How to “Custom Order” a Soul Mate from the Universe

Why Should You Create a Vision Board for Love?


If you are single and looking for long-lasting, soul-stirring, unmistakable L-O-V-E (yes, in all caps) chances are good that you’ve…

  • Tried all sorts of dating sites and apps
  • Met a bunch of Mr. Almost-Rights (and even more Mr. Complete Weirdos)
  • Felt hopeless and frustrated at times
  • Wondered where are all the good men are hiding (the ones annoying people like me keep insisting are out there)

Yet you still hold on to that idea that eventually you will find that one true amazing love, right? I mean, it’s the deep-rooted hope that keeps us going after heartbreak.

And maybe in your attempts to find this wonderful love, you’ve resorted to woo-woo things like psychics, astrology, tarot cards or vision boards.

I did too. Especially vision boards. Man, if George Clooney knew how many photos of him appeared on my vision boards, he’d likely seek a restraining order on me.

But I eventually realized that most vision board practices are pretty useless. Not because George ran off and married that irritatingly gorgeous human rights attorney.

The reason why most vision boards fail when it comes to finding love is because there is really no SUBSTANCE behind them. Slapping up photos of some guy on a bulletin board and thinking that is going to make The One magically appear doesn’t exactly work.

However, when you add thought, intention, and a dash of practicality to the creation of your vision board, it’s a recipe for success. Before we get to that, let’s chat about why vision boards can be a strong tool in your search for love.


Why Should You Create a Vision Board for Love?

A vision board is a strong visual reminder of what you desire in a partner and relationship. Having constant reaffirmation of your dreams for love keep you focused on what you want. And helps keep out who and what you DON’T want.

With a vision board you can…


Fine-tune the message of who you are hoping to attract.

Especially helpful if you have no problem attracting men yet you can’t seem to attract Mr. Right. As a confident and sexy woman, you probably have zero trouble getting male attention. But you are sick and tired of wasting time with the wrong types. Your vision board cuts through the b.s. and starts attracting the RIGHT ones.


Set your intention of the type of relationship you want

Is it one that includes building a family? Or are you at the empty-nest stage where you want a travel companion? It’s not enough to just say you want love, you must lay out in detail the type of relationship and lifestyle you desire with a partner.


Break old patterns and habits

Your vision board can chart a totally new course in your love life, breaking you free from the same mistakes and heartaches you’ve experience time and time again. By this point, most of us have realized a lot of our relationships end in the same way. Your vision board clears out that old history and sets the path for a new way of loving.


Show gratitude for the love you already have in your life

Like attracts like, joy attracts joy. When you focus on the people and areas in your life that fill your heart, you increase your capacity to receive more of the same. Even if you currently don’t enjoy romantic love.


Here is What You Need to Do RIGHT NOW to Get the Universe to Send You Mr. Right

Now that you understand the purpose a vision board serves, it’s time to create one. But you don’t want to create one that doesn’t work.

I mean, if you want to slap up a bunch of pics of George Clooney or even Brad Pitt (he’s single now) on a board and hope for the best, have at it. You will at least enjoy some nice eye candy as you wait with frustration for your soul mate to arrive.

But I think you are ready for more than just waiting around in vain. I think you are ready to take some serious action and tell the Universe that Mr. Right is welcome immediately.

No more Mr. Almost Right. No more Mr. Complete Weirdo.

There is a precise method and mindset that goes into making your vision board work like a personal Magic Genie. It includes the types of images you select and the exact way to arrange them to rev up the law of attraction.

It’s the method I used to attract my amazing boyfriend. When he showed up in my life after I made my vision board, I had to pinch myself to make sure it was really happening.

I’ve created a short video presentation I’d love for you to check out that shows you why most vision boards fail…and how to actually create one that WORKS. From success in love to beyond.

Send a shake-up message to the Universe that you are ready for amazing love and boundless success and check out this quick presentation now.


By: Felicity Keith

Candid and sincere, Felicity Keith dishes advice about sex, dating, and relationships with humor and healthy how-to’s. Her work has influenced thousands of women and she is a regular contributor at Digital Romance, Inc.

Dubbed a “suburban Carrie Bradshaw”, she spent years in the dating trenches making every mistake possible…until she finally wised up. In the process, her observations about the inner workings of the male mind resulted in a love-life 180. Now she teaches women how to unleash their inner vixen on their terms and enjoy the love they deserve.

Forget Your Idea of a Soul Mate: Try “Love at Last Sight” Instead

Love at last sight


When asked what her type was, Eva replied she’s only attracted to the athletic type. But she also wants someone who’s sensitive, who would buy her flowers on a whim or sweep her up for a weekend getaway on random occasions. Dark features and big muscles were a must, and it was important that he had an interest in music and liked going to concerts.


Eva, darling:


These are great ideas. And more power to ya for putting together an elegant recipe for “the perfect man.”




If this is all you’re looking for, not only will you end up with someone who fits the description but who you have no connection with whatsoever, you’ll completely miss potential men who could make you truly happy.


Phantom Soul Mate


Every woman has a type … or they think they do. For example, let’s look at the most generic type that women gravitate toward:


  • He’s rich in some fashionable profession: athlete, architect or musician
  • He’s taller than you
  • He’s got a strong jaw and thick, strong arms
  • He works out
  • He’s super funny
  • He sweeps you off your feet


Ok. Sounds uh-mazing. But what happens if you meet and sort of fall for a skinny dentist with tattoos and an affinity for polka music? Perhaps … you meet in the hallway at work and he clumsily (albeit accidentally) spills a drink on you.


Then turns out he’s the new guy.

Turns out you work together.

Months go by and you never talk. He drives you mad because he’s always listening to that damn polka music at his desk.


Could this be your soul mate? The truth is, he might be just what you need. But if you’re stuck on only your type, then you’ll never know.


So many women are obsessed with meeting The One … Meeting is the keyword here (you still haven’t met him!). Yet all these women have their eyes closed to 90 percent of the men out there. They’re waiting for love at first sight, and ladies … it may never come.


The man for YOU might actually be the last person you could imagine being with. We’re talking love at last sight. You’ll only realize this if you keep an open mind.


Tips for Opening Up to Different Types of Men


  1. Figure out what you think your type is at this moment.


You might actually write it down. Imagine yourself entering a bar with friends. There’s a smattering of different types of men there. Some with slicked back hair and business suits on, others with flannel shirts and baseball caps, still others with some “dorky” clothes on (sandals with socks, Hawaiian shirt, you get it.)


Some are stocky, others buff, others thin. Some with glasses. Some are smiling and talking boisterously, others are sitting back and taking in the room, smiling occasionally and sipping their beers.


Who are you drawn to? List their features and their qualities. Who do you immediately disregard? Why?


  1. Think about who you’ve dated in the past who tends to meet the “perfect guy” description you jotted down. How did it work and how didn’t it work?


Sometimes, you meet someone who either completely or almost completely meets your ideal description. Think about how it went with that person. Were there still things that annoyed you about them or was it as perfect as you imagined?


  1. Have you ever dated someone who didn’t fit your “perfect type” but who you seemed to really click with?


You’ve likely fallen into a relationship in one way or another that didn’t fit your imagined idea of perfection. Often, a gentleman takes a liking to you as their perfect type. Or they’re simply interested on a whim. Regardless of why, you just end up together.


How did this relationship pan out? What did you two connect on? Were you still bugged by little things (too short, works in finance, can’t cook)? Or did they seem to work themselves out?


  1. From here on out, make an effort to be more aware of how you funnel and filter your current partner or potential partners.


Just like the bar scenario, if you’re looking for love or thinking about your current partner in a judgmental manner, you may find yourself feeling like these men are somehow terrible for you when … they’re really not. You’ll be judging them consistently for what they’re not instead of looking at what they are. Which could be really great.


Simply being aware of how you filter what you think “your type” is can help you be more open.


  1. If you’re already in a relationship that’s in trouble right now, is it because you’re stuck on him not being your type?


Let’s say this right now: If you’re in a relationship with a man who loves you for you, is not abusive, doesn’t cheat, has a job, is responsible and takes care of you … and there’s still problems between you … the real problem … could be you.


You’ve got to learn how to let go of the idea of your so-called perfect-type-soul-mate-man because what does an idea know anyway? You’re holding on to a fairy tale. It’s ridiculous to be mad or frustrated just because a man who treats you well and is a great companion doesn’t fit who you wanted to be with when you were 22 or 18.


You’ll grow closer and enjoy more passion if you drop that idea and turn toward loving your partner in the best way possible. But you may have screwed up already and knowing how to go about repairing things can be a challenge.


Hopefully, you two aren’t so far gone that he’s already thinking about leaving you because you’ve been aloof to his true value. If this is the case, you probably feel it’s too late for the two of you.


Fortunately, you do have time. There’s time to change things, but keep in mind that you should act fast. Best and fastest solution to making him fall for you all over again? Use a technique that will teach you what you need to know to keep him with you. One presentation that can give you a psychological loophole to do the trick.


A world famous relationship coach is offering his advice in this presentation, but sadly, only a few people will reap the benefits because he has said publicly that he won’t be offering it to everyone. If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets in there on time before he takes the presentation down, congrats. It’s a life-changing, mind-altering revelation that many have successfully used to make their husbands and boyfriends fall even more in love with them with each passing day.


All in all, you’ve got to buck your old thoughts about your soul mate. If you’re single, open your mind and expand who you feel could be a potential mate. And if you’re together, take this presentation’s advice and love the one you’re with. We guarantee it will make your romantic life so much better and so much stronger.