The 7 Lies You Can Be Sure He’s Been Telling You

The 7 Lies You Can Be Sure He’s Been Telling You


Sadly, all men do lie. Hey, women do too sometimes … but right now, we’re talking about men.


The key is to know exactly where men are typically deceitful. Because oh yes: Men tend to have a trend when it comes to their falsehoods …


The White Lies He Tells


  1. “I love what you have on. You look great!”


Ok this one’s not always a lie, but sometimes: Yeah. Usually it’s when you “dress for women” instead of for men.


For example, when you wear those gaucho pants with the flouncy top and statement necklace.


Women? Think the outfit’s super fly. Men? Think it’s … sorta funny-lookin. That’s because they would prefer you in a slinky little black dress with stilettos every day. But how boring, right?


  1. “I never masturbate because I have you, sweetheart.”


Well, probably not true. Almost all men masturbate from time to time. And with the libido that some men have, you should be glad that they do unless you’re into having sex all the time.


  1. Ew, porn is terrible. I don’t know why any man would watch that.”


Most men watch porn, and that’s just a fact. Similar to masturbating, it’s just a part of how they’re wired. To be sure, many women watch porn as well. Generally speaking, as long as the porn doesn’t cross any serious, legal or completely amoral boundaries, porn can just be a fun thing to get the motor running.


  1. “I never think about my ex.”


He does. Now, this doesn’t mean that he’s pining over her, but come on. You think about your ex, right? From time to time, he probably does too.


The More Dangerous Lies He Could Be Telling You


  1. “Oh her? Ha! She’s just a friend. I could never imagine being interested in her.”


The fact that he is even saying that is cause for alarm. The fact that you are even thinking about this or having to ask him about another woman is cause for alarm.


  1. “I haven’t had sex with that many women, honestly.”


Well, he probably actually has had his share of rolls in the sack.


Now, if he’s just trying to be more gentlemanly by not “naming names,” then that’s one thing. But do keep in mind that those who have a lot of multiple partners in their past (generally more than you can count on two hands) do have a higher risk for STDs (even if they’re committed to one person now). So that’s something to actually be serious and learn the truth about if you’re engaging in sexual activity.


  1. “I’m definitely serious about us. But I just have a lot going on, and I’m not ready to commit.”


If he’s saying this while simultaneously wanting to get in your pants, run for the hills. This guy is lying through his teeth. If he was really serious about you, he would figure out a way to drop everything and commit to you.


Tips and Tricks for Knowing When He’s Lying About Other Things


If the FBI can use little signs and cues to know when someone’s fibbin, why can’t you?


Sure signs he’s a big fibber:


  • You’re getting TMI (too much information). For example: “Yeah, last night, me and my buddies got beers, everyone got two beers each, and we went out to the beach. You know the one by the gas station. And we stayed there for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Then we had to stop at John’s house and we were there for about 15 minutes and then …”


  • You’re getting TLI (too little information). For example:


You: “What’d you do last night?”

Him: “Just hung out with friends?”

You: “Where?”

Him: “Around.”

You: “With who?”

Him: “Just some people.”


  • He blows up when you act skeptical in the least and acts like you’re crazy. This is also known as “gaslighting.” You ask a single question about the validity of what he’s saying, and he freaks out and turns it around on you, like you’re the untrustworthy one.


  • Other signs that he’s not being truthful:


  • He can’t look you in the eye.
  • He skirts around answering by kissing or hugging you.
  • He changes the subject.
  • You’re gut just tells you that something is wrong.



So You’re Fairly Certain He’s Lying: What Now?


When you’re fairly sure he’s lying about something important between the two of you, this is an extremely difficult thing to take. So many questions will be running through your head at this point, but likely, two questions will be at the forefront:


  1. Why did you do this?
  2. What can I do to get him back?


But if you’re asking these questions, it does mean that you’re ready to hear the real, albeit often hard-to-take truth about men in general. This is something that thousands of women never hear in their lifetimes.


And if you want this information (as well as how to use it to get him back and save your relationship), you have to go to the source. And that’s men themselves.


But knowing what your man—or any man for that matter—thinks and feels about you, your relationship or anything at all can be truly difficult because, well, men aren’t the type to expose their feelings. Like, ever.


Fortunately, however, we have a man named Michael Fiore, who is willing to give us this very information. How did he get it?


One, Fiore’s a relationship coach and an author who has been featured on CBS Radio, Fox News, Rachel Ray and many other popular shows and platforms for his amazing techniques to help both men and women improve their romantic lives.


Two, he interviewed and surveyed a large number of men and got their real, actual answers to the questions all women have.


Three, he’s a man himself.


Which leads us to The Secret Survey. This is the program that Michael Fiore created from all the knowledge he has gleaned over his years as a leading relationship expert. This program will tell you all the things that men desperately want you to know about them … but will never tell you.


If you’ve been hit hard by a man who has lied, cheated or just grown completely distanced from you … remember that there is hope. Try The Secret Survey to see how you can turn it all around. Because Fiore doesn’t just leave you hanging. He gives you the information … AND tells you how to use it to make your man fall even more in love with you than you ever thought possible.


Are You Emotionally Castrating Your Man?

Are You Emotionally Castrating Your Man?

by Rick Wall

are you emotionally castrating your man


There are few things that can be as devastating to a romantic relationship as a woman who emotionally castrates or emasculates her man. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think.

Before this comes across as being strongly accusatory, it is worth noting that most women do NOT do this intentionally. It has a lot to do with how differently men and women are wired. What is acceptable for women is not always acceptable for men, and vice versa.

The sole purpose of this article is to provide women with a better understanding of what emotional castration actually is and how it can work to drive a nail into your relationship coffin if the behavior isn’t changed.  One of the keys to long-lasting, happy relationships is to treat each other with love, compassion, and respect which is severely compromised if you are emotionally castrating your partner on a regular basis.


Defining Emotional Castration

Emotional castration is a type of emasculation in which a woman, usually unintentionally, in some way, denies the sincerity of a man’s feelings or desires, subsequently making him feel insignificant, weak or useless.

In a more simplified explanation, she attacks the emotional masculinity of his actions and words.
Most men come across as being absent of emotion, which is absolutely not the case. Men simply have a different method of expressing and dealing with their emotions. Unfortunately, this can lead to the perception that they are impervious to emotional assault. In truth, emotional castration is not the result of a woman being mean spirited, but it is primarily the result of simply not understanding how to engage her man in the manner in which she can ensure that her needs are met and her concerns are engaged, without detracting from him. Sometimes, it is simply the result of engaging an issue without considering or understanding the differences between her man and herself.
Following, are several actions that are almost certain to emotionally castrate your man:


Subtle or Direct Rejection

No matter how hard or tough your man seems on the exterior, he has a strong fear of and disdain for rejection.
This is due to the fact that men are wired to seek affirmation from the women that they love. Men normally have difficulty with expressing the way they feel, so when they express themselves, and you reject them or tell them that they are lying, you emotionally castrate them, and their response will be to shut down or give up.
One of the top reasons men give for not complimenting their women, or attempting to be romantic with them, is the fear of being rejected.
It is important to understand that rejection does not always come in the form of denying a man something he wants; it can also come in the form of dismissing his efforts to compliment or edify you.

Frontal Castration

One form of castration that is sure to shut your man down and create distance is to insult or humiliate him in front of others. Embarrassing your man in public is diametrically opposed to healthy relationship habits. A partner finds their strength in covering the vulnerabilities of their significant other, not exposing them.
Although a man may not ever verbally express it, he has entrusted you with knowledge of his weaknesses, and he expects you to properly manage what he has entrusted you with. When you attack him and humiliate him, especially in public, it breaks a sacred trust that is immensely difficult to rebuild once it has been destroyed.



Blind Spot Castration

This is really tricky to understand, but it is extremely common with women. A blind spot castration is when you almost immediately follow a compliment to your man that lifts his spirit and ego with some critical assessment. The critical assessment not only destroys any benefit of the compliment that preceded it, but it also catches him completely off guard and totally deflates his spirit and kills the moment.
When this is done consistently, it will actually lead to your man becoming highly anxious following any compliments you may give him.

Bear Trapping Castration

This is probably the most popular form of emotional castration of men, and it absolutely drives them nuts. Bear trapping is that situation in which nothing your man says is going to matter in the current discussion or argument. You have made up in your mind that you are right, so now you are listening only for the purpose of responding instead of understanding. This makes a man feel completely helpless, not a feeling that anyone likes.
The key to overcoming this type of behavior is simple — gratitude and appreciation. Learn to give a significant amount of gravity to the effort of your man. Take the time to consider that any time he opens up to you, he is placing himself in a vulnerable position that he is not comfortable with. That alone is indicative of the fact that he cares.
Be receptive of his compliments and actions toward you. He needs to be affirmed and received.


The Next Step in “Getting Him”


If you often find yourself at a loss as to why men behave the way they do,  go to this link right now and take a look at what Michael Fiore has to say about why men behave the way they do.


Men can be extremely difficult to understand simply because we operate and think much differently than women.  Having compiled results from tens of thousands of men he surveyed, Mike gives it to you straight about the (often shocking) truth about men, how they think, why they act the way they do, and how you can find the man who will want to create a life with you, not just use you.


This is the best, most comprehensive, RAW information on men I have ever come across.  Here is that link again to watch what men DESPERATELY want you to know but could never tell you: The Secret Survey.


The Secret Survey