My Biggest Anxiety: Am I Really Satisfying Him When We’re in Bed Together?

My Biggest Anxiety: Am I Really Satisfying Him When We’re in Bed?


How to Know He’s Wildly Craving Only You


Whether you’ve got a husband, a long-term boyfriend, or you’re just dating, chances are good that some of your main relationship goals are to…


  • Be the best sex he’s ever had
  • Know for sure that you completely satisfy him in bed
  • Make him only pant with desire for you


But it’s hard, right? I mean, how can you ever know for sure?


We all wonder whether or not we’re truly satisfying our partners in the bedroom.


Even while we’re in the throes of what we think of as passionate sex, we’re wondering, “Is this really what he wants and needs?” “Am I really what he desperately desires in a woman?”


We want to be her — whoever she is in his mind.


Unfortunately, this anxiety…this constant nagging worry that comes in many forms…ends up being part of our downfall. It was for me…at first.


But then I started to break down the issue. Why was I so nervous about whether my partner was head-over-heels having sex with me? There had to be specific anxieties that my mind was coming up with.


I found these specific anxieties in myself…and in many other women I asked.


Here they are. Maybe you’ve been facing them too:


Anxiety #1 – I don’t have a good enough body.


Here’s a big male/female difference for you: Women are constantly thinking about how their bodies look during sex. Men…not so much.


As a result, women become immensely more self-conscious about every inch of themselves: their weight and shape, rolls, body hair, cellulite, stretch marks — and the way their vagina looks, feels and smells to their man.


As you can imagine, anyone who has all of this criteria rattling around in their brain during sex…will quickly get out of the mood. And this is the danger of dwelling so heavily on thoughts like:


  • “No way! This position gives me the worst tummy rolls.”
  • “My vagina looks so weird.
  • “Ugh, when I’m in this position, does he think my boobs look terrible?”


These aren’t exactly…sexy…thoughts.


So here’s what you do: you’ve got to squelch those thoughts and make yourself feel sexier. Try these ideas:


  • Buy yourself some hot lingerie that makes you feel beautiful
  • Put your focus on how you feel
  • Remind yourself that he isn’t having pity sex with you; he wants you…exactly the way you are
  • And finally, remember that confidence is sexy


Anxiety #2 – I’m just not good at sex.


Lack of confidence about your body can often coincide with lack of confidence about your skills in the bedroom.


  • “Was that a totally stupid position I just tried?”
  • “Ack! I think I just got ‘him’ with my teeth.”
  • “I hope this feels good for him.”


Let’s take a step back, however. You are busy reprimanding yourself for not being a goddess in bed. But what’s he doing? He’s enjoying having sex.


So do yourself a favor. Try to go with the flow more. Think about what you truly like, and do that. Then do what he likes (ask him what he likes). Then go back to what you like. If you try a position or move that doesn’t work, brush it off.


Also, accept imperfection. You will probably not have passionate sex akin to that of Kate and Leo in that car in the basement of the Titanic. That’s okay.


Anxiety #3 – He’s getting bored having sex with me.


Have I got news for you! You may think that married couples and long-term relationships end up creating two people who are essentially sick and tired of having sex with each other.


Not so. In fact, sexual satisfaction tends to go up over time with long-term committed relationships.


And if someone does start to get bored? It’s usually the woman, not your man. Fortunately, there are things you can do for this too. After all, you want to have sexual desire for yourself, and he certainly wants you to want him sexually.


This is where it’s important to try new things to spice things up:


  • Purchase some sex toys
  • Experiment with performing a striptease
  • Turn the heat up with some new positions (and locales)



So far, you know the basics — your anxieties, and a few tricks for loosening up and having more fun in bed…giving him more pleasure.


But I know you’re ready for a precise formula wrapped up in a free video I just discovered. Learn tips that will nip your fears in the bud and make it out-of-the-question that your man would ever not be passionately, freakishly obsessed with you — and only you.


This formula is something that only a few women know about. The secrets I found here are what made my man become obsessed with me. And in turn, this erased all my worry and anxiety concerning whether or not I excited him in bed. (Now I’m sure that I do, and it’s amazing).


This free presentation shows you exactly what to do to ignite insane passion in your relationship. Your man won’t know what hit him. Go check it out now right here.

To Be On Top or Not To Be On Top: Advantages and Disadvantages

To Be On Top or Not


You’ve heard about all those crazy Kama Sutra and Tantric sex moves. Sure, those can be fun to experiment with. Who doesn’t like a twisty move with lots of challenging maneuvers on a late night?


But okay, let’s be honest. How often are you pulling out all the stops with your sex moves? How many times are you really messing around with the one-leg-up-one-leg-down-halfway-on-the-bed-wheelbarrow-kneeling-position? How many times would you rather just go to town in the way that feels best? Good old-fashioned face-to-face, one on the top, one on the bottom sex.


That can be pretty darn exciting too, right? Most people go to this tried and true position on a regular basis. Because it works.


With that being said, this move still requires one important decision:


Who’s on top?


Obviously, there are pros and cons to both being on the top and being on the bottom, but how many times have you heard these particulars discussed?


If you’re a gal who has a sexual rendezvous coming up (or if you’re just interested in this topic), check out the pros and cons of being on top below. They may help you decide to give “on top” a try … or … they might remind you why you prefer missionary … Regardless, let’s go.


The Pros of “Being on Top”


  • You control the action.


If you’re someone who typically likes to take a leading role in life and in relationships, you may like the idea of being in control during sex. And without a doubt, the person on top has the most control. For women, this can be good.


Because women frequently have more trouble orgasming than men, this means that woman on top is most beneficial for her. It allows her to control the action and the movements so that she can get there more easily.


  • This position often feels the best anyway.


Regardless of how in control you are, for many women, being on top is just better physically because it positions things so that you get the most stimulation in the perfect places. Furthermore, if you need more stimulation—ahem—up front, your partner can help with this but allow you to do the rest of the work


  • You’re seen as more adventurous and sexy.


If you’re looking to add a little more spice to an otherwise missionary-centric sexual relationship, woman-on-top is the perfect gateway position. It allows you to get creative, show off your body in a sexy way and feel more confident.


The Cons of “Being on Top”


  • You’re in charge of the action.


So obviously … this one goes both ways. Above, it’s a pro because it can feel good to be on top and in control.


But also … it can be a lot of responsibility. Many women aren’t into the idea of taking the female superior position. In fact, lots of women would like their male partners to take control, and when you’re on the bottom, you can let him take charge.


  • It may not be the most flattering view of you.


Now when it comes to sex, if you have a great partner who cares about you (and you should!) everything you do will be flattering.


With that being said, if it’s a new relationship and you’re a little shy or perhaps nervous about your body at first, the woman on top position might unfortunately make you even more self-conscious. After all, you’re basically on display when you’re on top.


But when you’re on the bottom, you can lay back, and kind gravity will do its job at pulling everything back and away in a flattering light.


  • It can get tiring.


In other words, you can’t just lay back and relax when you’re up top. Being on the bottom means basically chilling out while the other person does all the work. As stated above, this may be annoying and boring at times, but it’s also quite a lot of work to be on top managing most of the physical movements.


The Factors at Play


Before closing, let’s revisit one thing: The fact that largely, who goes on top and who goes on bottom will depend on what type of person you are and where you are in your relationship with this guy.


Particularly, are you someone who doesn’t mind taking control in your relationship? Have you two tried lots of different positions already? Are you shy about your body? All these questions will influence whether or not you feel comfortable and confident being on top at this point in your relationship.


But there’s one piece of advice here. You may not be comfortable being on top right now, or perhaps you never like being up there … but do try to attempt new positions from time to time.


Because there’s more to rolling in the sheets than the missionary position. And even trying something as simple as switching the missionary roles can bring a whole new sort of fun to your sex life. That’s what it’s all about.


Why He’s Lying About the “Great” Hand Job You Gave Him Last Night

Why He’s Lying About the “Great” Hand Job You Gave Him Last Night


Hand jobs. How many do you think you’ve given your man in the last few weeks? In the last month?


Or if you’re not in a committed relationship right now, have you gotten intimate with the guy you’re dating yet? Are you hoping to get intimate with someone special soon? You’ll want to give him a great hand job soon because despite the lack of emphasis we put on them, men LOVE them.


No matter your exact circumstances right now, hand jobs are in some way (or should be) a part of every couple’s intimate relationship.


For those who are just starting to get frisky under the covers, hand jobs are usually the first step toward full physical intimacy. They are the first “talent” that your man gets to test out when it comes to “how good you are” in bed.


And even for partners who have been together for a long time … hand jobs still enter the mix often as something fun to do beneath the sheets…or in the car…or, well, you can use your imagination. Even if you don’t finish that way … it’s always a part of the mix.


But did you know that many women are not satisfying their men at all when it comes to hand jobs?


It’s true.


A recent study conducted by Digital Romance Inc. found that 97% of men were not at all satisfied with the way that their female partners gave handies. And many of the men said that they were “barely able to tolerate it.”



What’s Up With Women Giving Terrible Hand Jobs?


There’s one basic thing that’s funny about women and hand jobs: All women think they’re good at them.


You won’t find one woman who says that she stinks at hand jobs … or that she’s better at other things. Because literally all women assume that this is just a skill that “comes with being a woman.”


Consider this though: Why on earth would you think that?


You have to learn how to kiss properly. Don’t you?


– No slobbering

– Close the eyes

– Touch his face, or his chest, or his hair

– Go slow

– Use a little tongue


The first time you kiss a guy, you kind of screw it up, right? There’s spit everywhere, your hands are awkwardly moving around his elbow area for some reason (!?), your lips are super dry and you realize you had onions for dinner and never put a mint in your mouth!


Now, all those mistakes are gone. You’ve moved on. You’ve learned. Now, you’re a master kisser. Men nearly faint after you get your lips on them!


And yet … you’re still giving hand jobs the way you did when you were in high school and in the basement of your boyfriend’s parents’ house.


Why is that? Why would you just assume that that old method still works?


If you wanted to know, it doesn’t. And men have made this abundantly clear in this study. Let’s look at it again: 97% of men said that they couldn’t stand the way that their wives and girlfriends gave hand jobs.


Some of them even said that they avoided sex because they were afraid that they were going to have to endure a sorry hand job from their significant others. They said that they would say that it felt good and were usually able to finish … but that it was an awful experience.  Ouch!


In fact, many relationship experts have linked this new information with the rise in cheating because a large number of the men who said that they would avoid sex because of the terrible hand jobs that they were getting … also said that this often caused them to think about looking elsewhere for sex and intimacy.


Men are sexual, physical creatures. And very often, if they’re not getting what they need from you … then they’re getting it somewhere else. It might be from straight masturbation, which they will prefer to you. Or from porn. Or from women who have learned how to give amazing hand jobs … from women who have already learned the science of the perfect handy from masterclasses like Stroke of Genius and consistently use it.

It may be horrible.  It may be wrong.  It may be heartbreaking.  But studies show that this is reality.


If You THINK You Give Great Hand Jobs … Think Again


Ok, so the bad news is that you’ve likely been giving terrible hand jobs all these years, and like many women, you had absolutely no idea.


The good news is that you can be taught. Any woman can learn how to give the best hand jobs that men could ever imagine.


The best tips, the most amazing strokes that you never knew felt like dynamite to men, the top techniques—some of which are actually ancient from the times of the Egyptians and the Greeks—tips from erotic films and tantric practices … all of these are in Stroke of Genius.


You can use these techniques on your man in bed. But here’s one vital tip:


He wants it everywhere.


He wants it in a crowded restaurant under the table and through his pants. He wants it standing in a crowd with his coat covering your hand while you stroke his hardness.


He wants to be teased while he’s driving. Everywhere.


Make him twitch and gasp and basically lose it until you can finally be alone.


Bet you’ve never actually done that to him before.


Stroke of Genius is where all of the information that you’ll ever need in order to give mind-bending hand jobs will come from. The “Two Hands on the Wheel” method will leave him hardly unable to breathe. “The Tantalizing Twister” will make him utterly speechless. And “The Soft Pleasure Method” will make him putty in your hands.


Want to give him a hand job that he’ll never forget tonight?


All you need to do is watch this video.


But be careful. He might practically force you to stay in the bedroom for the next few days once he knows that you are the master with your hands.

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