Last Chance: Should You Get Back With Your Ex?

Should you get back with your ex?


Some relationships end because they have to. There are fights and terrible feelings, and both of you want out. Once you end a relationship like this, you probably feel relieved. It’s always a difficult transition, but in this case, you realize it was for the better.


With many other breakups, however, you’re left feeling like you may have made a bad choice. It might be the day after you broke up, the week after … or even months after the relationship came to an end.


Maybe you see him or her, or they just float through your mind and you give them a text out of the blue.


Once you’re on this track, it’s easy to get caught up in your ex’s tangle again, and then you’re left with the big question:


Should you get back with your ex?


It’s a huge question. So first, let’s talk about when you shouldn’t get back with an ex, and we’ll go from there. You should not try to get back with your ex if …


  • There was ever any abuse in the relationship
  • It was a toxic relationship that made you feel terrible on a regular basis
  • They are currently dating someone else or married


If you can say no to all of these things, then there’s a chance this might work. But you also need to truly do some soul searching. Even if the relationship wasn’t TOXIC … it still could have had a lot of bad parts, so you’ll want to make sure you are remembering everything about the relationship and not just the things you want to remember.


For example, did they treat you with respect? Did you two laugh together and have fun a lot? Were you friends as well as romantic partners?


Were the things they did that annoyed you small (like leaving dishes in the sink) or serious (like cheating or taking advantage of you)? Were the fights you got in long and horrible? How often did they happen?


Imagine yourself in a relationship with this person right now. You’re going to go right now and meet them for a drink. You’re going to wake up in the morning next to them. How do you feel?




Now that you’ve thought about the good times and the bad … if you are still erring on the side of wanting them back … here’s what to do.


4 Reasons You Should Get Back With Your Ex


Out of those couples who have broken up and successfully gotten back together only to live a happily ever after story, these are usually the reasons that the reunion worked.


  1. Your priorities have changed.


Maybe you were dead set on never having kids way back when. Or maybe you thought marriage was not your thing. Now that some time has passed, your priorities may have shifted. And if that’s the case, now you might be more in line with the person you used to love.


  1. You’ve spent time apart, and realized they’re still what you want.


If you’ve been broken up for a significant amount of time, say, a few years, you’ve probably dated in that time. Maybe you’ve dated a lot. Maybe just a little. Regardless, if you’ve put yourself out there and tried a few new partners on for size without luck … it’s a sign that you’re now thinking about your ex. Maybe they are who you’re truly meant to be with.


  1. The timing was off last time.


This one is a definite yes to getting back together. Were you two meeting each other in passing last time? Now that you’re both in a similar place, you could be able to make it work.


  1. You’ve both grown up.


Finally, sometimes relationships don’t work simply because one or both of you haven’t fully matured yet. This does not mean we are only talking about relationships that involve high school or college kids. Even those in their 30s, 40s and beyond can be “immature.”   Sometimes, it takes some time apart to grow up before you can actually know what’s good for you.


Now … How Do You Get Your Ex Back?

If you’ve decided that you have a good reason to get back together with your ex, great. You’ve thought about this decision and realized that the reason you broke up in the first place was not dire enough to keep you apart.


But how do you get them back?


Ah, that.


Well, let’s start with step one: You need to get in contact with them if you aren’t already. Send them a text or a message on social media. Reach out and see how they feel about you. You might even take the time to apologize if the relationship ended badly.


But once that first step is made, there’s still more work to do. The Ex Factor Guide is great at helping couples who are truly meant to be find each other again and rekindle the romance. If you know that you need to get back together but your ex doesn’t realize what’s going on, Ex Factor Guide can help get you two where you need to go.


In the end, deciding whether or not you should get back together with your ex should can be a struggle, but if you look deep inside to see what your true feelings are, you’ll have the answer right in front of you.

5 Ways Back to a Healthy Relationship with Your Ex

5 Ways Back to a Healthy Relationship with Your Ex

by Rick Wallace

5 ways back to a healthy relationship with your ex


There is an old adage that says, “Your ex is your ex for a reason,” implying that a person should never seek to rekindle a relationship from their past; however, life is far from being that simple.

There are many factors that impact whether a person is a good match for you or not, and just because a person is not a good match at one point does not mean that they will never be a good match.

For example, one of the most prevalent factors that can cause a relationship to fizzle, and yet be rekindled later is immaturity. Sometimes people simply need time to grow.

Other times, people simply break up prematurely, which can be the result of intolerance based on previous relationships.

There are definitely times in which it is not a good idea for a person to seek a relationship with an ex, especially in instances in which there was any type of abuse; however, there are other times in which it may actually be a good idea.

Following, are five ways that you can work your way back to a healthy relationship with your ex.


1. Put it All on the Table

Whether you are starting from scratch or rebuilding a relationship, communication and transparency are essential. This is the time to evaluate the entire situation.

It can be easy to only see or remember  what’s good about your ex when you are lonely, but before moving back into the relationship, it is very important to put all of the cards on the table.

Be honest about the concerns that you have, and discuss conflict resolution.


2. Own Up to Any Mistakes You Made

You would be surprised how hard it can be for people to admit that they were wrong about something, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to build a healthy relationship with your ex.

Your honesty builds trust and credibility with your ex. It also allows you to develop a solid foundation on which you can engage future conflicts.


3. Avoid Rehashing the Past

This may seem a little confusing when considering the previous two steps, but there is a difference between pointing out concerns and pointing fingers.

Leave the hostility and the blame game in the past. Although the two of you know each other, this is the chance for a fresh start and you don’t want to blow it with rehashing old problems.


4. Tap Into that Old Loving Feeling

This is where reconnecting with your ex is cool. With the average relationship, you have to take the time to get to know a person, so there is a learning curve.

When you reconnect with your ex, you two will have that old loving feeling to call on, and the understanding of what makes the other happy. Make sure you plug into those good memories and old behaviors that drove you crazy about one another.


5. Create New Memories

Just as important as it is to tap into those old situations that make you smile, it is equally important to create new memories and find other interests to share with one another.

This is one of the most effective ways to rekindle that old fire, and it is also one of the best ways to bond with one another.

Obviously, there are some challenges when reconnecting with your ex. You are aware of their imperfections, and if you are not careful, that can create contempt; however, leaving the past behind and embracing all that is good about your partner is conducive to a fresh  new start. The built-in warmth that already exists gives you a distinct advantage over a new relationship.


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