He Has Shut Me Out of Our Relationship

He Has Shut Me Out of Our Relationship

It’s been a year that I have been in a relationship with my bf, we live just one 35 minute plane ride away from each other. I had him in my community for 1 month, then he finally went home, and suddenly after a couple of days, he shut me out and he won’t tell me the reason why. I kept asking him what the reasons are, he said distance was one of them, and he wouldn’t tell me the other reasons. I gave him many chances to be with me, but I’ve got only very few chances from him. Is he worth the wait? Will he open up to me and everything’s back to the way it was? It’s been almost two weeks now that he has shut me out.

I won’t be second fiddle.

Lip Service question – I won’t be second fiddle.  Please help out our friend by leaving us your thoughts.

I am currently in a unique situation. I’ve met a woman whose heart I connected with instantly several months ago. Our connection is evident in that we feel each other constantly. Have been together intimately several times and it goes beyond just the physical. Very spiritual in nature. We are opposite gender persons/mirrors of each other. Totally amazing experience. She is one of the sweetest, loveliest and loving women I’ve met, let alone had the privilege to be involved with.

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