How to Trigger Her Sexual Hot Button

How to Trigger Her Sexual Hot Button (and it’s not what you think!)

by Lawrence Lanoff


I can guess by reading that headline you have visions of the female anatomy dancing through your imagination. What I’m talking about here has nothing to do with places below the waistline…it’s about tickling the space between her ears.

I like to say sex happens in the body but eroticism happens in the mind. And with women, unlocking her sexual imagination is the most powerful component to physical intimacy. Frankly, it is what will make her think of you as the best she’s ever had.

Knowing how to turn her on with words is how you go from being so-so to Sexual Superhero.

There are two core emotional triggers that women have…

  1. She wants to feel sexually irresistible
  2. She wants to feel adored

Now, don’t worry, I do give you plenty of advice about mastering the other “button” in my program Language of Lust (big hint: stop thinking of it as a button). Let’s face it, technique is certainly part of the equation.

However, the first piece of your sexual technique is what you say and how you make her feel.

Pretty much every woman you meet carries some degree of anxiety about her sexuality and her looks. Because in our culture, women are taught from a young age that their sexuality is shameful, only to be shared in very specific ways, not to be explored, and something they will be judged about. And everywhere she looks, she is told her value is based on her physical appearance.

Yes, even the most sexually confidant woman can have residual fear around how she shares her body and who she shares it with. And how she looks sharing it.

That is why it’s so incredibly important for you to make her feel safe to unleash her inner sex Goddess.

You start to create that safe place for her to relax and connect through the language you engage her with.


Hot Button Phrases

The easiest place to start is with a few specific phrases. I find these are great to send as text messages but they work well face to face, too.

If you aren’t in the habit of saying these types of things, I think starting out rated PG is your best bet. You can always take it more explicit later.

You have me so turned on just thinking of you.

Your body is so beautiful, I love exploring every inch.

What are you doing to me? I can’t stop thinking about you.

Damn, I am one lucky man.

You turn me on like no other woman.

I love how much pleasure you give me.

You feel so amazing, you know that right?

I find you completely irresistible.

You have me crazy with desire for you.

And these are just a few examples. If you are ready to totally tap into her sexual imagination, be the Sex God of her dreams, and make her addicted to you, check out this quick video I’ve put together.







Be a Gentleman in the Streets and a Casanova in the Sheets

Gentleman in the Streets, Casanova in the Sheets

By: Felicity Keith


Men, I get it. You are in a tough spot. You love women and want to treat them right (your mama taught you well after all)…and yet the last thing you want is to be that boring “nice guy” who fails to win her heart (or get her off).

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to be both a gentleman AND get the girl. And prove you are a total rock star in bed in the process.

How you do this is by combining confident language with your good manners…and a strong dose of naughtiness.

Yes, you can thrill her from her hair down to her toenails by boldly stating just how bad you want her.

How much she turns you on.

Why sex with her is absolute heaven on earth.

Without crossing a line or being offensive.

Never coming across like a wimp.

…or sounding like a cheesy romance novel.

Why Words Work

My friend Lawrence Lanoff, author of The Language of Lust, likes to say “sex happens in the body, eroticism happens in the mind”.  And it’s true. I teach it in my program for women and now he’s teaching it to men.

Language is your way in to her mind and into her emotions. Words stimulate the imagination and create a space to explore fantasies. Language is the ultimate sexuality hack.

Understanding the basic principle behind the language of lust means you don’t need to know what she likes or what she doesn’t like. There are universal truths that are basically guaranteed to work on any woman if you do them right.

Here’s the deal…nothing makes a woman feel more sexy than knowing how turned on she is making you. Verbalizing your desire validates her and in turn, makes her desire you more.

And when you confidently tell her how she’s affecting you and give her permission to be sexually uninhibited, you elevate your sexual status to Rock Star in her eyes.


Winning Phrases to Use

Women like to feel adored…and they also love knowing that just their very essence fills you to the brim with desire. And sure, that sounds a little like sexual objectification. Yet when done the right way, won’t offend her. I promise.

Tell her things like…

  • Good lord you are sexy. Do you have any idea how much you turn me on?
  • My body is tingling all over thinking about what I’m going to do to you when I see you tonight.
  • Thoughts of you have me so distracted today. I’m thinking of so many deliciously naughty things…

She also wants to know you are tuned in to her needs, likes, and preferences. You show her that her experience matters by confidently asking questions to engage her imagination and share with you.

  • What does it feel like when you are really humming with desire?
  • What are some things that really turn you on?
  • Have you ever been surprised by something that turned you on?

Lawrence shares a ton of Winning Phrases to use along with the dangerous Failing Phrases to avoid at all costs in his program.

Listen, there is a plethora of bad advice out there for guys like you. Some of it downright slimy, manipulative, and unethical. A smart guy knows there has to be a better way. Check out this video my friend Lawrence put together for men like you.

Take it from me, a woman who teaches about sex and love, what Lawrence has to share with you will absolutely blow her mind and have her squirming with desire for you.





9 Signs He’s Mr. Wrong For You

9 Signs He’s Mr. Wrong For You

by Claire Casey

mr wrong for you

What if you could accurately predict whether or not the guy you’re dating is a relationship disaster waiting to happen? What are some of the red flags that indicate trouble ahead?

Below you’ll find a list you can use to uncover the warning signs that you’re in a potential no-go zone. If you find yourself checking off several of the items, you may need to seriously evaluate whether your man will be a “keeper” or whether you’re headed for heartbreak.

Warning: The list works both ways, of course! It’s one thing to rate your boyfriend, but it’s also telling to know how well he would rate you on these things too…

1. Neither of you have experienced any personal growth since you started dating each other.

Before you commit to someone you should have already experienced some minor problems together, and feel confident that the two of you can get out your maps and successfully re-chart a course that works for both of you. If you haven’t weathered a crisis and come out stronger for it, you still have things to work on before you make your decision to commit.

2. You are not one of the top 3 priorities in his life.

He can find time to work extra hours for a big promotion, play video games every day, help his dad restore that 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, and hang out with his buddies most weekends…but he can’t return your calls or be counted on to show up when and where he says he’ll meet you? You’re not a priority in his life.

Take a look at the top three things he makes time for every single week. Are you in there on a consistent basis? If not, you may need to face a painful truth about your importance in his life.

3. You have the sense that he’s hiding something from you.

It takes time and work to build trust between two people, and if you consistently feel like there are things he’s hiding from you, you probably still have some work to do before you’re ready to dive into a big commitment. You should know where his money comes from and what his general background is. You should be able to rely on him to do what he says he will do and be where he tells you he’ll be.

Still feel like there’s secretive things going on? Then it’s too soon to say “yes.”

4. Your most-trusted friends hate him, and he hates them, too.

When you’re in the initial stages of falling in love, it’s going to be hard for you to hear anything your friends have to say about your new love interest if it sounds the least bit critical.

But if your smartest, emotionally healthiest friends have grave misgivings about your paramour, that’s a pretty good indicator that there’s something amiss.

5. He’s deep in an addiction. (Or you are.)

If one or both of you are deep in the middle of an addiction battle, put off any conversations about committing to a long-term relationship. Save the commitment for when you BOTH have strong habits for self-care and you are ready to put the biggest part of your energy into your relationship.

6. You’re never sure whether he’s about to show affection or become violent.

Blaming, shaming, harming, and hitting often go hand-in-hand with charm and sweet-talking for some of the most dangerous men, which can set up confusion and keep their victims constantly off guard. Your safety is paramount, and no amount of justification can make emotional or physical abuse acceptable.

7. He tears down other people (PS: You’re next).

He has a dozen reasons why he shouldn’t have to pay child support, and he just can’t seem to find a single non-nasty thing to say about your mother. The world conspires against him, and he’s gotten a raw deal, the unlucky breaks, the sucky bosses, and nothing is ever his fault.

If he trash talks everything and everyone around him, chances are he is unwilling to take a look at himself to see just how offensive he is. There’s about as much chance of a healthy relationship with a a guy like this as there is putting out a forest fire with a water pistol.

8. He doesn’t value your opinion.

Does he always expect you to do things his way? Is every important choice or observation that you make instantly overruled by him? Sometimes women are happy to let a man lead, but if you’re finding that your opinion, preferences, or ideas are consistently unwelcome or regularly shot down, you’re not with the right man.

9. He has money for fun stuff, but can’t pay the rent.

At first these guys are a lot of fun. They know how to party and don’t mind dropping some cash to treat a woman well. However, it soon becomes clear that there are some significant issues with priorities. If he sports luxury Lugano shades and wants to take you to Dubai, but just got evicted from his crappy apartment because he didn’t pay the rent, you know.

What are your “Deal-Breakers”?

Even though I’ve named some of the bigger potential red flags, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Leave me a comment below and share some of the ways you’ve found to sort the keepers from the ones that need to be returned back to the wild…

Do you wonder what the man in your life really thinks about you? Do you wish you knew why he communicates the way he does and what his words really mean? Check out The Secret Survey to learn how to effectively interpret and communicate with men.


About Claire:

Claire Casey blogs at Ask Claire Casey and devotes her writing to helping you attract the kind of man who will treasure and protect your heart like the rare and beautiful gem it is. You can take Claire’s Love Number Quiz (it’s free) and make this YOUR year for love! 

Article Source: Digital Romance, Inc.