What Makes Me Love You

You want to know what makes me love you more than I loved him?


You didn't leave

It’s because when he got me, I was perfectly unused. I was fearless, and a hopeless romantic. When you got me I was bruised and battered. I was afraid of the world and cynical about love. And yet, you didn’t leave.

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  1. Just throwing this out there unafraid what you or others may think when it was true for me. Our love was pure beyond two love sick hearts back in time. Never did i see it coming watching you walk away leaving me so misunderstood when i thought it was true love.
    Then to have you only return later after some time between us and you been hurt with these matching scars we shared over these passing years.
    So much more it is to me knowing that your life found peace and happiness even if not with me. Though i will Forever & Always love you…
    far beyond our time here that has meant so much to me and many others. I can only best express this feeling as i did back then with a simple check of yes or no through a passing note in chem class.