Why He’s Lying About the “Great” Hand Job You Gave Him Last Night

Why He’s Lying About the “Great” Hand Job You Gave Him Last Night


Hand jobs. How many do you think you’ve given your man in the last few weeks? In the last month?


Or if you’re not in a committed relationship right now, have you gotten intimate with the guy you’re dating yet? Are you hoping to get intimate with someone special soon? You’ll want to give him a great hand job soon because despite the lack of emphasis we put on them, men LOVE them.


No matter your exact circumstances right now, hand jobs are in some way (or should be) a part of every couple’s intimate relationship.


For those who are just starting to get frisky under the covers, hand jobs are usually the first step toward full physical intimacy. They are the first “talent” that your man gets to test out when it comes to “how good you are” in bed.


And even for partners who have been together for a long time … hand jobs still enter the mix often as something fun to do beneath the sheets…or in the car…or, well, you can use your imagination. Even if you don’t finish that way … it’s always a part of the mix.


But did you know that many women are not satisfying their men at all when it comes to hand jobs?


It’s true.


A recent study conducted by Digital Romance Inc. found that 97% of men were not at all satisfied with the way that their female partners gave handies. And many of the men said that they were “barely able to tolerate it.”



What’s Up With Women Giving Terrible Hand Jobs?


There’s one basic thing that’s funny about women and hand jobs: All women think they’re good at them.


You won’t find one woman who says that she stinks at hand jobs … or that she’s better at other things. Because literally all women assume that this is just a skill that “comes with being a woman.”


Consider this though: Why on earth would you think that?


You have to learn how to kiss properly. Don’t you?


– No slobbering

– Close the eyes

– Touch his face, or his chest, or his hair

– Go slow

– Use a little tongue


The first time you kiss a guy, you kind of screw it up, right? There’s spit everywhere, your hands are awkwardly moving around his elbow area for some reason (!?), your lips are super dry and you realize you had onions for dinner and never put a mint in your mouth!


Now, all those mistakes are gone. You’ve moved on. You’ve learned. Now, you’re a master kisser. Men nearly faint after you get your lips on them!


And yet … you’re still giving hand jobs the way you did when you were in high school and in the basement of your boyfriend’s parents’ house.


Why is that? Why would you just assume that that old method still works?


If you wanted to know, it doesn’t. And men have made this abundantly clear in this study. Let’s look at it again: 97% of men said that they couldn’t stand the way that their wives and girlfriends gave hand jobs.


Some of them even said that they avoided sex because they were afraid that they were going to have to endure a sorry hand job from their significant others. They said that they would say that it felt good and were usually able to finish … but that it was an awful experience.  Ouch!


In fact, many relationship experts have linked this new information with the rise in cheating because a large number of the men who said that they would avoid sex because of the terrible hand jobs that they were getting … also said that this often caused them to think about looking elsewhere for sex and intimacy.


Men are sexual, physical creatures. And very often, if they’re not getting what they need from you … then they’re getting it somewhere else. It might be from straight masturbation, which they will prefer to you. Or from porn. Or from women who have learned how to give amazing hand jobs … from women who have already learned the science of the perfect handy from masterclasses like Stroke of Genius and consistently use it.

It may be horrible.  It may be wrong.  It may be heartbreaking.  But studies show that this is reality.


If You THINK You Give Great Hand Jobs … Think Again


Ok, so the bad news is that you’ve likely been giving terrible hand jobs all these years, and like many women, you had absolutely no idea.


The good news is that you can be taught. Any woman can learn how to give the best hand jobs that men could ever imagine.


The best tips, the most amazing strokes that you never knew felt like dynamite to men, the top techniques—some of which are actually ancient from the times of the Egyptians and the Greeks—tips from erotic films and tantric practices … all of these are in Stroke of Genius.


You can use these techniques on your man in bed. But here’s one vital tip:


He wants it everywhere.


He wants it in a crowded restaurant under the table and through his pants. He wants it standing in a crowd with his coat covering your hand while you stroke his hardness.


He wants to be teased while he’s driving. Everywhere.


Make him twitch and gasp and basically lose it until you can finally be alone.


Bet you’ve never actually done that to him before.


Stroke of Genius is where all of the information that you’ll ever need in order to give mind-bending hand jobs will come from. The “Two Hands on the Wheel” method will leave him hardly unable to breathe. “The Tantalizing Twister” will make him utterly speechless. And “The Soft Pleasure Method” will make him putty in your hands.


Want to give him a hand job that he’ll never forget tonight?


All you need to do is watch this video.


But be careful. He might practically force you to stay in the bedroom for the next few days once he knows that you are the master with your hands.

Men Say 97% of Partners Incompetent When It Comes to “Handy Work”

handy work


An employee at Digital Romance, Inc. recently conducted a survey of a large number of men. The topic concerned was something that every woman has experience with.


Hand jobs.


As a woman, you’ve done these too many times to count. Right?


And you know how to get it done.


Start with some light fingertip play. Move on to full hands. Go slow at first. Then faster and faster … Pretty soon … Success! Your man is as satisfied as he can be.


Well …


The information gleaned from this new survey may change your mind on that.


Actually, it will almost certainly change your mind.


TWO new shocking statistics were found.


First, there’s this: When asked, an amazing 89% of men said that they would rather masturbate than get a hand job from their significant other.


Next, when men did end up getting a hand job from their girlfriends or wives they said that 97% of their partners were incompetent.


Men are sexual beings.


We know this.


And as such, women as their partners need to be aware of the sexuality that they possess. Women need to understand men and understand their needs … just as women ask men to understand their own needs—their own desires to be loved and cared for.


But what these new shocking statistics reveal is that in actuality, women know pretty much close to nothing about what it means to be a loving, attentive, intuitive sex partner to their husbands and boyfriends.


Instead, women have been going along for decades thinking that they’ve been giving their men what they want … but have they? Have you?


Hand jobs are a huge part of sex.


Yes, really.


Obviously, there are more intense ways to get intimate, and maybe those parts of your love life are fine. But think about this:


How do you and your man start sex just about every time? You don’t just dive in. You start with the hands right?


And sometimes, finishing him with a hand job can be super sexy and intensely erotic.


But you have to do it right. The truth of the matter is that you likely haven’t been doing it right.


And if you’re saying: “No, I have! He loves it when I give him a hand job and he always says how amazing it makes him feel!” … Well, listen to this:


According to the survey, men also said that they would NEVER tell their wives and girlfriends that they were unsatisfied with the hand jobs they were getting.


Instead, they said that they just tolerated these awful hand jobs to be nice. And later … they would masturbate to porn.


This is a nice gesture on the part of men … but seriously, do you want to be getting pity sex for him?


Probably not. Instead, make him love the hand jobs that you give. Make him beg for them. Make him never want to watch another porn again.


If you want to give better hand jobs, you can.


Here are some tips to get you started, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do at the end.


  1. Don’t Be Rough.


Men might be a little more rough with their own … parts. But that’s not your prerogative. As his woman, your man wants you to be soft and gentle. And only a little extra excited at specific times.


  1. Always Use Two Hands.


Simple: Why use one when you have two? More is better when it comes to hands.


  1. Vary Your Speed


Not varying speed is something that drives men nuts. Yes, they want it to build up from slow to faster … and faster. But in between there, add variation. Otherwise, it’s just a boring ride where everyone already knows what’s going to happen before it does.


  1. Use Stroke of Genius Techniques.


The above list contains some of the basics for giving decent hand jobs. But who wants to give just a “decent” hand job? Don’t you want to be the best?


If so … Stroke of Genius is the video that you absolutely must watch. This video is insane in the information that it gives. More than just telling you every point that you are doing wrong and why he is hating the techniques that you probably think are your best work … Stroke of Genius tells you how to fix these problems.


And the information comes straight from men. So, you know you’re getting information that is accurate and honest. These men didn’t know who they were telling when they elaborated every detail about how they feel about women’s hand jobs.


They were just being honest.


And as a woman, this information is gold.


Go to the video now and watch it. Then try just a fraction of what you’ve learned the next time you two get frisky.


Trust us, he’ll be on his knees begging you to give him more. He’ll even be telling his friends about your amazing-ness.


And the next time you do give him more, you can show him even more of what you’ve learned: Perhaps “The Tip Swirl” or “The Kiss of the Fingernails.” Men love these. And that’s just the beginning …


Hey, why wait? Check it out now and use these amazing tips tonight. Your man doesn’t know what’s waiting for him!


5 Surprising Sexual Fantasies He’s Too Afraid to Share



Knowing what your man really wants in the bedroom is one of the keys to great sex (of course he should know what you like too!). But more often than not, women aren’t getting the whole picture when it comes to the true sexual desires of their men.


Well … we’re here to the rescue! After getting some insider information straight from men, we’ve been lucky enough to gather the truth about what men really fantasize about!


His Dirtiest Fantasies Revealed


  1. A threesome.


Women don’t tend to be quite on board with this one all the time, and that’s why he’s been keeping quiet about it. But rest assured: Your man wants a threesome. Two of you. One of him. Keep in mind, he’s almost surely not interested in another girl romantically. This is purely sexual.


  1. To be *almost* caught in the act.


Men get super excited when thinking about being watched while having sex with you. Sex in a public location or in a place where someone might come in at any moment is exciting and enticing for men.


It means you have to stifle your moans and move super slow and quietly. Your breathing is close and wet, and your bodies might need to be pressed even closer together in a confined space like a bathroom stall or a coat room. Plus, there’s pressure. When will someone see us? Can they hear us? Do they know? Hot.


  1. Turn the domination tables.


Most of the time, he’s in charge, right? But did you know he’d really love to see the tables turned? Yep, he’s yearning for you to put him in his place. Tell him he’s been naughty and put on your best teacher face, or don’t let him move without asking first. He wants to be told what to do, to be the submissive for a while just to see what it feels like, and he hopes you like it too.


  1. A surprise.


An oral surprise to be exact. Just like having sex in public or inappropriate places is a secret fantasy, so is you waking him up with oral sex. No, not jiggling him awake and then going down on him. Literally waking him up with your mouth on him. Go down on him first, and explain later. He especially wants it to happen when he accidentally falls asleep on the couch or on a lazy, sleep-in Sunday morning.


  1. Anonymous sex.


This one’s usually not popular with the ladies either, and again, that’s why he’s not talking about it. But yes, he does want to have sex with someone anonymously. For example, he’d love to meet a girl at the bar and take her home to his place or head up to her hotel room without even knowing her name, then never see her again after a great night of sex. If you don’t like this idea for your man, consider role play. Pick a name, pick a persona. Meet him at the bar. Get a room. You might just like this fantasy too …


And Men Have More Secrets Than Just These


You probably know that men are full of secrets. But they are probably even more filled than you think.


For example, are there things you want to know about your man that you just can’t seem to uncover? Specific questions you have that he always seems to avoid?


Have you been lied to or cheated on in the past by a boyfriend or husband … or maybe even a guy you just started dating?


Whether it’s the sexual positions he privately wants to try, the secrets of his past, what he actually thinks of his ex (are they still in love?), or how he really feels about a future between you two … if you feel you’re not exactly getting the whole truth from your man, how on earth do you uncover it?


Well, you’ve got several options.


  1. Ask him straight out.


This one seems like a good idea to some women, and if you do it right, it can be. The trick is to be gentle. Don’t make sweeping accusations, then ask questions later. If you wildly accuse him of being closed up and a liar, you can be sure he won’t give you what you want.


  1. Do some research.


Social media’s a funny thing. “Likes” and comments seem so benign, but if you look a little further into people’s interactions, sometimes you might see patterns. If you’re worried about your partner not telling you something about who he spends time with or what he’s been up to, for example … check his social media. And no, this option does not extend to hacking into his account or snooping his phone. That’s a breach of trust.


If checking social media doesn’t work, you might consider asking mutual friends or siblings of his if something’s up. Again, don’t breech trust, but if you’re really concerned, talking to someone who also knows him might be helpful.


  1. Use Secret Survey.


When women lament about their men not being completely honest with them, they’re usually assuming that whatever they want to know … their partners don’t want to tell them.


You’ll be surprised to learn that that’s not so. And the Secret Survey is proof. This is a program that was designed by a man that teaches women how to uncover all the secrets they so desperately want to get out of men.


The real kicker?


Men are dying to tell women their secrets.


But they’re stuck. And only women can unstick them … can unlock their emotions and true feelings.


And you’ll be surprised to find out these things.  What they’re really thinking would blow your mind.


To get to the bottom of them, many women use Secret Survey


Remember, in the end, men will just tell you what they feel comfortable with. No more.


But there’s a whole lot more underneath the surface of men that you should be dying to get at. Use these techniques to do just that, and see how it transforms your relationships with men.