Am I still his soul mate?

Lip Service

I believe I found my soul mate. We found each other and were completely in love.  I feel like he completes me in every way.   He made my heart whole.   Before him, I had no idea how that felt, and I have been in very serious relationships.  We were together for a few years and due to his job (he travels), it would hurt us to not be together.  We never knew we could miss someone so much.  Well, one day maybe it was too much, he broke up with me (without getting into too much detail). We didn’t speak much for a few months.  It was hard, I couldn’t deal with the pain.  In the last few months we started talking every day.   He calls me and tells me he loves me and of course I say it back.  I still love him with all my heart and soul but we are not together.  He isn’t even my friend on Facebook.  He hasn’t brought anything up about getting back together but talks as if we will in the future, but not in so many words.  I have asked him in the past about us getting back together, but he said he wasn’t ready so I will never ask again. . What I found out was that he was talking to an old flame.  I’m not sure about much else between them, but he has left me single. I struggle with the thought of how he could love me and leave me, and leave me single. We have hurt each other in the past but never cheated or lied.  What’s going on is that its making me feel like I’m losing hope.  We talk every day but nothing really serious.  It’s not completely the same. Ii don’t know if I should hold on or let go.  I’m so lost.  It’s making me question what he truly feels for me.  Does he really think I’m his soul mate still?  Does he really love me?     Maybe he loves someone else? Maybe I’m not enough anymore.  But why wont he let me go?  I’m not sure if I want to believe in love anymore or soul mates. ~ Anonymous