11 Things That Will Make You Appear Instantly Ugly to Men

Ugly personality


Most women are taught that great outfits and good makeup application skills are the key to beauty. Maybe a good sense of humor thrown in there and a little wit and intelligence if you get a chance.


Hey … we’re not saying these skills won’t help you land a great man. Because they certainly will. All of these things can help you appear lovely to potential mates.


But if you really want to ensure that you’ll appear beautiful and gorgeous to your man or your potential man … you’ve got to pay attention to some other very important things as well.


You may not know this, but there are a certain number of actions or non-actions that can sabotage your beauty if you’re not careful. Even if you have the looks of a supermodel, if you do these things you’ll truly look ugly to the best of men.


So watch out for these and make sure that you don’t do them. Otherwise, when you meet your Prince Charming, you could be in danger of him actually seeing you as the evil witch.


These Things Will Make You Seem Ugly to Men


  1. No sense of humor.


Most men love to laugh, and let’s face it: Guys who are funny are just more fun. But even guys who are serious most of the time want a gal with a great sense of humor. So if you haven’t already, learn to laugh! Sometimes, all this means is loosening up a bit if you tend to be uptight.


  1. Stinginess.


Do you fret about money and guard your own possessions with your life? Talk about old witch. Being wise about your money is one thing (it’s good), but dividing your restaurant bill down to the penny and refusing romantic impromptu rides on the Ferris wheel because it costs too much (how much can it cost?) is just too stingy.


  1. Being uppity.


Uppity people are arrogant and self-important. Don’t be like that. Be more down to earth. Act like you would with your best friend or family member.


  1. Not being exactly … clean.


Just take care of yourself that’s all. You don’t have to have perfectly set makeup at every moment. Just be sure to shower regularly and use deodorant and perfume. Keep your clothes and home space clean. That kind of stuff.


  1. Never smiling.


Again, laughing and smiling are great. Do this. Sometimes, yes, even laugh at his corny jokes when you don’t actually think they’re funny. It’s a good thing.


  1. Being too much of a “party girl.”


Getting a little wild sometimes can be okay, but too much partying makes you seem like you’re never able to be serious.


  1. Lack of style.


Some women naturally have a great style, but if you’re struggling in that area, don’t just resign yourself to a style-less life. Get help! There are tons of blogs and videos out there to help you look amazing. Even on a dime.


  1. Lack of organization in your life.


We all get messy, but if you have to poor your huge purse out on the table (old napkins, pieces of food, tampons and all), that’s just gross. Stay organized as much as possible.


  1. Bad posture.


Bad posture is surprisingly important to almost all of us because it tells us how you feel about yourself.


  1. Not “taking care” of yourself.


Not being clean is one thing. But as women, there are a number of other things that we often need to do as well. Now, remember, this is not true for everyone, and every woman deserves to make her own decisions about her appearance. But for many women, just a few “tidying up” routines can make all the difference. For example:


  • Regular shaving/waxing/plucking/trimming
  • Nail care
  • Foot care (You don’t need a professional pedicure!)
  • Haircuts and/or color


  1. Being unkind.


Have you heard this quote by Audrey Hepburn?


“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others. For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness. And for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.


With this alone, you can surmise what we’re trying to say here. Be kind. Be honest. Do good. Be forgiving. Be generous.


Because these are the things that are truly beautiful to a man. And of course, you’ll find a few other things in here that don’t hurt to make you seem attractive. But most of all … if you’re looking for a great guy to attract, great guys love great gals. So be that … do good. And you’ll be golden.


Bonus: Men Don’t Just Pull Away Because They Think You’re Unattractive


The above is a list of tips that are great for women who want to improve their persona and appearance so that they can attract a great guy.


But remember that getting and keeping an amazing man is not just about the way you look and act.


Sometimes it’s about them.


Have you ever been dumped and didn’t know why?


Do you feel like your man is pulling away from you right now?


Are you feeling like your boyfriend or husband is on the brink of breaking up with you?


Ok, don’t panic …


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Slade Shaw, professional relationship expert, has created a unique program that will wake him up. In fact, by using the tenets in this program, you can wake his feelings for you up.


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Sense He’s Pulling Away? It Could Be Because You’re Doing This

He's pulling away


He’s coming over less. He stopped using “xoxo” or heart emojis when he texts. When you do spend time together, he seems distant and irritated. What’s happening?


He’s pulling away.


Well … this is the worst. Right? Yep.


This is what you fear.


Him either just walking out on you completely one day. Or saying the dreaded: “We need to talk.”


Here are some other signs he’s becoming distant and maybe even planning his exit from your relationship:


  • He checks his phone more than he pays attention to you.
  • Yet his calls and texts to you are few and far between.
  • When he does text, there are no funny messages or playful endearments.
  • When he hangs out with others, he doesn’t invite you anymore.
  • He’s testy and always ready to disagree with whatever you say.
  • He touches you less.
  • You never talk about the future anymore. If you bring it up, he’s vague or unresponsive.


Yeah. He’s pulling away.


There are 3 main reasons that men say they pull away from their women.


Now, this is not about the “blame game.” But many times, why a man pulls away has to do with the woman’s role in the relationship. Men definitely have their own role and fault in all of this, and we’ll talk about that later …


But as far as women go, there are things we do that literally drive men away! And still, we do them so often that we hardly notice any more.


Well, heads up ladies!


If you want to keep your man around (or get him back!), pay attention:


The Top 3 Things Women Do That Make Men Pull Away


  1. You’re too needy and clingy.


This can take different forms. But in general, when a woman is too needy and clingy, she lacks self confidence. And this is not only unattractive to men, it makes them feel like they don’t have their own lives.


When you don’t do anything just for yourself, he sees you as being completely dependent on him. Men don’t want to be with a woman who is like a lost little puppy following them. They want to be with a woman who is strong and self confident. Plus … they want to feel like they can go to you when they are feeling sad or upset sometimes.


  1. You blame him for everything, and he feels victimized.


There is a classic joke that women are nags. Unfortunately, humor often has underlying truth. As women, we are often perfectionists, and yeah, we can be a little controlling. So when we find ourselves in a close relationship with a man who may … or more likely may not do things the way we do, it gets our haunches up.


But men don’t get it. “Why do the towels have to be folded in thirds?” they ask innocently. “I’m sorry, I had no idea there was a difference between organic apple cider vinegar and regular …” they say frightened as we stomp around the kitchen.


Thing is: They just see this as us being jerks. And indeed, we can be jerks.


Over time, it gets on their nerves, enough so that they might end up spending less and less time around us …


  1. You don’t understand what men need emotionally.


Oh, you think you do. You definitely think you know. But do you?


Men are complex creatures. You think they just want sex and to watch sports and eat a really big, meaty sandwich on the weekends. Maybe do some golfing, fishing, drinking …


Ok fair enough. But this isn’t how all men are.


They have feelings, thoughts and emotions just as complicated as women. The key is …


They’re hard to notice.


They don’t try to hide them. They just do. It’s just natural. But women don’t get this. Women think that if they can’t see, sense or hear emotional, thoughtful things in someone … they’re not there.


And that’s the problem.


Men feel like they aren’t being heard or seen for who they are deep down. And women don’t know how to tap into these reservoirs of emotion in their men … or notice the signs emit when they are desperately trying to connect with their women. (Ok, they’re pretty hard to pick up on. But you can learn how to see them.)


How to Fix the Problem – Remember, You Have a Limited Window of Time


You need to reel him back in without resorting to your old ways (see above). This is hard for a lot of women because you’re just set in the way you do things. You cling, you nag, and you ignore the signs of his innermost feelings without even realizing it.


This last one is most important. Knowing what your man needs emotionally is vital, and even more vital is knowing how to tap into the emotions you want to see within him.


This isn’t manipulation. Men need this from women. Just as women need men who can support them emotionally, who can be strong when they feel weak, who can build them up when they’re feeling down. It’s why we fit so well together (when it works!).


The first 2 reasons he’s probably pulling away (you’re clinging and you nag him about his faults too often) are quite easy to remedy.


  • Try to give him space.
  • Wait for him to “come to you” sometimes.
  • Get your own hobbies and interests.
  • Relax your idea of perfection.
  • Appreciate him for who he is, and tell him you appreciate him.
  • Focus on his best qualities.


But how do you address number 3? How do you know what to say to trigger him to open up to you?


Well, that’s where you’ll probably need some coaching. Something like Mesmerizing Phrases can help. Mesmerizing Phrases is quite literally a program that tells you the exact right things to say to your man to make him love and desire you … even if he’s just steps away from completely breaking it off with youYou can stop him from leaving.


These words and phrases can actually even get your ex back. But of course, if you can catch him and use these techniques before he walks out the door, keeping the love of your life in your life will be much easier.


Really, what you need to remember in the end is that sometimes, women can make these classic 3 mistakes in relationships when we’re not even aware. The old adage “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” (or girlfriend in this case) is not the way it should be.


Women who love and want to keep their men need to realize what they are doing in the relationship that might sadly end up driving their partners away. Realize these things, and fix them. That’s the answer to a happy relationship … and life.

How to Lose a Man in 5 Easy Steps

How to Lose a Man in 5 Easy Steps

by Rick Wall

how to lose a man in 5 easy steps


Sometime it seems that men and women are completely on different planets, and that it is absolutely impossible for either gender to understand the other. This can be seen clearly when observing some of the common causes that drive men out of relationships with women (and vice versa, of course). It is often times the result of behavior that is considered appropriate by some women; however, men view it in a negative light.


Following are five steps that will pretty much guarantee that you will lose your man. Keep in mind that these steps don’t have to be in consecutive; as few as one will do.


1. Overanalyzing Certain Situations


One of the most common mistakes that women make that end up driving men away is overanalyzing situations through an emotional lens.


Men will typically say or do things without giving much thought to what they are saying or doing. On the other hand, a woman will spend hours discussing the specific nuances of the same statement or action with another female.


When you overanalyze the actions of a man, it will typically lead you to a conclusion that is absolutely opposed to what he intended. I know that it is hard to believe, but while you are analyzing 20 different reasons why he did it, he actually just did it because he felt it needed to be done. There are no ulterior motives.


2. Become a Drama Queen


If there is anything that a man loathes it is drama. Men want peace, and they really prefer their partner to be the source of their peace.


Although a woman may be coaxed or riled up by those who are trying to show support for her, a drama queen is on a fast track to driving away the man in her life.


There are some women who have no problem bringing drama to their man’s life by doing things such as showing up to his job unannounced and causing a scene or having a public meltdown with a large audience to witness it. This behavior takes a man to a place that he is most uncomfortable, and it will end with him walking away.


Instead of confronting your man when you are worked up, firstly take a moment to calm down and clear your head.  Taking any action while your emotions are high is a bad idea.

When you have had a chance to breathe and think about what you’re angry about logcially, arrange a time to speak with him calmly so that you can sort out whatever you are having an issue with. It will work to your benefit no matter what the result is.  There is no better substitute for keeping it classy.


3. Spewing Perpetual Negativity


The only thing that a man seeks more than the affirmation of a woman is the respect of a woman. Relationship expert, James Bauer, actually calls this The Respect Principle (click here to learn a lot more about it).


Research has shown that men actually prefer being respected over being loved, whereas for women, if they had to choose, they would prefer to be loved.


Yes, men want to be loved too, but they need respect and affirmation the same way that you need to be loved.


When a woman is consistently negative, it slowly eats away at a man’s soul. One of the most negative statements that I have heard aimed at a man by his woman is, “Why don’t you love me anymore?” There is nothing more despairing for a man than to have a heart for a woman and be accused of not loving her.  He feels as though she doesn’t believe him when she makes these kinds of statements or asks these kinds of questions, and when a man feels as though you don’t believe him, he consequently feels as though you don’t respect him.


Further, there is no man or woman alive who wants to be with someone who perpetually has a dark cloud over there head.  Make a conscious effort to identify when you are being negative and do your best to work through what is making you unhappy so that you can be happy and positive in your relationship, too.


4. Constantly Trying to Change Him


Let’s get this clear right up front. When you meet a man, he is who he is. He will grow and mature, but his personality and his style will be pretty much fixed.


There will be certain things he will change to please you; however, hounding about things that he does not want to change will eventually wear thin with him, and he will push back. In the most extreme situations, he will push back by leaving.


5. Moving Things Along Too Fast


Becoming too emotionally attached or too physically clingy is another way to push a man away. It is understandable that you are excited about this new guy in your life; however, most men have learned that when a woman becomes too clingy too soon in the relationship, it typically leads to other issues later on.


Give him the space he needs to miss you and desire you. You also need space to ensure that you don’t lose yourself.


Men are actually very simple creatures, which means they are significantly different from women, and approaching a relationship with them the same way that you approach relationships with your female friend will almost certainly lead to problems in the long run.



Ready for more insights into the surprising things that men crave?  After reading this article, I hope you have started to realize that it’s not what you think. 


For further reading on The Respect Principle and so much more, make sure you check this out.


Respect matters to men in ways women just can’t see (without a little training in male psychology). If you’d like to learn how to implement this concept in your own relationships, follow the link below for a more in-depth explanation of The Respect Principle.  It can literally change EVERYTHING for the better in your current relationship, or in preparing you for a new, healthy relationship.


Click here to learn more!


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