How To Raise His ‘Emotional Temperature’ So He’ll Finally Fall for You

emotional temperature


You may not think that men have an emotional temperature.


After all, they’re always tight lipped about their emotions. And they seem to truly not care about most other people’s emotions either.


The truth is, however … men are just as emotional as women.


Just like women, men get certain “vibes” from people that either turn them on … or off. They mull over complex problems in their lives. They dwell and stress about things they’ve said or done in the past, and they freak out about their futures. They’re just like us.


And when it comes to love, the truth is, how a man feels emotionally about a woman has little to nothing to do with how women look. OK, their animal instincts might be attracted to a woman’s looks. But emotionally … it’s something different altogether. A man is not going to be attracted or not attracted to a woman only based on her body, face, hair, clothes, etc.


But women don’t understand this. We think that the only way to a man’s heart is through his pants.


Not true.


Men just process their emotions differently. They gather information about potential mates differently. And in this way, they are often highly misunderstood.


Men have an emotional gauge in them that tracks how responsive they are to certain women, and this gauge reacts to several different attributes that women may or may not have.


  • Kindness
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Vulnerability
  • Intellect
  • Skill
  • Passion
  • Communicability


These are the things men want in a woman. These are the female traits that make a man’s emotional temperature sky rocket. And men can see these traits in you (or a lack of them) very keenly.


So what does this mean for you and the man you want to love you?


It means you have some work to do.


If you are in love with a man who you desperately want to pay more attention to you and love you back … You need to know how to conduct yourself around him.


Because how you act, what you do, and what you say is what can either make him turn you into his mental obsession, the love of his life or … just another girl he knows or maybe met one time.


Which one do you want to be?


The 5 Steps to Making Him Fall for You


Step 1: Do Your Research


Start by knowing this man. Understand him and try to see what his likes and dislikes are. Don’t act on this information (for instance, don’t go and buy a boat just because he likes sailing), but do get a better sense of what kind of a person he is, so that you can better understand his emotions.


Step 2: Just … Be There


This one is simple. You just need to put yourself in his path. Hopefully, you two see each other on a regular basis in some way. Maybe you attend the same religious services, run in the same circle of friends, or work at the same place. You want to establish yourself as someone he sees regularly.


Even if he works at a restaurant that you frequent, you want to strike up a consistent relationship with him by going there once a week, say, and giving him a smile every time you see him. It doesn’t have to be a deep relationship. Just consistent.


Step 3: Show Him You Care


He may not notice you yet if you two haven’t met, or if you know each other, maybe it’s just as an acquaintance. But now you need to take things up a notch. You need to show him that you are kind and thoughtful.


Recommend a book he might like based on what he’s liked in the past. Tell him with sincerity how much you appreciate his kind service or the knowledge he has in his field (i.e., give him a heartfelt compliment). Do anything that takes you from being just anyone to being someone who has shown a sign of kindness to him in particular.


Step 4: Let Him See You at Your Best


Now, when you see you shine. Make sure you are presenting your best physical self and your best emotional and intellectual self.


This means shine your shoes and comb your hair, but also bring new ideas and thoughts to the table. Be able to discuss current events, talk about your accomplishments (with humility), and show interest in new ideas and topics. If you have a knack for dressing nicely, put together a great outfit. If you excel at drawing or painting, enter a piece in a show he might see. Show off a bit!


Step 5: Be Relaxed and Say No to Drama


This is the step that says: Be yourself. You may think you are no good as yourself or that you need to improve. First, stop being so self-critical. Second, realize that people are really attracted to authentic individuals.


If you can be yourself, it won’t be the fact that you are A, B or C (for example, A=funny, B=sexy, or C=witty) that attracts others. It will be the fact that you are being yourself that attracts them. In other words, be anyone, but be yourself, and if you can do that, you’re headed in the right direction.


In addition, don’t be dramatic. For example, if you hang out in the same group of friends, steer clear of friend drama. That doesn’t look good on anyone.


Step 6: Talk. But Do It the Right Way.


Now comes the moment of truth. You’ve done just the thing that every great author says you must do to tell a story … you’ve shown yourself to him. Now it’s time to do the telling.


Why relate your desire for this man to a story? Isn’t it obvious? Remember those things called fairy tales? Ever seen a romantic comedy film?


These are stories written about the absolute best that love can be. And now you’re writing your own story.


When it comes time to speak to the man of your dreams, you need to be smart. What do you say exactly?


Well, one thing you can try is “I’ve never met anyone like you before.” This will tell him that A) He is special to you and B) He’s special.


This is what he wants to hear. He needs to make these connections.


For everything else you need to know about talking to this man and making him go absolutely crazy for you, you need Mesmerizing Phrases.


 Mesmerizing Phrases is a program for women that teaches you  Mesmerizing Phrases for making any man wish, want, and need you. These phrases will turn you into a mental obsession for him.


From here, once you’ve learned these key phrases and learned how to use them to win over your man … it’s smooth sailing. Your guy will finally understand what he has been missing with you. He’ll see all of you and instinctively feel unconditional love for you … and you only.


Sense He’s Pulling Away? It Could Be Because You’re Doing This

He's pulling away


He’s coming over less. He stopped using “xoxo” or heart emojis when he texts. When you do spend time together, he seems distant and irritated. What’s happening?


He’s pulling away.


Well … this is the worst. Right? Yep.


This is what you fear.


Him either just walking out on you completely one day. Or saying the dreaded: “We need to talk.”


Here are some other signs he’s becoming distant and maybe even planning his exit from your relationship:


  • He checks his phone more than he pays attention to you.
  • Yet his calls and texts to you are few and far between.
  • When he does text, there are no funny messages or playful endearments.
  • When he hangs out with others, he doesn’t invite you anymore.
  • He’s testy and always ready to disagree with whatever you say.
  • He touches you less.
  • You never talk about the future anymore. If you bring it up, he’s vague or unresponsive.


Yeah. He’s pulling away.


There are 3 main reasons that men say they pull away from their women.


Now, this is not about the “blame game.” But many times, why a man pulls away has to do with the woman’s role in the relationship. Men definitely have their own role and fault in all of this, and we’ll talk about that later …


But as far as women go, there are things we do that literally drive men away! And still, we do them so often that we hardly notice any more.


Well, heads up ladies!


If you want to keep your man around (or get him back!), pay attention:


The Top 3 Things Women Do That Make Men Pull Away


  1. You’re too needy and clingy.


This can take different forms. But in general, when a woman is too needy and clingy, she lacks self confidence. And this is not only unattractive to men, it makes them feel like they don’t have their own lives.


When you don’t do anything just for yourself, he sees you as being completely dependent on him. Men don’t want to be with a woman who is like a lost little puppy following them. They want to be with a woman who is strong and self confident. Plus … they want to feel like they can go to you when they are feeling sad or upset sometimes.


  1. You blame him for everything, and he feels victimized.


There is a classic joke that women are nags. Unfortunately, humor often has underlying truth. As women, we are often perfectionists, and yeah, we can be a little controlling. So when we find ourselves in a close relationship with a man who may … or more likely may not do things the way we do, it gets our haunches up.


But men don’t get it. “Why do the towels have to be folded in thirds?” they ask innocently. “I’m sorry, I had no idea there was a difference between organic apple cider vinegar and regular …” they say frightened as we stomp around the kitchen.


Thing is: They just see this as us being jerks. And indeed, we can be jerks.


Over time, it gets on their nerves, enough so that they might end up spending less and less time around us …


  1. You don’t understand what men need emotionally.


Oh, you think you do. You definitely think you know. But do you?


Men are complex creatures. You think they just want sex and to watch sports and eat a really big, meaty sandwich on the weekends. Maybe do some golfing, fishing, drinking …


Ok fair enough. But this isn’t how all men are.


They have feelings, thoughts and emotions just as complicated as women. The key is …


They’re hard to notice.


They don’t try to hide them. They just do. It’s just natural. But women don’t get this. Women think that if they can’t see, sense or hear emotional, thoughtful things in someone … they’re not there.


And that’s the problem.


Men feel like they aren’t being heard or seen for who they are deep down. And women don’t know how to tap into these reservoirs of emotion in their men … or notice the signs emit when they are desperately trying to connect with their women. (Ok, they’re pretty hard to pick up on. But you can learn how to see them.)


How to Fix the Problem – Remember, You Have a Limited Window of Time


You need to reel him back in without resorting to your old ways (see above). This is hard for a lot of women because you’re just set in the way you do things. You cling, you nag, and you ignore the signs of his innermost feelings without even realizing it.


This last one is most important. Knowing what your man needs emotionally is vital, and even more vital is knowing how to tap into the emotions you want to see within him.


This isn’t manipulation. Men need this from women. Just as women need men who can support them emotionally, who can be strong when they feel weak, who can build them up when they’re feeling down. It’s why we fit so well together (when it works!).


The first 2 reasons he’s probably pulling away (you’re clinging and you nag him about his faults too often) are quite easy to remedy.


  • Try to give him space.
  • Wait for him to “come to you” sometimes.
  • Get your own hobbies and interests.
  • Relax your idea of perfection.
  • Appreciate him for who he is, and tell him you appreciate him.
  • Focus on his best qualities.


But how do you address number 3? How do you know what to say to trigger him to open up to you?


Well, that’s where you’ll probably need some coaching. Something like Mesmerizing Phrases can help. Mesmerizing Phrases is quite literally a program that tells you the exact right things to say to your man to make him love and desire you … even if he’s just steps away from completely breaking it off with youYou can stop him from leaving.


These words and phrases can actually even get your ex back. But of course, if you can catch him and use these techniques before he walks out the door, keeping the love of your life in your life will be much easier.


Really, what you need to remember in the end is that sometimes, women can make these classic 3 mistakes in relationships when we’re not even aware. The old adage “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” (or girlfriend in this case) is not the way it should be.


Women who love and want to keep their men need to realize what they are doing in the relationship that might sadly end up driving their partners away. Realize these things, and fix them. That’s the answer to a happy relationship … and life.

Friends With Benefits – What Happens When You Want More?



So you want more with a guy you’ve been seeing?


Okay, maybe you haven’t really been seeing him. More like seeing his clothes fly off and flashes of his skin here and there as you hit the bed at about 1am every night.


You’re in the dreaded: Friends with benefits relationship where booty calls abound …


For some, friends with benefits ain’t so bad.


Say, for him.


He’s got a hot girl (you), sex all the time, probably a very nice gal pal (you), and he’s got none of the other stuff that comes with a relationship (for example, one with you).


  • No living together
  • None of that so-called nagging from his girl
  • No remembering anniversaries and birthdays
  • No meeting parents
  • No spending copious amounts of money on dinner dates and expensive perfumes


One could easily say … he’s got it made in the shade. And you could too if this is what you wanted.


Yet … you don’t.


You want more.


Well … as you can see, hon … you’ve got a tough road ahead.


First of all, putting all of the above aside (the fact that he gets the sex and adoration of a relationship minus the tougher parts), you are in a pickle here, sweetheart, because you’ve already played your winning card.


(Yep, your sex card.)


So. What’s a woman to do?


Get to work, that’s what! There is a way to get this guy to truly care about you. A lot of women give up right about here, but there are options out there. Sometimes, guys just need a little subtle coaching … and we think you’d make a great coach.


How to Become the Woman He Wants Emotionally


  1. Don’t tell him you want more (yet).


Please, for heaven’s sake, resist the urge to profess your love (right now). This is like digging yourself a grave. Whether you like it or not, you two are not in a relationship currently for a reason.


Obviously, you’ve already given off signs that you’re into him. For example:


  • He calls, you answer.
  • He wants “to hang” at random times, you drop everything.
  • He likes red, lacey boy short panties, you miraculously have those same red, lacey boy short panties the next time he comes over.


In other words, he probably already knows you’re into him, but he’s not doing anything about it. This is likely because he sees you as someone who he connects with on solely a sexual level. You’re not even registering to him as a potential relationship.


Don’t make things worse by changing this equation at random. You’ve got to ease into this transition.


  1. Be busy.


Now’s the time to take yourself out of the only sexual zone. This means you’ve got to be busy sometimes when he wants to hook up. Maybe not all the time, but sometimes, “have plans.”


Just be sure to be nice about it, and do hang out sometimes because you don’t want him to write you off. Remember, to him, you’re not even in the relationship potential zone yet. You’re a friend … with benefits. If you seem too busy to him altogether and completely, he’ll probably just assume that you’re done with the arrangement and let you mosey on off.


  1. So make sure he still sees what you’re up to (thank you Internet!).


Hopefully you’re friends on Facebook or Instagram, and this is a great way to keep him tied in with what you’re up to. And make it exciting.


This will be fun. Be busy going out, traveling, trying exotic new cuisine. Add in a few of the hobbies you mutually share. Does he love history? Tell him you’re busy (the next 2am he texts you) because you’ve got to get up early to go to the new exhibit at the museum.


Furthermore, try dating. You’ve got a right to after all; you’re not in a relationship.


  1. Up your game.


Ok, if you haven’t already, put your best foot forward. Take great care of yourself, eating well and exercising, looking fine, keeping your ducks in a row at work or school, and enriching yourself with hobbies and interests. This is going to attract him physically, but it’s also going to show him that you care about yourself. That’s important.


  1. Pull the throttle back slightly on you two.


If the timing feels right, have a few vague conversations with your crush about how you want to get more serious with someone. Again, put your best foot forward here, and be mature.


  1. Hit him with these key phrases.


Ok, now. You’re busy more often, you may or may not be seeing other guys, you’ve stepped up your glam game, and he’s probably not quite so satisfied as he usually is with your … ahem, arrangement.


It’s time to speak the words you’ve been longing to speak for weeks, or months, or maybe even years. But not just any words, mind you. You need to use words and phrases that are particular, just for this situation.


These are called Obsession Phrases, and you can find them here. These phrases will steal his heart. They will make him into who you had been with him in the past. He will lose all interest in other women just as you have lost interest in other men, and he’ll pine for you. Sounds sort of crazy, we know. But men are much more aural than we give them credit for. What they hear has so much to do with what they think and how they act. Often, much more so than for women.


Women don’t realize this, and therefore, they sort of drop the ball where words and talking are concerned. Often, women just say whatever they’ve been thinking or fumble their words so that the meaning is misconstrued. You may not think you do this, but it’s just natural, so you probably do it without knowing.


These phrases will help you understand what men need to experience when they’re spoken to by a woman who needs their love. For example, something so small as saying his name with specific pacing and tone can set wheels spinning in his head that he never knew he had—feelings for you.


The truth is, getting this guy to love you won’t be simple. It will take work, that’s for sure. But isn’t love worth it?


If you think so, then go for it! Use what you’ve learned here, and don’t give up on him.