Why Loving a Strong Woman Will Make You a Better Man

Men, Here Is Why Loving A Strong Woman Will Make You A Better Man

By: Faye Roberts



A lot of the time, ladies in rom-com films are classic damsels in distress:



  • Blissfully unaware that their husband / boyfriend / fiancé is cheating on them



Or maybe …



  • In a relationship with a plain deadbeat



Or probably more often than not …


-Single and desperate to at last find the one man who will love them and solve all their problems


Finally at the end of the movie, this guy swoops and—Hallelujah—she is saved!




Producers make millions on these movie plots, but you’ve really got to ask yourself: are these the types of women you’d like to date?


In fact, many men do end up going with these types of women. Time and time again. You yourself may have crushed on that cute and soft-spoken gal who needed help lifting something heavy or the one one who needed saving from a terrible relationship.


Ok, so … how’s that been goin’ for ya?
It can only be assumed that if you’re reading this right now, the “damsel in distress” hasn’t exactly been your cup of tea relationship-wise.


Fortunately, we’ve got some advice, and it could turn your romantic life completely on end. Here it is:


Love a strong woman.

Because it will make you a better man.


(Not to mention it’ll be the

best relationship you’ll ever have.)


Strong women might sound intimidating at first. You’re wondering if we’re talking about a bossy, high-powered lawyer in a pantsuit or a know-it-all busy body mom.


Ok, these are stereotypes. Get these out of your head.


Sure, there are some strong women who are bossy and catty. We’re not talking about those. We’re talking about women who:



  • Have goals and dreams
  • Are comfortable and confident in their own skin
  • Know what they want in a relationship
  • Know what they want out of life
  • Are honest, truthful and loyal



So. If you’re still on the fence about getting to know and loving a strong woman, we’ve got 5 reasons that will change your mind.


5 Reasons to Love a Strong Woman

1. Games Aren’t on the Table With Her

Women who struggle with confidence and self-esteem end up playing games in relationships: pretending to flirt with other men when they want attention, giving you the silent treatment when they’re mad, or playing hot and cold just for … who knows why.


A strong woman doesn’t mess around with this stuff. She says what she means, and she means what she says. A straight shooter. Game over.


2. She’ll Hold You to High Standards


All women seek certain traits in their men, but women who have a strong sense of self and character also motivate their boyfriends and husbands to be better men themselves.


That means that whatever your dreams and goals are, she’ll be supportive and helpful with them. She might even have some ideas for you, and when you’re working late or a little on edge from all the work, you’re not going to hear any nagging from her. To the contrary, she’ll be there for you all the way to the top.


3. She’ll Hold Herself to High Standards Too


A strong woman knows what she wants in her man, but she also knows what her man will want in her and what she expects from herself. It’s just her nature.


These women don’t drop the ball when it comes to taking care of themselves physically or mentally, and they put their noses to the grindstone at work. The dedication they show in everything they do will only make them sexier and more appealing to have as a partner.


4. Speaking of Sexy … She Ain’t Afraid of Nothin’ in Bed


Strong women have strong sex lives. That’s just a fact. These women strive for excellence in every area of their lives, so it makes sense that they’ll be striving for “sexual excellence” as well!


She’s comfy in her own skin, which means her confidence is high. And that means she’ll be willing to try new things and experiment … that is if you’re up for the challenge.


5. Other People’s Opinions of You Don’t Phase Her


No man wants a fair-weather partner, and you certainly won’t get that with a strong woman by your side.


When it comes to these ladies, if she says she’s all yours, she means it. So if you experience a setback at work or are going through any type of rough patch, she’s not going to ditch you for the next best model.


This dedication and loyalty will help your relationship blossom from a place of unconditional love and faithfulness, and it will help you both become better individuals as well.


In fact, that’s the way it works with strong women.
They inspire you and support you just as you should inspire and support them (if you want to keep them around!), so if you’re able to nab one of these rare breeds, congratulations! Don’t let her go.