4 Attraction And Love-killing Things That Are Absolute Turn Offs For Men

4 Attraction And Love-killing Things That Are

Absolute Turn Offs For Men

by Mirabelle Summers

4 attraction and love-killing things


Have you ever met a man that you really like, but he’s just not interested in you, right from the outset?


Or have you ever been with a man, only for him to suddenly lose interest in you, and you have no idea why or what to do?

Unfortunately, we all (myself included) have at some point gone through the painful experience of going out with a guy we really like, then never hearing from him again.

But do we ever know WHY that nice, good-looking guy never called again? Usually…NO! We have no idea. Because they simply shut themselves off from us like we never existed.

And the worst part is… Often they don’t just go on to date some hot young supermodel cliché like you see happening on TV… No… Looks have little to do with it. Instead, they end up with someone who is not as good looking as you, not as nice as you… and they fall in LOVE with this person… What is up with that??

It’s like she has him under his spell… What are THESE women doing? Why are men captivated by some women and not others?

Well, the truth is, while men are initially drawn by looks… They fall in LOVE with a woman for her personality…

And most of that is conveyed through conversation!  Here’s a fact that too few women know: Men are not seduced by your looks.  That may turn him on but if you actually want to seduce him, you absolutely have to turn on his mind.  What you say and the way you say it will ultimately be the deciding factor in whether he chooses to pursue a relationship with you and for how long he will decide to stay.

Essentially, just as with women, men are turned on and off not only by how you think, but also by how you verbally express those thoughts.

So if you’ve ever wondered what kind of talk makes men run for the hills, be careful not to make these 4 attraction and love-killing mistakes that men NEVER want to hear coming out of your mouth…


Mistake #1: Gossiping, Bitching & Flat-Out Negativity

“That waitress looks like such a whore” “OMG, you wouldn’t believe what I overheard at work today…”

Trust me ladies, men REALLY don’t want to hear you bitching or gossiping about other women. In fact, when a guy hears you bitching, you can come out looking just as negative and bitchy to him as the ‘bitch’ herself… And it’s a major turn-off.

This is especially true when you are in the dating stage. Your man is just getting to know you and you don’t want his first impression to be that you’re a negative person who only has other people to talk about. Guys love fun, nice women who feel good to be around. So be sure to keep the convo on fun, interesting topics that will be enjoyable for both of you.

Mistake #2: Your Neediness & Insecurities

As women, we all have insecurities, and I’m sure you’d agree that more often than not these are centered on our appearance and whether a guy really likes us.

“I hate my legs” “I wish I had bigger boobs” “Do you think she’s pretty?” “How do you feel about me?”

…Sound familiar?

The simple truth is, a guy wouldn’t be dating you if he didn’t like you for who you are and the way you look. But when he hears statements like the ones above, you automatically become less attractive in his eyes.

Guys are attracted to self-confidence, not insecurity and neediness. So focus on your assets rather than your flaws, and ALWAYS talk about yourself in a desirable way (In fact, you can use these Magical Desire Phrases to unlock his desire for you)


Mistake #3: Bringing Up The Exes

OK, I know how tempting it is to want to know every last detail about a guy’s ex and his previous relationship (we’re all guilty of it), but asking a man you’re dating about his ex is a big cringe-worthy mistake that will be a massive turn-off.

You know what I’m talking about here… asking questions like “Do you still think about her?”, “Are you still in touch?” , “Why did you break up?”

Steering the convo into deadly ex territory will only make you seem jealous and insecure… And will actually make his ex into more of a threat than she really is.

And the same goes for any of your exes… NEVER compare the guy you are dating to your ex by making comments like “My ex was just like that”. Your date doesn’t want to feel like you’re still thinking about your ex or that he is having to compete with him. In fact, even telling your date that he is so much better than your ex is unattractive!

Believe in the fact that your man is with you right now because he WANTS to be with you, and leave everything else in the past.


Mistake #4: Emasculating Desire-Killing Comments

Do you want to know one of the biggest mistakes women make in conversation? Making desire-killing comments which make their date feel like less of a man.

Although we may think we’re just teasing… comments like “You’re so cute”, “Man up”, or “Don’t worry, I’m getting another guy to do it” are a serious threat to a guy’s ego.

Believe me, men absolutely resent these comments… and they will be an instant turn-off for any guy. The thing is, men have a deep need to feel that they are strong, masculine, capable and in control of things, and if you want your man to absolutely fall in love with you, you have to make him feel like this through saying the right things to him.

But if you’re a woman who struggles with flirting and knowing the right things to say to the men you desire, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you start using these simple but devastatingly powerful Magical Desire Phrases I have created… The secret trigger phrases that flip men’s passion switch from off to on, making him become filled with an irresistible craving of love and desire for you… Almost effortlessly, quite frankly.


In fact, I’ve just finished recording this video introducing you to the Magical Desire Phrases (But be quick, because I won’t be able to keep it on for long!)

All the best in life and love,
Mirabelle Summers.

3 Signs That Your Ex Secretly Wants You Back

3 Signs That Your Ex Secretly Wants You Back

by Michael Fiore

3 signs your ex secretly wants you back


OK, one of the biggest questions I get all the time is about getting your EX boy/girlfriend or EX husband/wife back.


And over the years I’ve discovered 3 almost-crazy signals that let you know if you have any chance whatsoever of getting your ex back . . .

Or if you should move on, lick your wounds and never, ever look back.


What are the signs?

The first sign is if they’re still ANGRY at you even if it’s been a while since you broke up.

See, I’ve got a saying. It goes like this: “Hate isn’t the opposite of love, apathy is.”

(OK, I’m sure plenty of other people have said that one too.)

If your ex is MAD at you, still yells at you or even says horrible things about you to people it means they’re still “emotionally invested” in some way.

That doesn’t mean you SHOULD get back together, but it does mean there’s EMOTION there.

That also doesn’t mean that because they’re acting out angrily, they’re doing it because they want to be back with you.  They really may just be angry.  That’s why you have to look for more signs as well.  Speaking of which, let’s get to sign number two!


The 2ND SIGN is that they get UPSET if you go “No contact” on them.

Actually, a lot of people are shocked at how powerful “No contact” can actually be and how their exes tie themselves into knots as soon as you stop being at their beck and call.  Go figure, right?  You’d be surprised by how people react when their ego is on the line.

Beyond that, Cinderella (not the glass slipper version, rather, the 80s hair god band) got it right – “Don’t Know What You Got (‘Til It’s Gone).  Sometimes, making yourself very scarce shakes a lover awake and opens their eyes to what they may be losing – YOU.

This is why the ’30 day no contact rule’ is a cornerstone of my best-selling Text Your Ex Back program.  A good dose of “space” usually gives not only your partner more clarity regarding your relationship but more importantly, it gives you much needed time to wipe away the relationship fog in your brain so that you can make decisions more clearly.   


And the third sign is kind of weird and maybe even a little dangerous.

The third sign is if the ex seemed to “Move on” REALLY quickly after the breakup, dating or getting a “boy/girlfriend” within a few weeks of when your relationship ended.

In a lot of cases “moving on” like that (without giving time to mourn a relationship properly) doesn’t define whether they’re “over you,” or not.  What it definitely means is that there’s a giant hole in their life and their heart where you used to be and they’re looking for ANYBODY to fill it.

Of course knowing if you have a CHANCE to get them back doesn’t tell you EXACTLY how to get them back . . .


Which is why I want you to go watch this video which I think will astonish you . . .


It shows you how to use tiny little text messages to entice your ex into starting over again . . .


This is powerful stuff and you should be really careful to only use it if you ACTUALLY want your ex back.



Article source: Digital Romance

The Difference Between When He Says “I Want You” and “I Need You”

The Difference Between When He Says “I Want You” and “I Need You”

by Michael Fiore

The Difference Between When He Says I Want You and I Need You

Carmela asks…

“Hi Mike, I have a question for you. What is the difference between when a man says, “I want to see you” and “I need to see you”? Or, “I want to hold you” and “I need to hold you”? Thanks for your time and interest.”—Carmela

Great question, and the great answer generally is…

Uhh . . . semantics.

Yes, yes, I know that as a woman you want to pick apart every single word, flick of an eyebrow and gesture a guy does and assign MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MEANING TO IT.

Heck, I get emails every day from women asking questions like . . .

“He kissed me with his eyes open, what does it mean?” (That his contacts are itching?)


“He usually texts me within 7 minutes of getting a message from me but this time it took him ten minutes, does that mean he doesn’t like me?” (Um, he was stuck in a cab?)


“We were making love the other day and he broke down crying about his favorite Transformers toy from when he was a kid . . . should I be worried?” (Sidebar: Yes. But it probably has nothing to do with you.)

I talk about this a LOT in my “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You” program but …

Men aren’t that complicated . . .


Men generally aren’t that specific in what they say, what they do or what they want.

I mean, sure, there are situations where saying he NEEDS to see you as opposed to WANTS to see you could matter . . .

He could NEED to see you because he’s become addicted to the touch of you, the feel of you, the taste of you and is going to go into spasms of withdrawal if he doesn’t get to kiss you within the next 7 minutes.

But . . .

In general women are a LOT better off by taking what guys say at face value and refusing to read too deeply into it.
Because whether he says “want” or “need” the end result is that he wants to hang out with you. And isn’t that enough?


Are you looking for more insights that matter into the minds of men?  I guarantee you that being the one woman he has ever met in his life that truly understands him will make you the one he will crawl over broken glass to be with.


I may be a nationally known relationship expert but more than that, I’m a guy. In my program, “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You”, I am going to do something for you that no man has ever done.  I’m going to tell you the 100% unedited, unvarnished truth about men, and by the end, you’ll be shocked and amazed by how your relationships with men change, how much better things get, and how you will suddenly start having the relationship of your dreams.  That’s a promise.

Article source: Digital Romance