask for more of … and it’s something that women might not know about. And might not do too often.


Not because they don’t want to … or because they can’t … or even because they think they shouldn’t. But just because … well, usually they don’t have to do it.


We’re talking about initiating sex.


Get it now? “Don’t usually have to”?


Yeah. At any mention of nooky, boobs, the bedroom, bras, kissing, touching, etc., it seems like your man is always right there *snap* and ready to go to town on you.


And why shouldn’t he be!?


You’re hot.


But … What if you turned the tables? And surprised him with a little hands-down-the-pants at the dinner table or a sexy text message when you know very well he’s at work and won’t be home for hours. Hmm?


Well, we’ve asked and polled and checked with the male population … And they vote an astounding YES to all of the following suggestions. In fact, the following is a list of the TOP ways that men would love for you to initiate sex with them …


  1. Walk into the kitchen with nothing on but a sexy apron.


There are some adorable aprons out there that honestly look great on every figure. Find one with a short skirt and cinched waist (ties in the back) and a small square front. It’s basically like an awesome, looser version of your favorite bathing suit.


The square front will just barely cover your chest, and your bum will … well, when you bend down to check your roast in the oven, he’ll see the whole dang thing. And he’ll love it.


  1. Slip him a love note when you’re both at home.


Remember love notes from high school and how excited you were to get one from your crush or boyfriend? Well, do it again! But you be the one to slip the note to him.


When you’re feeling frisky at home, write something sexy but succinct, like:


“Meet me upstairs in 5? Got something to show you … 😉 Xo”


Then slip it to him and immediately go to the bedroom. Just better book it fast, because he’ll be right on your tail.


  1. Send an unexpected sext his way today.


This one is a must-do for couples. The work day drones on for every guy, but receiving a sexy text can make a boring work day go from meh to amazing.


To learn what exactly to say in your text, read to the end!


  1. Get in bed … with nothing on.


This one’s great if you’re a bit shy about coming on to him. It’s a good “starter initiation”, and with it you’ll see just how much he loves when you initiate sex.


It’s also excellent if you want sex, you want your man satisfied, but maybe you’re not really prepared to go prancing around in lingerie. Not every night is lingerie night, are we right?


So, all ya gotta do? Get in bed a few minutes (or whenever) before he does and … be naked. You don’t even have to say anything. As soon as he leans over to kiss you goodnight or put his arm around you to spoon you … he’ll get the message.


  1. Hop on Top


You’re at home and feeling like getting frisky with your man. Ok, move purposefully without hesitation (imagine you’re a sexy, powerful actress in a movie) but also keep it graceful (light, slow movements) and sit on his lap.


You might have to (again, purposefully yet gracefully) move his: Hands, work, phone, tablet, remote, cup of coffee, beer, etc. Get that out of the way and straddle him. Then say “hi” and smile and start to kiss him. The rest is history.


  1. Mail him an “invitation.”


Ok this one’s like the love note, but way more thought out, and not only will he be raring to go as soon as he reads …




What: Sex

When: Right now.

Where: Right here.

Why: Because I love you (and you’re super hot).


he’ll also think you’re amazing for thinking and planning that far ahead.


But What if You Feel … “Awkward”?


Okay listen, we get it. Not every woman feels like Sharon Stone or Catherine Zeta Jones when she’s trying to flirt or act sexy. For many women, we feel like fakes and frauds (even though we shouldn’t!).


So, to help you feel more fit to the role and comfortable as you woo your hunk of a man, we always recommend a fantastic program called Language of Desire.


This is an entire system of courses written by a woman named Felicity Keith, relationship expert extraordinaire. Felicity takes you through the art of flirtation and seduction both in the bedroom and out.


Learn tips on sexting, living out his fantasies (and yours), and making him completely forget that porn even exists … The things you need to do to follow the program are simple, yet life-changing for you and your partner’s sex lives.


You can try the program by going here, and don’t forget: When it comes to initiating sex, try the techniques above! He’ll fall even more in love with you than he already is—guaranteed.

The Top 4 Things You Can Learn From Expert Sexters

flirtatious texting sexting


If you’ve sent a text, chances are you’ve sent a sext. Er, at least a text that was on the edge of being a sext.


And c’mon. We know you liked it.


When you’re in a committed relationship (or at least dating someone and leading up to a committed relationship), sexting is healthy, exciting and super fun.


But we all weren’t born with the sexting gene …


In other words, some of us are better at the craft than others. Fortunately, those who excel at sexting (so say the recipients of their texty prose), are willing to divulge their secrets.


And all the better for us!


Here’s what you can learn from expert sexters.


#1. You gotta create a story.


Creating an amazing back-and-forth through sexting is like writing a book. You need to A) Set the scene and the characters (you two!), B) Pick the plot and C) Offer lots and lots of detail.


It’s all in the detail. Get creative.


#2 Keep things going. Never end a text without leaving it open for continuation.


Going along with the last one: Don’t close the storyline. This means you have to keep things going.


Have you ever heard people talk about improv comedy? The rule is to say “Yes. And …” to absolutely everything that your improv partner says.


You want to be able to go back and forth easily with your partner so that there’s never a dull moment or an awkward situation where one of you has to build things back up again from scratch.


This is exactly the same sort of thing you have to remember when it comes to sexting. Go with what they say and then add something of your own, and then leave something else open for the other person to react to.


#3 Don’t think too literally.


Remember when we said to Get creative. That’s easier said than done, right? We get it.


But for starters, just remember that the things you sext about may not be actual things you’ve done or even things that you plan on doing.


No, you don’t actually have to be wearing a pink thong to let on that you are. Yes, you can be in your PJs with unwashed hair and having the time of your life sexting.


#4 Put out feelers.


One of the biggest things that people worry about when sexting is what the other person will think of them if they say such-and-such. Usually, it’s something that’s a little bit out of their own comfort zone, and so they assume that the other person might be “freaked out” by it.


If you’re old enough to have seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry starts dirty talking with one of his many girlfriends, you know what we’re talking about. In the episode, Jerry’s girlfriend wants to dirty talk with Jerry, but he’s nervous about what to say. Finally, he says something to try it out, and the woman is totally repulsed by it.


This is the fear.


But don’t let it freak you out too much. The truth of the matter is that if you have a good, loving relationship, you can’t freak your partner out too much. And if you do, you can always laugh it off.


But to avoid this altogether, start by putting out feelers.


For example, if you want to take the conversation in a certain direction, tap into the new topic just a little and see what you get in return. If they seem willing to go there, go for it! If not, change subjects to something more neutral.


Get Sexting Advice From the Pros


The above is naturally advice from people who have sexted a lot, and often, that’s not us. It can be hard to just jump into this game when you’ve never done it before. So if your partner is up for it, and you literally have no idea where to start, fortunately, you have options.


In a nutshell, you can ask the real sexting pros to, well … do it for you.


The Language of Desire Program is a complete relationship guide that can help you hone your communication skills (in and out of the bedroom) to make you the most desirable woman your man has ever laid eyes on.


Whoever it is that you want to seduce or woo or make fall for you will be swept off his feet when you use the special techniques taught through Language of Desire. It’s a serious win, and it’s got tons of programs, guides, techniques AND complete “done for you” texts that you won’t have to even think about. Just press send, and let him come to you …


However you go about seducing your man, don’t forget the power of texting and sexting. We live in the 21st century, and phones and texting aren’t going anywhere! Embrace sexting. Get good at it (with a little help). And see how it can work for you to help you get the man of your dreams—literally any man you desire.


language of desire


The Dirty Little Secret to Keeping Him Infatuated With You

keep him infatuated


Many women feel the pain of their husbands or boyfriends pulling away.


The hurt and sting of these feelings are 100 percent real, and they are compounded with uncertainty and confusion. It seems unfair to be feeling rejected when you have no idea what you did wrong.


Signs that he’s pulling away include:


  1. Open distancing—unreturned calls and texts, staying out late
  2. Lack of sexual enthusiasm—not wanting to have sex at all or not being a loving partner so that your needs are met as well as his
  3. Irritability and moodiness


Solutions to this problem run the gamut, but most are unsuccessful. For example, accusing him of cheating or similar at the second you feel any sort of withdrawal can very well push him away even further. Likewise, you may find that even a well-meaning tête-a-tête with him will only yield justifications and “you’re being paranoid” on his part. You could end up being left with the same unanswered questions.


As a relationship expert, I see a lot of women go through this, and I see how easy it is for them to become confused and depressed—and to stay in this state for months, even years, without anything getting better.

I was actually one of those women.


I was a 42-year-old, slightly overweight suburban mom.


And I used to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and basically feel like I was going to cry through the whole day.


A clinical psychologist would have told me I had chronic anxiety, and I did. But in fact, it wasn’t generalized anxiety as occurs in most patients. I knew it derived from my relationship with my boyfriend.


Kevin and I were in love, but I was so anxiety-ridden thinking he didn’t love me and that he found me repulsive that I couldn’t pull myself together. I was a mess.


I felt he was pulling away and that our strong foundation was being broken off…piece by piece, day by day. I felt he couldn’t want me anymore.


Writing this is difficult, but I’m sending it out there because I know it can help other women who are in the position I was then.


Today, Kevin and I have a wonderful relationship. Without going into too much detail, he sees me as his own personal sex goddess (!) and I feel like that too.


Everything’s changed.


If you’ve been going through a similar situation, there are three things you need to learn in order to help yourself and your relationship. I used them, and it brought me where I am today.


  1. Know that men are more likely to cheat on a super model than they are to cheat on “regular” women.


If you’re wondering who “regular women” are, that’s you and me. And all in all, the above fact really shouldn’t be news. The next time you’re at a supermarket checkout line, just pick up a tabloid and see what beautiful starlet has just gotten her heart broken.


The myth is that men are likely to cheat. And in fact, many do. But they don’t cheat because of looks or body-type. In a recent study by counselor M. Gary Neuman, it was found that 48% of men who cheated said they did so because of emotional dissatisfaction. Only 8% cited sexual dissatisfaction as their reason for cheating.


Often, women feel unsatisfied with the way we look. We’re self-critical animals, and we nitpick every little thing we do. We can convince ourselves that our boyfriends and husbands think we’re awful.


But the thing is, all we need to do is gain a little confidence and perspective and trust our abilities to make our partners happy emotionally. Because this is what truly matters.


Source: The Truth About Why Men Cheat


  1. The only erotic zone on a man that actually matters is his MIND.


Lingerie, diets, toys, “sex tricks” and other similar things are the go-to for women who want to improve their relationships and sex lives. But compared to the erogenous zone of the male mind, these things are nothing. If they do anything, they’re icing on the cake, but not the cake itself.




This is because when a man looks at you, what he sees on the surface in real time doesn’t really matter. Sure, he might look at a woman’s derriere and find it attractive.


But men see “derrieres” all day long. As his partner, you want him to not just “find you attractive” but to be head over heels for you, lusting after you.


And this is possible if you can control how he feels when he thinks about you. This is the root of everything.


It’s what’s in his mind that makes him infatuated with you and just you. That is what inspires him to give you pleasure and romance you as often as he can.


  1. One piece of advice can help you become the only focus of a man’s every fantasy.


Being informed about the importance of taking care of your boyfriend or husband’s emotional health is vital for a solid relationship.


If you read that one more time, you’ll notice that this is a rather novel idea. It certainly is not what we’re taught as women. In fact, we’re taught quite different things throughout our lifetimes.


Think about it.


If you’re a modern woman, you likely got where you are today by being strong and independent. You were taught never to say you needed anyone else.


This is important to note because often, we carry this idea into our romantic relationships. But it’s okay, even necessary at times, to express need to your partner.


So women are taught to be independent, but we’re also taught that our physical appearance is the only way we can be attractive to our partners.


So in a nutshell, we must be emotionally independent and super hot.


But…that’s not correct. In fact, the key to connecting with your partner in a real way—both emotionally and physically—is just saying three little words of vulnerability.


I need you.


Saying this can turn your entire relationship around. Of course, there’s MUCH more to be done, because there is a giant difference between vulnerability (a huge turn-ON) and being needy (a huge turn-off).


But this is where you need to start. You can learn the rest in my presentation on how to make your partner (seriously) absolutely infatuated with you. But start here. I know it can make a difference for you, just like it did for me.


Take care,


Felicity Keith


P.S. My personal story is in this presentation, which is difficult for me to share. Please know that I’m sharing it not to brag or anything else. It’s meant to help other women see what I’ve gone through and to help you improve as I was able to do.


P.P.S. Also, please know that this presentation that was so helpful to me is not a “tactic” to manipulate your partner. In a strong relationship, there should never be manipulation. Rather, this is a strategy for reinventing your connections to make them stronger and more potent. In other words, don’t worry about your boyfriend or husband thinking you’re pulling one over on him.


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