12 Non-Sexual Things That Are Super Sexy to Men

Non-Sexual Things That Are Super Sexy to Men



Men are crazy creatures.


But there’s one thing we all know and that’s that they’re extremely visual. That being said, it’s not just exotic dancing and stripteases that get them going.




There’s a whoooole other world of non-sexual things that get men excited. Things us women do without even thinking twice. Things you might even think are sort of … weird to be attracted to.


We’ll let you decide. But do consider continuing to do these (pretty normal) things if you want to make your guy constantly crazy with lust for you …


Do These Super Normal Things and Drive Your Man Wild


  1. Walking


Yep. Walking. But it’s not just any type of walk. There’s a certain way of walking that really makes men go mad. Swinging your hips and taking your time really count.


  1. Doing your hair


Men love hair. And you’ll see this as the list goes on. If you can do your hair in front of him, do. He likes to watch your arms stretched up, changing your appearance from down and draping across your shoulders to up in a chic bun.


  1. Washing your hair and your body


Speaking of hair, when you wash your hair and your body, it is super attractive to men as well—in part because it’s done when you are in the shower or bath and naked. So basically, anything that you do naked … it’s pretty much guaranteed he’ll like it.


  1. Competitiveness


Ever let that competitiveness in you come out? Maybe a little snarl when you’re losing or the concentrated face when you really want to win. He likes that, he thinks it’s both cute and an excellent challenge.


  1. Stretching


Stretching is an obvious one, but men are obsessed. A yoga class? You might not see a lot of men there because it’s sort of too much for them to handle.


  1. Reaching for things


This one has to do with stretching too. When you reach up high for something, you stretch your backside, and your butt (you probably didn’t know this) looks amazing. So the next time you’re in the kitchen and have to choose between something on a low shelf and a high shelf … choose the one up high!


  1. Scrubbing floors


Think about it. You’re on all fours moving vigorously back and forth. Reaching. A sexy piece of hair falling in your face.


  1. Playing with dogs or children


This one links you with motherhood in a man’s mind. You may not have children of your own. You may not want children of your own. Or a dog! But the maternal way you ooh and aah over a child or dog makes him attracted to you on a deep level.


  1. Putting on lotion


Ok, maybe putting on lotion is sort of sexual, but still … we do it without a second thought. For him, though, it’s serious sex vibes. You’re rubbing yourself, and he loves it.


  1. Twirling and playing with your hair


Here we are again, talking about hair. It’s no secret that most men (not all, but most) prefer long hair. Why? For one thing, they like it because he can play with it. He can grab it (hopefully nicely) in the heat of a passionate moment, but you can also play with it while watching a movie, reading a book, or being otherwise adorably occupied in thought. They think it’s cute and sexy.


  1. Speaking about … anything


Certain types of voices attract men on different levels. A small and soft voice makes you seem innocent and adorable. A lower, huskier voice is super sexy. You don’t have to be whispering sweet nothings for them to be turned on by your voice, either. If you’ve got a great one, you can talk about anything and they’ll be raring to go.


  1. Being vulnerable


It may go against your better judgment to be vulnerable with a man. You don’t want him to think you are weak or needy. Moreover, it’s not actually good to be vulnerable all the time. Doing that is weak and needy …


But once in a while, men really like to be your knight in shining armor. It makes them feel like they’re truly helping … and it also makes them feel strong and powerful, which … you can fill in the blanks with what he’ll want to do with those feelings.


Who Are the Women That Men are the Most Attracted To?


Men love pretty much all women (especially if you can walk and talk and have hair, as you’ve seen above …), but we all know certain women that just seem to ooze sexuality. Those women who always have men trailing after them.


Who are they?


The truth is there are many different ways to be attractive to men. The cute bookworm can be just as lusty as the cleavage bearing, high heel wearing sexpot. In different ways, of course.


But there are few things all sexy women seem to do. For example, they flirt. Flirting is an art, and it can be taught, but you can’t know how to do it without a good teacher.


They are also confident. These women have no qualms about admitting how special they are, and they’re not going to be with just any guy. This in turn means that if men feel they can earn a woman like this … they will feel powerful and strong—just the way men want to feel.  And the most attractive women don’t just feel confident in everyday life. They feel confident in the bedroom too …


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