Using the Mirror Technique to Capture & Keep the Attention of Your Man


Many women wonder what it would be like to capture and keep the attention of a man, in a way that literally drives him insane with desire. So, what is it like being the center of your man’s universe?


You don’t know? That’s okay. You will shortly. It is not as hard as you might believe.

If you follow these simple steps presented in this short article, it will literally change your life.

Amy North is a YouTube celebrity that has built her fame by providing women with advice that has helped them land and keep the man of their dreams. In a recent video, she shared three simple, yet powerful, ways to hook a man and keep him.

Follow these three steps and watch how much your man literally clings to you.


  1. Develop the Willingness to be Assertive


Here is a secret that many women are completely unaware of: When a man asks where you would like to eat, and you defer by responding, “I don’t care, or you pick, he will not interpret your response as you being flexible, he will see it as you being wishy washy and uninterested. Men cannot stand a wish washy woman. When they ask you what you want, they really want you to tell them.

Additionally, this type of wish washy response gives the impression that you lack confidence. To him, it seems that you are not sure of what you want — again, not good. No one likes to deal with an indecisive person — especially men.

It is okay to be confident. You shouldn’t be afraid to assert yourself, being very specific about what it is that you want. Men are direct in their communication with one another, and they absolutely love it when a woman can be direct in her communication with them. An added bonus to this approach is that you will actually get exactly what you want, instead of hoping that he figures it out on his own.

Let’s be honest, men are horrible at reading between the lines.


  1. Transform His Mistakes Into an Opportunity to Make Him Feel Lucky


It is easy to fall into a routine of playfully teasing a person when they make a mistake; however, you could be missing an ideal opportunity to make your man feel lucky — even if being teased doesn’t bother him. If you play it right, you can make him feel extremely lucky to have a woman like you in his corner.

Here is an example. Say that he is driving you to a restaurant and you notice that he makes a wrong turn, instead of making fun of the mistake, you can say something like, “that’s okay, I am simply happy to be with you, regardless of where we end up.

Not only will this make him feel better about making the mistake, which can be a problem with manly pride, but it will also make him aware of your ability to make a potentially bad situation better — a trait that makes you someone definitely worth holding on to.


  1. Get His Attention Instantly by Using the Mirror Technique


It has been proven through numerous studies that men and women express love in distinctly different ways. Actually, this is perfectly fine, it is what provides the flavor to a relationship. Where this can be a problem is when you are expecting someone to show their love in a particular way, and they show it in another.

Men often operate in the physical realm — complimenting their mates and giving them gifts. Pay attention to how your man expresses his love to you, and mirror him. If he constantly showers you with compliments, then you should do the same. If he is a gift giver, take the time out to buy him a gift. When you mirror the manner in which your man expresses his love, you will be surprised at how connected he feels with you. He is simply responding to what he naturally interprets as love.

These steps are only a short portion of what Amy shares with the followers of her online program, and once you start following her, you will not be able to quit.


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