Use These Provocative Little Phrases to Instantly Tantalize Him

Provocative phrases


Words vs. Looks


Who do you think will win?


Most women assume that you must be gorgeous in order to get a good man. That you have to have a great face and legs to catch someone’s attention.


Forget how you talk to him, right?


And sure. Having a killer figure, a clear complexion, great hair and a head-turning smile is a great way to catch a man’s attention.


But that’s just it … It only goes so far: Gets their attention.


What happens after that?


The thing about words … The thing about language … is that it supersedes looks. In fact, if you know how to use your words in a witty, provocative, intelligent way … It supersedes everything. You can literally get any man you desire. And this has been proven time and again.


A Sexy Bod: It Doesn’t Actually Do Much, Ladies


We’ve all known that woman who has it all in the looks department: She’s gorgeous, sexy, alluring and movie star-like in all the best ways. Next to her, you feel like a teenager who just hit puberty. Standing by her, everything about you is awkward. You become increasingly aware that your skin is far from perfect, that you’re too short, too chubby, too unfashionable.


But the weird thing that you might notice about this woman is that she doesn’t always get the guy.  Sure, sometimes women like this can have any guy they want. They definitely attract them. But where a solid relationship with an amazing man is concerned … it’s hit or miss. Some women look the part. But when it comes down to reeling in the catch, they fail miserably.


What’s unique about having a mastery of language and words and what makes this so different from just having great looks is that it works 100 % of the time. So, to answer the question above (Words vs. Looks)?


Words. Words, darling.


Oh, and another thing: The wonderful thing about having the right knowledge about what to say, when to say it and how to say it is that it literally doesn’t matter what look like. Seriously, if you know what you’re doing, if you use the right provocative phrases, you can get literally any man want.


Even if they don’t even know you.

Even if they’ve flat out rejected you.

Even if they’ve dated you once and left you …


You can make them not only fall in love with you … but you can make them crave you … need you. Day and night, they’ll be pining away for YOU.



“Not ready for marriage?”

“Got a new girlfriend?”


The right words work.


So …  then the question is, what exactly are you supposed to say?


Well, there’s a wealth of information on this topic, but let’s just cut to the chase, yeah?


Below, we’ve listed five examples of the most provocative little phrases that will instantly tantalize any man you desire.


  1. “I’ve been thinking about you.”


Hey, flattery works. How do you feel when someone says they’ve been thinking about you? Pretty darn good, right? This is how men feel too.


Surprisingly (extremely surprisingly actually) beautiful women avoid saying stuff like this. No, it’s true. Women who are only beautiful and basically nothing else think that they don’t have to flatter men, and this is where they get everything completely wrong. Men literally become uninterested in them because of this.


  1. “Sorry, I’m busy.”


Being unavailable is one of the most underrated techniques for getting the man of your dreams on the planet. Again, just enlist your own feelings around this theory: How do you feel if you invite someone to do something and they say they’re busy?


Most of the time, you feel like they have a life and you don’t. You’re trying to get them to join in on what you’re doing, but they’ve already got a whole thing going on … a whole world of social arrangements, friends, hobbies and interests that DON’T involve you.


Therefore … tell a man who asks you to hang out with him or get together for an impromptu work outing, for example, that you’re busy. Yep, even if you’re not. You got your own life, hun. And he’s not involved with it.


This intrigues men. They don’t want you to have your own life. They want to know what you’re doing!


On the other hand, if you were to follow them around like a puppy dog, they’d already know what it is you do. And what you do is pretty lame: You follow them around.


Don’t be a puppy dog. Tell him your busy. And wait for the call.


  1. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.”


Again, flattery wins the day. In this case, flattery is used to make this man feel unique and special—different from the herd.


This is a feeling that everyone wants to feel. Everyone wants to feel like they are exceptional, irreplaceable. And when you point this out, it makes men feel even more excited about themselves, and they link this feeling with you.


  1. “I love your ________.”


Ok, when we say that men want to be flattered, we mean it. But, hey doesn’t everyone? Furthermore, this is a different type of flattery: It makes him feel unique in a way that can literally be pinpointed.


Naturally, you need to fill in the blank with this phrase. So, pick out something that you truly do love or appreciate about him. But here’s the key: Try to make it something other than his looks. You might tell them that you love the way he speaks about a passion of his or the way he listens to other or how kind or calm he is.


Then, say it with feeling. Don’t mention it flippantly. Instead, took in his eyes and tell him what it is that you truly love about him.


  1. “I can’t wait to see you …”


Finally, if things have gotten to a more advanced level and you’re getting ready for a date or even just a get-together, tell him how excited you like to see him. Not only will this fire him up and get him excited for the coming meeting, but it will reassure him that you truly appreciate and like him as a person. Surprisingly, this is simply not done enough by women, who often tend to think that men don’t need reassurance. This is not true, and it’s a mistake that many women make.


Oh, and this phrase? It’s great for texts and emails especially. A little note that will remind him of you and make him feel good.


Need more phrases like these?


These phrases work. Which means they’ll go fast … you can’t go around reusing them and reusing ad nauseam, after all. They just don’t pack the same punch the second and third time around. Which means you’ll need more … so here’s a secret tip about where you can get additional phrases of the exact same kind (some, even better … and hotter!):


Head to Love Traction Lines.


Love Traction Lines is a program that offers you a highly-coveted list of proven to work detailed phrases. These lines and phrases are backed by proper scientific research to get him completely hooked on you. They’ll get stuck in your head and make him start thinking about you ever moment of every day.


Remember, looks are great to an extent. But looks fade. And they don’t do enough to attract real men—those who desire women who can tantalize and literally torment them with amazing phraseology and wit. Use the phrases listed above. And go to Love Traction Lines. With these two sources of dialogue, you will make whatever man you want fall madly in love with you.

Why The Most Awesome Women End Up With The Biggest Jerks

Awesome women date jerks


Everyone’s known that awesome girl who’s funny, nice, smart and attractive … and who always seems to end up with that awful guy who’s rude, inattentive, irresponsible and never appreciates her.


What’s going on here?


Lots of people want to know.


Maybe you’re the best friend who’s looking on at this train wreck of a relationship wondering how to help. Maybe you’re the Nice Guy who is sure he would never treat this amazing woman so terribly and doesn’t understand how she could be so foolish to think that a jerk like that deserves her.


Or … maybe you’re the amazing woman. And you’re just starting to realize that you’ve been dating complete jerks for years … Maybe you’re dating one right now.


Regardless, you’re surely wondering what always seems to go so completely wrong with the judgment of these amazing women.


Well, you’re about to find out.


Because no, women do not just flock to these jerky idiots for fun. There are actual reasons why the “bad guy always gets the girl.”


How a Ms. Amazing Can End Up With a Mr. First-Class Jerk


  1. She’s attracted to his smug attitude and neglect.


It doesn’t really make sense, but when a guy is always “busy,” doesn’t respond to your texts or calls, ogles other women, makes you pay and and doesn’t act like he cares about you in any way shape or form … it can be an odd turn that leaves you wanting more.


  1. All she cares about is good looks and a smokin’ bod.


A lot of women are naturally attracted to good looks and a hot body. Who wouldn’t be?


But what’s sad here is that a lot of women put these attributes first and above all else. Women who are themselves very attractive and physically fit will only seek these features in their potential partners. They will put a six pack, strong jaw and flawless skin above being kind, decent, reliable and faithful. Naturally, this is to their detriment.


  1. She wants to be his “The One.”


Yep, often these women want to be “The One.” But they want to be a particular type of The One. Specifically, they want to be The One … who finally changes him.


They know that he’s a jerk, that he’s been unreliable and perhaps even unfaithful to other women in the past. But they think that if they can finally nail this guy down and change him … well, they just like that idea a lot.


Why? We don’t really know. Power? Control? Special privileges? Maybe. Regardless, they want to be that special girl, and they are continually holding out hope that they will be. That’s why they continue to date The Jerk.


  1. She thinks: “Dangit he’s a jerk, yeah … but the chemistry is SO hot.”


Again, weirdly, men who are the biggest jerks can also be the most attractive. In particularly, these guys have talent in the flirtation department. The banter back and forth between them can be tantalizing—and let’s face it, that spice just isn’t present with “Nice Guys” (for good reason). Fortunately, with these women, over time, they realize that chemistry and great flirting abilities can’t fix everything.


  1. She loves the hunt and the challenge of this hard-to-nail-down jerk.


This one is sort of like number three—that these women really want to be the one who changes him—but it’s a little different.


Lots of women just love the challenge of making a man fall head over heels for her. They don’t want to be this guy’s “The One.” They just want to make him fall for her … and then they leave.


  1. She actually likes that he’s rough and tough.


Some women know exactly what they’re doing with these jerks. And they like it.


Sure, it doesn’t make sense to the rest of us, but a lot of women like a man who is opinionated, controlling and even a little bit of a jerk. Perhaps they’ve had male role models in their pasts who were similar, and they feel that these are positive attributes for a man to have.


Whatever the reason, most of the rest of us do not agree with these sentiments.


  1. She thinks she can’t do better.


And finally, here’s the last and most depressing reason why many awesome women end up with huge jerks: They simply think that they cannot do any better. So they settle.


Hey Honey, You Can Do Better


The mind is a weird thing. Often, what you think turns into what you say, and what you say turns into what you do.


In this way, when an amazing woman thinks to herself that maybe she’s not so great … and that perhaps she doesn’t deserve a really amazing, attractive, kind, intelligent, funny, successful man … she ends up manifesting this in her life.


If you are someone who has found herself to be dating unsuccessful, irresponsible, rude and quite frankly, not very nice men … consider how you speak to yourself and how you treat yourself on a regular basis.


Check out the reasons above and see if any ring a bell with you. If they do, it’s important that you know that you can have a kind, caring and wonderful man in your life. And you certainly deserve more than the jerks who treat you badly.


Getting Over Your Ex Is a Cinch When You Do This

Getting over your ex


Getting over your ex can be a beast.


We all know the phases of grief. First, you cry, then you rage, then you cry into a tub of ice cream … do a little more raging. Call your best friend … and then, inevitably …


You start stalking them hard on social media.


Don’t feel bad. We all do it.


In fact, for some of us on the bad end of a breakup … checking the ex’s page is the most consistent thing we do all day. Like clockwork, we check it in bed in the morning, after we shower, while eating breakfast, on the subway to work, on our lunch break.


Then when we get home, it’s time for a more in depth investigative approach. We ask the hard questions.


Who’s that? Who’s this? Who’s this person who liked their picture? Where is that restaurant? Why are they there? Who are they with? They don’t like eel! Why are they eating that? Why haven’t they posted in a while?


And if the ex has multiple types of social media? You’ve got those pages bookmarked, baby.


But let’s stop for a second and examine this protocol we’ve created. And let’s ask the important question here, which is:


Do you ultimately want to get over this person?


If the answer is no, well, then you’re lucky because with this routine you probably never will.


But if the answer is yes, how do you think your constant obsession with his social media page is going to play into your goal?


In fact, you can be pretty certain that getting rid of them on social media is going to help things along in the “getting over them” department.


But if you’re still not convinced, here are the top reasons why deleting your ex on social media and completely cutting them out of your “Internet life” is the way to go.


Why You Should Delete Your Ex From Social Media: The Top 8 Reasons


  1. You get to stop longingly scrolling through his pictures.


How terrible is it to feel so sick to your stomach every time you look at a picture of them? Is this something you actually enjoy doing? Keep in mind that it’s a special kind of self-torture that you could very well avoid if you decided to (you could also enjoy social media again!).


  1. You get so much more time on your hands!


Hey guess what? When you’re not continually checking your ex’s social media page, you’ll have a heck of a lot more time on your hands to do other things like hang with your friends, make delicious dinners and even date other people.


  1. You won’t have to feel like a stalker anymore.


Guess what else? When they’re gone from your social media, you get to turn in your stalker license!


No one really likes feeling like a stalker. It’s sort of creepy feeling, right? When you stop constantly living on your ex’s page, you might begin to feel a little better about yourself.


  1. You can feel like a super standup, confident person who always takes the high road.


It’s hard to be the person who takes the high road when a breakup is happening, but deep down, don’t you want to be that person?


In the end, by getting rid of your ex on social media, you are removing yourself from that heated equation even though everybody knows that deleting them is a hard thing to do. Kinda feels good, huh?


  1. There’s no way you can get sucked back into dating them anymore.


If you’re worried about somehow falling back into this person’s arms after your break up, the best way to avoid this is to avoid that person in general, and you can’t do this without deleting them from social media.


  1. You won’t have to go through the excruciating pain of seeing them flirting with or dating someone else.


Someday … yes, someday… your ex is going to meet someone new, and you are going to see their pictures and stupid lovey-dovey messages to each other all over social media. But you can AVOID THIS PAIN … by taking action now.


  1. You don’t have to put your mutual friends in a tight spot.


Many mutual friends of people who go through breakups have a really hard time dealing with this, especially on the Internet. Don’t put your dear friends through this. Allow them to interact with each of you separately on social media.


  1. You don’t have to worry about them seeing what you post.


After a breakup, it’s common to curate all of your social media so that your ex thinks this, that and the other about you (usually that you are living a magnificently happy and care-free existence without them). When you can just delete them from your social media platform, you don’t have to worry about this and you can move on with your life without curating it oddly.


 To Delete or Hide: That Is the Question


Before we end, let’s go over one more thing. On many social media platforms, you have the choice between deleting someone completely from your friends group, blocking them so that they can’t see anything that you do or just hiding them and their posts from your own view.


There are pros and cons to each one of these options, and it must be said that the problem with immediately deleting your ex is that this might come off as an aggressive move on your part.


Now, you can always talk to them first. For example, send them a message and say “Hey, no hard feelings, but I’m trying to get over this and am hoping you understand that I’m going to be deleting you from social media.”


But if you can’t send a message like this or are super wary of them being mad or sad (perhaps because you were the one who actually broke it off and you don’t want to feel like an even worse person), you can always hide them so that they can see you, but you can’t see them.


In the end, however, it’s best to just cut the ties and delete. It might feel difficult now, but like most big choices, it will only get easier as time goes on. And as you can see from the reasons above, there are plenty of positive outcomes to this choice.


A vision board is a strong visual reminder of what you desire in a partner and relationship. Having constant reaffirmation of your dreams for love keep you focused on what you want. And helps keep out who and what you DON’T want.